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Cur freggyrt dan chuirrey my sailt RSVP

Cur-shiu freggyrt dan chuirrey my sailliu RSVP

RSVP Cur freggyrt dan chuirrey my sailt; Cur-shiu freggyrt dan chuirrey my sailliu

accept (v.) soiaghey jeh, jannoo soiagh jeh: I will be very pleased to accept your kind invitation - Beeym feer wooiagh dy hoiaghey jeh dty chuirrey dooie. DF idiom; goaill dy mie; goaill rish; lowal

Charles (n.) Chalse: I've invited my friend, Henry, but not Charles - Ta mee er chuirrey my charrey, Inry, agh cha nel Chalse. JJK idiom

evening1 (n.) fastyr: The lady I was speaking to has invited me for this evening - Yn ven-seyr rishyn va mee loayrt, t'ee er chuirrey mee son yn astyr jiu. JJK idiom; fastyragh

invited cuirrit: He has no doubt but that he'll be invited - Cha nel dooyt erbee echey agh dy bee eh cuirrit. JJK idiom; chuir; cuirrey: I've invited my friends - Ta mee er chuirrey my chaarjyn. JJK idiom

sister (adj.) co-; (n.) shuyr: She ought to have invited her sister, oughtn't she? - Lhisagh ee er chuirrey e shuyr, nagh lhisagh ee? JJK idiom; shuyr voanderey

snare (n.) lhoob: Set a snare - Lhoob y chuirrey. DF idiom; poaynt, ribbeh, sniem; ribbey: To fall into a snare - Tuittym ayns ribbey. JJK idiom; (v.) soiaghey ribbey er son, soie ribbey er son

Inry Harry, Henry: Ta mee er chuirrey my charrey, Inry, agh cha nel Chalse. JJK

mrastyr afternoon snack, evening meal: Va Barrantee y Valley Rhumsaa er chuirrey shin gys mrastyr ec y Thie-oast Baie Rhumsaa. Coraa

olteyr entertainer, host: ren daa ghuilley as daa inneen jeh'n thie-oast, as eaddagh airhey moo, as y folt oc kianlt lesh rybbanyn, ad y chuirrey dy hoie ec boayrd yn olteyr. CnyO

queig cheead punt five hundred pounds, monkey: Y daa chuirrey-chiaullee ayns garaghyn y Villa Marina, chaill ad hoght meeilley as queig cheead punt ooilley cooidjagh. BS


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