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chummey 1 (y) hew out a: Jean daa voayrd chloaie y chummey dhyt hene goll rish ny chied vuird Bible; 2 fashion, form; 3 conform: As ny jean-jee shiu hene y chummey gys y theihll shoh Bible

Inexact matches:

aa-chummey reihyssagh electoral reform

drogh-chummey er bad way

gyn chummey formless

Billey Aa-chummey Reihyssagh Electoral Reform Bill

cur drogh-chummey er dilapidate

cur red ass e chummey contort

jeh'n cheid chummey crack

hew out (v.) (y) chummey, yiarrey

abridgement (n.) giare-chummey, girraghey

allotropy (n.) altrapaght, yl-chummey

asymmetry (n.) mee-chummey, sprangaght

bas-relief lieh-chummey

choreography (n.) daunse-chummey

clay modelling cray-chummey

compendium (n.) giare-chummey

contorted ass-chummey; cassit; cast

deform (v.) aachummey, lheamyssey, mee-chummey

deformation (n.) aachummey, lheamyssey, mee-chummey

deformity (n.) croobid, lheamys, mee-chummey

dilapidate (v.) cur drogh-chummey er

dilapidation (n.) drogh-chummey, tholtanys, tuittymys

electoral reform (n.) aa-chummey reihyssagh

formless (adj.) gyn chummey; neuchummeydagh; anchaslyssagh

improvisation (n.) cheu-chummey, cummeydeyraght

malform mee-chummey

malformation (n.) mee-chummey

misshape (n.) mee-chummey, meechiaddey

prospectus (n.) cummey, roie-chummey

ass-chummey contorted

cheu-chummey improvisation

cray-chummey clay modelling

daunse-chummey choreography

drogh-chummey dilapidation

giare-chummey abridgement, abstract, compendium

lieh-chummey bas-relief

mee-chummey asymmetry, blur, deform, deformation, deformity, malform, malformation, misshape

roie-chummey prospectus

un-chummey uniformity

yl-chummey allotropy

abstract bouyranagh, do-hoiggal, giare-chummey, neuloaghtagh, scartagh

contort (v.) cur red ass e chummey

Electoral Reform Bill2 (n.) Billey Aa-chummey Reihyssagh

uniformity (n.) caslid, colaikys, rick, un-chummey

commanding (adj.) kioneysagh; sareydagh: His commanding figure - E chummey sareydagh. DF idiom

conform (v.) covial, cur ayns oardagh, jannoo ayns oardagh, jarraghey; chummey

fashion cliaghtey, cummey, tuarystal; fassan; jannoo; kiaddey; oash: She dresses in the French fashion - T'ee cur moee 'syn oash Rangagh. JJK idiom; oaysh; tuarastyl; (y) chummey

form1 brastyl: I hope to be top of my form - Ta mee treishteil dy bee'm ec mullagh my vrastyl. JJK idiom; forme; rheynn; (v.) (y) chummey; croo; kiaddey

hew (v.) scoltey, speiy; (to); (dy) yiarey; cummey: Hew out a statue - Jalloo y chummey. DF idiom; lhieggey: Hew down a tree - Billey y lhieggey. DF idiom; giarrey: Hew out a passage - Cassan y yiarrey. DF idiom

breïn womb: As ayns breïn my vayrey va mee er my chummey ry jeih meeaghyn, jeant jeh fuill as bree dooinney Apoc

ceab pl. ceabyn clod, clump, lump: As goaill unnane jeh ny peeshyn gyn-ymmyd (dy jarroo ceab cam- crontagh) as er ghrainney eh dy kiarailagh ec e chaa, er chummey shen dy aghtal, as er chiaddey eh ayns cocaslys dooinney. Apoc; flake; ingot

cha voddin I could not: Hass eh roym, agh cha voddin baght y ghoaill jeh e chummey Bible

roit cast, melted, molten, moulded: t'ad er chummey daue hene jallooyn roit jeh nyn argid Bible; raced, run

bad way drogh-chummey er: The turf seems to be in a bad way - Ta drogh cummey er y voain. DF idiom; feer ching: He is in a bad way - T'eh feer ching. DF idiom; stayd olk: He is in a bad way - T'eh ayns stayd olk. DF idiom

blur1 cummey do-akin; mee-chummey: It was just a blur - Cha row eh agh meechummey. DF idiom; (v.) cur kay er, dolley

crack1 chlash: The sweat is running down the crack of my arse - Ta'n ollish roie sheese chlash my hoyn. DF idiom; (n.) frap; gaaigey; scaaney; scoltey: Had the dish a crack? - Row scoltey ayns y jyst? JJK idiom; (adj.) jeh'n cheid chummey

camlaagagh 1 (person) crook; 2 illicit, morally crooked, obstinate, tortuous: ayns mean sheeloghe camlaagagh Bible; 3 perverse a: hie mish magh dy hassoo dt, son dy vel dty raad camlaagagh ayns my hilley Bible; 4 crooked a: e laue ter chummey yn ard-nieu camlaagagh Bible; 5 froward a: Bee cree camlaagagh er neiyrt ass menish Bible

jannoo yindys wondering: hoie mee sheese ec y voayrd, yn Focklioar ec my lhiattee dy reaghey magh ny screeunyn jeant ayms, as va jannoo yindys mooar orrym dy feddyn magh son sambyl, dy row "lal" (myr cheayll mee yn ockle) ayns Focklioar Cregeen fo'n chummey kiart "laccal" MB

linnaghyn (f.) lines: Reagh ad ad hene ayns daa chummey-chaggee as haink ad er nyn doshiaght gys ny linnaghyn Manninagh derrey haink ad gys bun Vaarool y Jiass Chron


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