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circle1 (n.) carkyl, kiarkil; fainey: Stand in a circle - Shass ayns fainey. DF idiom; kiarkyl: This is a vicious circle - Ta shoh kiarkyl olk. DF idiom; (v.) goll mygeayrt, combaasal

circle2 (visit) keayrt

circle3 (n.) (fold) paal

circle4 (sun or moon) bwoaillee: There is a circle round the moon - Ta bwoaillee er yn eayst. DF idiom

Inexact matches:

Antarctic Circle (n.) (The) Cryss yn Antarctagh

Arctic Circle (n.) (The) Cryss yn Arctagh

circle visit cur keayrt er

dress circle (n.) ard-chiarkyl

family circle1 (n.) cloan

family circle2 (n.) (the); (yn) vooinjer

great circle (n.) keayrt vooar

home circle chaaghlagh

Inner Circle (n.) Kiarkyl Sthie

knitting circle (n.) sheshaght nittal

Polar circle (n.) kiarkyl yn ard

upper circle1 (n.) nah halley

upper circle2 (n.) (theatre) kiarkyl-heose

great circle route (n.) bollagh mooar kiarklagh

inside of circle (n.) laare ainey

ard-chiarkyl dress circle

carkyl circle

chaaghlagh home circle, household

kiarkyl-heose (theatre) upper circle

Kiarkyl Sthie Inner Circle

nah halley upper circle

sheshaght nittal (f.) knitting circle

demi-circle (n.) lieh-chiarkyl

Cryss yn Antarctagh (f.) (The) Antarctic Circle

Cryss yn Arctagh (f.) (The) Arctic Circle

kiarkyl yn ard Polar circle

laare ainey (f.) inside of circle

lieh-chiarkyl demi-circle, hemicycle

bollagh mooar kiarklagh great circle route

cur keayrt er circle visit, visit, visiting

keayrt vooar (=Ir. morchuairt) (f.) Bishop's visitation; great circle

combaasal See cumbaasal circle, circumnavigate, compass, encircle: nee shiu combaasal yn ard-valley Bible

paal (f.) (pl -yn) (fold) circle; coop, enclave, enclosure, fold, pale, pen, ring; pavilion

bwoaillee (f.) pl. bwoailtchyn (sun or moon) circle, halo, ring; fold, milking fold, sheep fold: nee ad lhie ayns bwoaillee vie Bible; (v.) will strike: bwoaillee oo ymmodee pobble ayns peeshyn mynney Bible

cloan (=Ir. clann) (f.) children, descendant, family circle: ayns trimshey ver oo cloan son y theihll Bible

fainey (f.) See fainney circle, grummet, keeper, puck, whorl, wreathe; ring: ghow Pharaoh jeh yn fainey echey veih e laue Bible

goll mygeayrt circle, get about, go about, go round, pass round, skirt: Veeit mee ny arreyderyn va goll mygeayrt yn ard-valley Bible

keayrt (=Ir. cuairt) (f.) once, occasion, time: As loayr eh rish foast keayrt elley Bible; circuit, lap, progress, round, round trip, sojourn, stay, staying, tour of inspection, visit, visitation: Hug shin keayrt er y valley. DF; (visit) call; (visit) circle

kiarkil circle, circles: dagh blaa as posee strappey ooilley'n grunt ayns cruint, ayns roaghyn, as ayns kiarkil runt PC; circuits

kiarkyl (=Ir. cearcal) (pl -yn) pl. kiarkil circle, coterie, O, rim, ring: as ayns tostid oie chiune, lhunn ad queig baatyn veih traie mysh kerroo meeilley veih Ellan Cholumb Killey, as cheau ad kiarkyl mygeayrt yn ellan. Chron; circuit

vooinjer See mooinjer (yn); (the) family circle: Bannit ta'n vooinjer vyghinagh: son bee myghin er ny hoilshaghey daue. Bible


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