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shamyr chraueyn (f.) ossuary

crossbones (n.) crosh-chraueyn

crosh-chraueyn (f.) crossbones

ossuary (n.) shamyr chraueyn; thie craue; thie craueyn

brishey trooid breakthrough: Ta my chraueyn brishey trooid my chrackan as m'eill Bible

lhieu (=Ir. leo) theirs, with them: ver shiu lhieu seose my chraueyn veih shoh Bible

scoan scarce, scarcely: scoan nee my chraueyn lhiantyn gys m'eill Bible

smuirr fat, marrow: jannoo magh dty chraueyn lesh smuirr Bible

but she agh ish: but she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness in his bones - agh ish ta tayrn nearey er, tee myr loauid ayns e chraueyn Bible

barryn yiarn iron bars: Ta e chraueyn lajer myr prash, as e asnaghyn myr barryn yiarn. Bible

craue (=Ir. cnámh, Sc.G. cnàimh) (f.) pl. craueyn 1 bone a: Shoh nish craue jeh my chraueyn, as feill jeh m'eill Bible; 2 wild garlic; 3 (v.) crow, whine [O.Ir. cnám]

foddym I may, I might, I am able, I can: foddym ooilley my chraueyn y choontey Bible

hoie2 (v.) 1 (ny) seated, sitting a: veh ny hoie ayns shamyr souree, va echey da hene Bible; 2 (gen.) of the night: Ta my chraueyn guint lesh pian ayns imbagh ny hoie Bible

imbagh ny hoie night season: Ta my chraueyn guint lesh pian ayns imbagh ny hoie as cha vel aash ec my fehyn Bible

seose (=Ir. suas) COMPARE heose, neose heavenwards, up: ver shiu lhieu seose my chraueyn veih shoh Bible; upward, upwards

slaanee heal: slaanee mee, son ta my chraueyn seaghnit. Bible; will heal: slaanee-yms ish ta doghanit Bible

smuir (=Ir. smior) marrow, medulla: Bee eh slaynt gys dty challin, as smuir gys dty chraueyn Bible

eajeeys atrocity, filth, ghastliness, monstrosity, odiousness; disgust; abomination: son nee mayd chebbal eajeeys ny Egyptianee gys y Chiarn y Jee ain Bible; uncleanness: tad lane dy chraueyn ny merriu, as jeh dy chooilley eajeeys; pollution: Agh shin dy scrieu huc, ad dy reayll ad-hene veih eajeeys jallooyn Bible

greimmey 1 adhere, adhesion, attach, bite, catch, clutch, fishing tackle, grab, grasp, grip, gripping, hold, jam, lock in, mesh, monopolization, nab, pin on, seize, seizing, snap, snatch, snatching, stick, stitch, stitch up a: ren loauid greimmey my chraueyn Bible; 2 tooth; 3 (of person) adherence; 4 (rugby) tackle; 5 holding; 6 sticks


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