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choyrt (dy); (to) give: As lhig daue ve son soilshaghyn ayns yn aer fo niau, dy choyrt soilshey er y thalloo: as shen myr ve. Bible

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linney choyrt (f.) service line

cloie y choyrt present a play

er ny choyrt remitted: bee arran er ny choyrt da Bible

service line (n.) linney choyrt

cronnyn marks: Cha jean shiu giaraghyn y choyrt ayns yn eill eu son ny merriu, ny cronnyn erbee y choyrt erriu: Mish y Chiarn. Bible

give2 (v.) (to); (dy) chur: I beg you to give the subject a moment's consideration - Ta mee guee erriu dy chur da'n chooish geill shallid. JJK idiom; choyrt: When the hand ceases to give, the mouth ceases to praise - Tra scuirrys y laue dy choyrt, scuirrys yn beeal dy voylley. JJK idiom

present a play (v.) cloie y choyrt

remitted currit; er ny choyrt; lheihit; maihnit; pardoonit

lessoonyn lessons: Lessoonyn Frangish y choyrt DF

meshteyllys drunkenness: dy choyrt meshteyllys gys paays Bible

ainjys acquaintance, familiarity, intimacy: T'ou er choyrt m'ainjys foddey voym Bible

ass cree dejected, discouraged: ta nyn mraaraghyn er choyrt shin ass cree Bible

breek (f.) pl. breekyn brick: shegin diu tailley ny breekyn y choyrt stiagh Bible

cliwe mooar broadsword, claymore: as va cliwe mooar er ny choyrt da. Bible

coffin coffin: v'eh er ny choyrt ayns coffin ayns Egypt Bible

dewilagh terrible one: Son ta'n dewilagh er ny choyrt mow Bible

dhyt (=Ir. dhut) to you: ta mee er choyrt shilley dhyt jeh Bible

fendeilys defence, protection: T'ou er choyrt dooys fendeilys dy haualtys Bible

kialgeyragh hypocritical, treacherous: Neem's eh y choyrt noi ashoon kialgeyragh Bible

lowanse allowance, concession, ration: dy choyrt da gagh-laa lowanse arran Bible

main-oie midnight: As ec main-oie va eam er ny choyrt Bible

ollee (gen.) bovine: ta mee er choyrt dhyt eoylley ollee Bible; swans

qualtys meeting: Ta myghin as firrinys er choyrt qualtys d'y cheilley Bible

red cheddin ditto, same thing: lhig dooin tastey choyrt da'n red cheddin. Bible

shirrys seek: dy choyrt coyrle fondagh dauesyn shirrys hood. Bible

spuirryn spurs: Ny spuirryn y choyrt da dty chabbyl. DF

account (n.) coontey: I cannot give an account of it - Cha noddym coontey 'choyrt jeh. DF idiom; (financial) screeu coontee

at length (adv.) ec y jerrey; er liurid; fod; fy yerrey; fey-yerrey: if by any means now at length I might have a prosperous journey - my she aigney Yee eh dy choyrt dou fey-yerrey jurnah sauchey Bible

bill of divorcement (n.) screeuyn-scarree: Moses suffered to write a bill of divorcement, and to put her away - Lhow Moses screeuyn scarree y yannoo, as dy choyrt ee ersooyl Bible

bringing forth ymmyrkys: and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof - as er ny choyrt da ashoon ymmyrkys magh yn mess echey Bible

bushel (n.) tubbag; saagh: Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel - Chamoo ta sleih foaddey cainle, as dy choyrt ee fo saagh Bible

chariot (n.) fainagh: And a chariot came up and went out of Egypt for six hundred shekels of silver - As va fainagh er ny choyrt lesh veih Egypt son shey cheead shekel dy argid Bible; chariot

coarse (adj.) garroo: Why have you given us such coarse bread? - Cre hon ta shiu er choyrt dooin lheid yn arran garroo? JJK idiom; neuveein

coffin (n.) coavin, coyr-verriu, kishtey keyl, koir-verriu, koir-oanluckee; crub; coffin: they embalmed him, and he was put in a coffin in Egypt. - ren ad yn corp echeyspiceal, as veh er ny choyrt ayns coffin ayns Egypt Bible

cuttings (npl.) giaraghyn: Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh - Cha jean shiu giaraghyn y choyrt ayns yn eill eu Bible

disquiet anaashagh; anvea: that he may give rest to the land, and disquiet the inhabitants of Babylon - son fea y choyrt dan cheer, agh anvea da Bible; imnea; neuaash

Hebrew (n.) Ew, Ebrew, Hebrewnagh; (adj.) Ewagh; (language) Ewnish, Hewnish; Hebrew: See, he hath brought in an Hebrew unto us to mock us - Jeeagh-jee, teh er choyrt lesh Hebrew stiagh hooin, dy hayrn scammylt orrin Bible

hypocritical (adj.) beeal-chrauee; foalsey; kialgeyragh: I will send him against an hypocritical nation - Neems eh y choyrt noi ashoon kialgeyragh Bible

I will seek shirrym; shir-ym: I will seek to do thee good - shir-ym dy choyrt dty vie er y hoshiaght Bible

manslayer (n.) dunver; marrooder: that the manslayer die not, until he stand before the congregation in judgment - nagh been marrooder er ny choyrt dy baase, derrey nee eh shassoo fenish y cheshaght ayns briwnys Bible

more earnest sgeyrey: Therefore we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard - Shen-y-fa lhisagh shin tastey sgeyreychoyrt da ny reddyn ta shin er chlashtyn Bible

must I (interrog.) negin dou: must I needs bring thy son again unto the land from whence thou camest? - negin dou dty vac y choyrt lhiam reesht gys y cheer haink oo veih? Bible

seafaring men (npl.) deiney ny marrey: How art thou destroyed, that wast inhabited of seafaring men - Kys tou er dty choyrt naardey, oayl mooar deiney ny marrey Bible

subdued currit fo chosh: So Moab was subdued that day - Myr shen va Moab er ny choyrt fo chosh er y laa shen Bible; injil; jargit er; smaghtit

subverting fo-my-cheilley: but to the subverting of the hearers - agh dy choyrt sleih fo-my-cheilley Bible; cur shaghrynys er: subverting your souls - cur shaghrynys er nyn anmeenyn Bible

warned as raaue currit da: By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet - Liorish credjue, Noah, myr va raaue er ny choyrt da liorish Jee mychione reddyn nagh row foast ry-akin Bible; raauit

warning (n.) raaue: I will thank the Lord for giving me warning - Ver-yms booise dan Chiarn son raaue y choyrt dou Bible

Aaue (f.) Eve: O Yee Ooilley-niartal, ren ec y toshiaght croo nyn ghied ayr as moir, Adam as Aaue, as ren casherickey as ad y choyrt cooidjagh ayns poosey PB1765

aigh mie good luck: As ghow'n dooinney yindys j'ee as v'eh ny host, goaill tastey row'n Chiarn er choyrt aigh mie lesh e yurnah, mannagh row. Bible

almoraght (f.) ignorance, nescience: Dy gooidsave lhiat dy choyrt dooin arrys firrinagh, dy leih dooin ooilley nyn beccaghyn, almoraght, as mee-hushtey PB1765

ard-chiarailys providence: Raad nagh vod graase Yee freayl shin cha vel E ard-chiarailys er choyrt shiu. EF

arran gyn soorid Passover bread, unleavened bread: Lurg daa laa va feailley ny Caisht as yn arran gyn soorid: as va ny ard-saggyrtyn as ny scruderyn shegin er goaill eh dy follit, as dy choyrt eh gy-baase. Bible

aspickyn bishops: Cur neose er ny Aspickyn as ny Shirveishee ain, as er dy chooilley Heshaght t'er ny choyrt fo'n churrym oc, yn Spyrryd slayntoil jeh dty ghrayse PB1765; overseers

baase2 (gy) mortally; (gy); (to) death: vad cur nyn goyrle dy cheilley dy choyrt eh gy baase Bible

barrantee commissioners: T'eh jeeaghyn dooin dy vel ny Barrantee Ghoolish er chee dolley magh yn fo leigh mychione choyrt magh rish yn theay duillageenyn er ny straaidjyn Carn

bee'm I will be: Bee'm gennal, as nee'm boggey 'ghoaill ayns dty vyghin: son t'ou er choyrt tastey da my heaghyn, as er chooinaghtyn er my annym ayns treihys. Bible

ben seyr (f.) dame, gentlewoman, lady: Laue y choyrt da ben seyr stiagh ayns carriads. DF

boiraghyn distruptions: Dooinney ta jannoo boiraghynsyn agglish, lurg raaue ver ny choyrt da yn nah cheayrt, lhig da ve giarit-magh Bible

brashleid (f.) bangle, bracelet, wristlet: ghow mee yn crown v'er e chione, as y brashleid v'er e roih, as ta mee er choyrt lhiam ad gys my hiarn. Bible

breearey See breearrey aver, maintain, pledge: v'eh er choyrt cloan Israel fo breearey gyere Bible

brynneragh 1 flatter a: chamoo lhig dou goan brynneragh y choyrt da dooinney erbee. Bible; 2 (n.) pl. brynnyree flatterer

builley baaish coup de grace, death blow, mortal blow: Eshyn ta cur builley baaish da dooinney, bee eh dy shickyr er ny choyrt gy baase. Bible; lethal blow

bwoalley magh (of trail) blaze; hammer out: ta mee er chroo yn gaaue ta sheidey ny smarageyn 'syn aile, as ta bwoalley magh greie son e obbyr hene: as ta mee er chroo yn stroider dy choyrt mow. Bible; tick out

caart (pl -yn) card, playing card; quart: Caart dy lhune vie. DF; cart: cha row saase erbee dy chur ersooyl cement agh er y raad yiarn ayns kishtey vooar queeylagh, as er ny choyrt lesh cabbyl as caart gys y stashoon. JG

cainleyr pl. cainleyryn candlestick: nagh vel ee dy v'er ny choyrt ayns cainleyr? Bible

cha geayll did not hear: Agh cha geayll Jonathan dy row e ayr er choyrt y pobble fo'n sarey Bible

cheer (=Ir. tír) (f.) pl. cheeraghyn country, home, land, shore, state, territory: ta mee er choyrt diu cheer ayn nagh ren shiuish laboragh Bible; region

chengey yoarree (f.) strange speech: Son cha vel oo er dty choyrt gys pobble jeh chengey yoarree, ny jeh glare doillee Bible

cheu elley (f.) obverse: hie yn cheshaght elley va dy choyrt booise er y cheu elley Bible

confirmit confirmed: my te confirmit, cha vel dooinney erbee dy vrishey, ny dy choyrt huggey Bible

coonrey barter, change, cheapness, commute, contract, exchange: cre nee dooinney y choyrt ayns coonrey son e annym? Bible

cooyrt (f.) pl. cooyrtyn court, farmyard, forecourt, yard: Eisht haink Jeremiah veih Tophet, raad va'n Chiarn er choyrt eh dy yannoo phadeyrys, as hass eh ayns cooyrt thie yn Chiarn Bible; bowling alley

coraaghyn-dorraghey parables: Diuish te er ny choyrt dy hoiggal folliaghtyn reeriaght Yee; agh da feallagh elley ayns coraaghyn-dorraghey Bible

coyr-verriu coffin: ayns chengey ny mayrey myr va'n coyr-verriu ny choyrt 'syn oaie. Coraa

c'raad (interrog.) where, whereabouts, wherein, whither: C'raad ta shiu er choyrt eh? Bible [O.Ir. cía airm, cairm, cía ]

craidagh jeering, mocking, sarcastic, sneering: Va drane-craidagh er ny screeu, as er ny choyrt ayns y pabyr-naight laa chaie. Dhoor

creenaght (f.) art, astuteness, judiciousness, policy, prudence, wisdom, level-headedness, sagacity, sharp-sightedness: va'n Chiarn er choyrt creenaght as tushtey Bible

Cren raad Whence: Cren raad yioyms feill dy choyrt da ooilleyn pobble shoh? Bible

curmyn commands, duties: erreish da Yeesey v'er choyrt ny curmyn shoh da e ghaa ostyl jeig Bible

Dar ny niaughyn (intj) By heavens: va ny meoiryn custym ny lhie cooyl-chlea orroo, as dar ny niaughyn, ghow ad greim shickyr er nane jeusyn as va'n dooinney boght er ny choyrt stiagh ayns pryssoon. Dhoor

derrey lieh (yn) half, latter half: bee eh eer er ny choyrt dhyt, gys derrey lieh yn reeriaght. Bible

doardee See oardee commanded, ordered: Shoh doardee yn Chiarn dy ver ny choyrt daue Bible; bid; appointed; ordained

dunver pl. dunveryn assassin, killer, manslayer, murderer: bee'n dunver dy shickyr er ny choyrt dy baase. Bible

dy kiart adequately, earnest, exactly, in true perspective, just, properly, rightly: Veihsyn ta'n slane corp dy kiart er ny choyrt cooidjagh Bible

dy shickyr See gy shickyr definitely, surely, undoubtedly: bee'n dunver dy shickyr er ny choyrt dy baase. Bible

earishyn foddey beayn times past: Ta mish er choyrt da Jacob my harvaant, ynnyd-vaghee nyn ayraghyn, as ayns shen nee adsyn baghey, eer ad-hene, as nyn gloan, as cloan nyn glienney gys earishyn foddey beayn Bible

eeasaght (=Ir. iasacht) (f.) advance, borrowing, lending, loan, loan-word: Dy der y Chiarn dhyt sluight jeh'n ven shoh, son yn eeasaght t'ou er choyrt da'n Chiarn Bible

eer (vulgar) common; express, own, real: Er yn eer laa cheddin Bible; even: Bee dy chooilley chretoor ta bioys ayn son beaghey diu; eer myr glassyragh y vagher ta mee er choyrt diu dy chooilley nhee Bible

elley (=Ir. eile, O.Ir. aile) additional, alternative, another, else, other: hie yn cheshaght elley va dy choyrt booise er y cheu elley Bible [L. alias]

er ny son ocsyn for them: Ta mee guee ort er nyn son: cha vel mee guee son theihll, agh er ny son ocsyn t'ou er choyrt dou, son she lhiat hene ad. Bible

erreydagh burdensome: "Yiow oo dt'aghin erreydagh As dt'aght dt'annym y choyrt seyr." Coraa; (as trouble) weighty

far-enmyssit alias, nicknamed: V'ad er jeet cooidjagh arrym y choyrt er possan jeu va far-enmyssit "Loayrtee ny Coad". Carn

feanishyn witnesses: Liorish prowal daa eanish, ny three feanishyn, vees eshyn ta toilchin baase er ny choyrt gy-baase Bible

feeudys credit, decency, decent behaviour, discretion, modesty, prudence: Dy choyrt keeayll da'n ôney, da'n dooinney aeg, toiggal as feeudys Bible

feill neu-ghooghyssagh strange flesh: ren er yn aght cheddin ad-hene y choyrt seose gys maarderys, as geiyrt er feill neu-ghooghyssagh, er nyn soiaghey magh son sampleyr, surranse kerraghey dowil yn aile dy bragh farraghtyn. Bible

fer balloo mute: Quoi my hee ad fer balloo nagh vod loayrt, t'ad dy choyrt lhieu eh,  as guee gys Bel dy vod eh loayrt, myr dy beagh eh abyl dy hoiggal. Apoc

fir-gherjee comforters: Vel uss smooinaghtyn dy nee er graih dt'ayrey ta David er choyrt fir-gherjee hood's? Bible

fir-vooinjerey kinsmen: As ta'n Chiarn dy mooar er vannaghey my vainshtyr; as t'eh er jeet dy ve pooaral: as t'eh er choyrt da shioltaneyn, as shellooyn, as argid, as airh, fir-vooinjerey, as sharvaantyn, camelyn, as assylyn. Bible; manservants

fockle (=Ir. focal) pl. focklyn charm, vocable, word, word of honour: cha dod e vraaraghyn fockle d'ansoor y choyrt da Bible [L. vocida]

fo-my-cheilley subverting: nagh streeu ad mysh focklyn nagh vel gys veg yn ymmyd, agh dy choyrt sleih fo-my-cheilley Bible; through others

forrester forester: As screeuyn gys Asaph forrester y ree, dy choyrt dou fuygh Bible

Forsdal (f.) Foxdale: bleeantyn er dy henney, va mee er my choyrt gys dooinney ayns Forsdal dy ghiarrey y lhuss son 'chengey veg' Dhoor [Scand]

fraueyn roots: Eisht neem ad y astyrt ass ny fraueyn veihn cheer ta mee er choyrt daue Bible

geill (=Ir. géill) 1 attention, consideration, heed, heedfulness, notice, observance a: Er-y-fa dy vel oo er choyrt geill da goan dty ven Bible; 2 (of mind) concentration; 3 (v.) bubble up, gush, spring: nee farrane geill magh veih thie yn Chiarn Bible

genney dearth, destitution, famine, insufficiency, paucity, scarceness, scarcity, shortness, slenderness: ta mee er choyrt daue genney feeyn ayns ny doaghyn-feeyney Bible; lack

gholl harrish (dy); (to) pass over: As cren-oyr ta shiu cur cloan Israel ass cree, dy gholl harrish gys y cheer tan Chiarn er choyrt daue? Bible

Ghoolish (gen.) See Doolish of Douglas: T'eh jeeaghyn dooin dy vel ny Barrantee Ghoolish er chee dolley magh yn fo leigh mychione choyrt magh rish yn theay duillageenyn er ny straaidjyn Carn

giaraghyn cuttings: Cha jean shiu giaraghyn y choyrt ayns yn eill eu son ny merriu Bible

glen-lhome naked, clean bare: T'eh er choyrt mow my villey-feeyney, as er roostey my villey-figgagh: t'eh er n'yannoo eh glen-lhome, as er yiarey sheese eh, ta ny banglaneyn echey bane-fiojit. Bible

goaill jeh bring off, draw off, take off: nee eh goaill jeh fuill y dow, as jeh fuill y ghoayr, as shen y choyrt er eairkyn yn altar ooilley mygeayrt. Bible; expropriation; mime

goaill voish 1 derive, expropriate a: Cha jean shiu nhee erbee y choyrt huggey, ny goaill voish y goo ta mee dy harey diu Bible; 2 expropriation

graih (=Ir. grá) (m., f.) 1 beloved, darling, dear, love, lover a: Dy vod oo graih y choyrt da'n Chiarn dty Yee Bible; 2 affection, charity; 3 dearness

guee mollaght da curse;: eshyn ta guee mollaght da e ayr, ny e voir, bee eh son shickyrys, er ny choyrt gy baase. Bible

gweeaghyn curses: Cha jean oo gweeaghyn dan bouyr, ny kiap-snapperal choyrt roish y doal Bible; imprecation; cursing

gyn failleil (of supplies) unfailing: lhig da v'er ny choyrt daue gyn failleil laa lurg laa Bible

gyn geill unheeded, unnoticed: tar-jee, as lhig dooin eh y woalley lesh y chengey, as gyn geill y choyrt da veg jeh e ghoan. Bible

gyn oghsan blameless: as jeeaghyn son briwnyssyn Yee my ta veg jeh'n çheshaght cheddin beaghey fegooish biallys y choyrt gys e Leighaghyn, as adsyn gyn oghsan y chur daue. CS

gyn soilshaghey unexplained: Son er-lhiam pene dy row eh red neu resoonagh pryssoonagh y choyrt, as gyn soilshaghey ny cooishyn va lhiasit n'oi. Bible

gyn soorid unleavened: Lurg daa laa va feailley ny Caisht as yn arran gyn soorid: as va ny ard-saggyrtyn as ny scruderyn shegin er goaill eh dy follit, as dy choyrt eh gy-baase. Bible

hannah (=Ir. cheana) already, before now, ere now, foregone: s'mooar lhiam yn olk ta mee hannah er choyrt erriu Bible

hirragh would seek: dy choyrt-jee cre erbee hirragh ee Bible

jalloo airh golden image: Agh mannagh jean, lhig fys y ve ayd's, O ree, nagh jean mayd ny jeeghyn ayd's y hirveish, ny ooashley y choyrt da'n jalloo airh shen, t'ou uss er hoiaghey seose. Bible

jannoo aghin hug appeal, beseech, entreat, file, implore, petition, supplicate: cre woad smoo neen Ayr eu tayns niau nheeghyn mie y choyrt dauesyn ta jannoo aghin huggey. Bible

jannoo ny share better: eshyn nagh vel dy choyrt ee ayns poosey, t'eh jannoo ny share. Bible

jingit crammed, cramped, crowded, crushed, jammed, packed, pressed, squat, squeezed, thronged, wedged: bee eh er ny choyrt diu; towse mie, jingit sheese, as criht cooidjagh Bible

junt pl. juntyn commissure, joint, seam: ta'n slane corp dy kiart er ny choyrt cooidjagh, as sniemmit dy cheilley liorish shen ta dagh junt dy hirveish Bible

keeayllagh judicious, lucid, discreet: bee tushtey ny deiney keeayllagh er ny choyrt naardey Bible

kianlt er bound upon: As va coamrey Yoab v'eh er choyrt mysh cryssit er, as er e chryss va cliwe ayns fine kianlt er e veeghyn, as myr v'eh goll huitt y cliwe ass. Bible; fastened upon; imposed

kirp marroo dead bodies: Kirp marroo dty harvaantyn tad er choyrt dy ve beaghey da eeanleen aer Bible

laaoil (=Ir. laethúil) daily, diurnal, everyday, workaday: va pooar-caggee er ny choyrt da noi yn oural-laaoil Bible

lane fo defiance: ny kys oddym's y lane-y-choyrt fosyn, nagh vel y Chiarn er choyrt y-lane fo ? Bible

leighaghyn enactments, laws: as jeeaghyn son briwnyssyn Yee my ta veg jeh'n çheshaght cheddin beaghey fegooish biallys y choyrt gys e Leighaghyn, as adsyn gyn oghsan y chur daue. CS

leighder pl. leighderyn advocate, attorney, barrister, council, lawyer, legal practitioner: Gow kiarail dy choyrt Zenas yn leighder

lesh fys scienter: Immee-jee, as shir-jee magh dy jeidjagh son y lhiannoo, as tra vees shiu er gheddyn magh eh, tar-jee lesh fys hym's, dy voddym's neesht cheet as ooashley 'choyrt da. Bible; with knowledge

lh'ee (=Ir. léi) with her: Agh va ish er choyrt lh'ee ad seose gys mullagh y thie Bible

lhiam pene by myself: Cha vel my ynsagh lhiam pene, agh leshyn t'er my choyrt. Bible

lhiat hym eh fetch him to me: cur fys er, as lhiat hym eh, son bee eh dy shickyr er ny choyrt gy-baase Bible

lhie er bear down, incumbency, resting on: bee eh lhie er y phrince dy choyrt ourallyn-losht Bible

lhoauys decomposition: y choyrt spiceyn er corp e ayrey [dy reayll eh veih lhoauys] Bible

livreit assigned, yielded up: va'n kione er ny choyrt er claare as livreit gys y ven-aeg Bible

livrey-ys delivery, distribution, supply, transfer; deliverance, redemption: Ta'n Chiarn er choyrt livrey-ys da e harvaant Jacob Bible

loayrt dy scammyltagh speak reproachfully: gyn veg yn oyr y choyrt dan noid dy loayrt dy scammyltagh Bible

lowance allowance, portion: hoig mee nagh row lowance ny Leviteyn er ny choyrt daue Bible

meriu with you: Shee ta mee dy aagail meriu, my hee ta mee dy choyrt diu Bible

mooad amount, quantity: As ayns mooad's dty ghloyr t'ou er choyrt fo-chosh adsyn dirree seose dt'oi Bible

mooad's bigness: As ayns mooad's dty ghloyr t'ou er choyrt fo-chosh adsyn dirree seose dt'oi Bible

moodjeenyn basest: as dy choyrt eh dauesyn saillish hene, as soiaghey harrish ny moodjeenyn s'inshley dy gheiney. Bible

Myrchaagh (intj) Of course: agh myrchaagh haink lesh dy yannoo ashoon ren goll dy cheeill, as ren arrym y choyrt dys ny leighaghyn Yee, ayns eash aynsyn va lhied ny reddyn goan. Coraa

myr shen ve it was so: ta mee er choyrt dy-chooilley losserey glass son beaghey: as myr shen ve Bible

Nagh Do not: Nagh jean oo aggair erbee dooinyn, myr nagh vel shinyn er choyrt eie orts Bible

naightyn trome heavy tidings: son ta mish er my choyrt hoods lesh naightyn trome Bible

negin must: negin dou dty vac y choyrt lhiam reesht gys y cheer haink oo veih? Bible

neuresoonagh illogical, irrational: Son er-lhiam pene dy row eh red neu resoonagh pryssoonagh y choyrt, as gyn soilshaghey ny cooishyn va lhiasit n Bible; unrealistic, unreasonable

nheeghyn 1 datum; 2 things a: neen Ayr eu tayns niau nheeghyn mie y choyrt dauesyn ta jannoo aghin huggey Bible

noa-emshiragh latter-day, modern, modernistic, new-style, up-to-date: ta'n sleih aeg er ny choyrt shaghey yn kiaull noa emshiragh voish America Carn

noanee new boy, newcomer, novice, recruit: Ghow yn cooish shoh toshiaght sy vlein 1977 tra va sleih choyrt duillageenyn da'n theay noi noanee sidooryn ec yn un cheayrt as va'n armee Sostnagh jannoo taishbynys er y chooylaghyn. Carn

nyn lheid suchlike: T'ou er choyrt cowrey da nyn lheid as ta goaill aggle royd Bible

obbragh 1 functional, functioning, influence, movement, operative, production; 2 working a: v'er ny choyrt dooys liorish obbragh breeoil e phooar. Bible

oltooanagh abuser, abusive, censurer, disgraceful, reproachable, reproacher, reproaching, slanderer, upbraider, vilifier, vituperative: ta'n dewilagh er ny choyrt mow, as yn oltooanagh er ny stroie Bible

ôney simple: Dy choyrt keeayll dan ôney, dan dooinney aeg, toiggal as feeudys Bible; harmless

ordaag vooar (f.) big toe: As ren eh 'varroo eh, as ghow Moses yn uill echey, as shen y choyrt er baare cleaysh yesh Aaron, as er ordaag e laue yesh, as er ordaag vooar e chass yesh. Bible

phoint appointed: Eisht hug mee lhiam seose princeyn Yudah er y voalley, as phoint mee daa heshaght vooar dy choyrt booise, yn derrey ayrn jeu hie gys y laue yesh er y voalley? Bible

piatt destruction: As ve myr shen, lurg daue ve er choyrt lhieu eh mygeayrt, dy row lauen Chiarn noin ard-valley lesh piatt trome Bible

pillar pl. pillaryn pillar: As hie'n Chiarn rhymboo 'sy laa ayns pillar bodjallagh, dy leeideil y raad daue, as 'syn oie ayns pillar dy aile, dy choyrt daue soilshey; dy gholl er nyn doshiaght 'sy laa as 'syn oie. Bible

pooar2 authority: Eisht scrieu Esther yn ven-rein, inneen Abihail, as Mordecai yn Ew, lesh slane pooar, dy choyrt ayns bree yn screeuyn elley shoh son Purim Bible

preachooryn preachers: Ren y Chiarn yn fockle y choyrt: s'mooar va sheshaght ny preachooryn. Bible

quoi erbee whomever, whomsoever, whosoever, whoever: Son da quoi erbee ta mooarane er ny choyrt, ersyn vees mooarane er ny hirrey Bible

reamys (=Ir. rúm) elbow-room, liberty, room, scope, space, way: T'ou er choyrt reamys da my chesmadyn Bible

rio frost, ice: ayns y laa, ren y chiass m'y choyrt naardey, as y rio, 'syn oie Bible; freezing

roie-1 1 formerly, preliminary, pristine, pro forma, fore- a: nee eh Yeesey Creest y choyrt, va roïe er ny phreacheil diu Bible; 2 (pref.) afore-, pre-

ronney 1 beat, category, departmental, division, lot, part, political ward, portion, quota, share, verse; 2 (gen.) of a division a: Ta mee myrgeddin er choyrt dhyt cooid-ronney sodjey, erskyn dty vraaraghyn Bible; 3 (of land) claim; 4 (of land) parcel

saaual sawing: Myr shen va'n obbyr er ny choyrt orrym-pene as er y gareyder as va shin saaual rish daa laa as ny smoo; va'n obbyr feer chreoie as va shin gollish dy trome. Dhoor

sarey pl. saraghyn charge, command, commandment, decree, dictate, directive, enjoin, injunction, instruct, mandate, order, precept, prescribe: Sarey noa ta mee dy choyrt diu Bible

saveenys (f.) drowsiness, lethargy, repose, somnolence: Ta Jee er choyrt daue spyrryd dy saveenys Bible

scape pl. scapeyn screen, shield: T'ou myrgeddin er choyrt dou scape dty haualtys Bible

seihll kyndagh underworld: Te roym dy choyrt jerrey er ooilley sheelnaue; son ta'n seihll kyndagh roo lhieent lesh tranlaase Bible

seihll ta ry-heet afterlife, futurity: Son cha vel eh er choyrt fo reill ainleyn yn seihll ta ry-heet, my-e-chione ta shin loayrt. Bible

sgeyrey more earnest: Shen-y-fa lhisagh shin tastey sgeyreychoyrt da ny reddyn ta shin er chlashtyn Bible; more keen, more sharp: Son ta goo Yee bioal, as breeoil, as ny sgeyrey na cliwe erbee dy ghaa foyr Bible

sheelit (liquid) clear; distilled, drained, filtered, refined, strained: dy choyrt lhieu hood's ooil glen olive sheelit Bible

shiuish ye, you, yourself, yourselves: ta mee er choyrt diu cheer ayn nagh ren shiuish laboragh, Bible

Skeerey Marooney Parish of Marown: dy chur failt diu gys yn chirveish shoh, as dy ghra harrish yn ollaghey ta'n taggyrt er choyrt diu hannah gys y Keeill Noo Runius, ayns Skeerey Marooney. Carn

sleih-mooinjerey kindred: Cha row Esther foast er n'insh quoi va'n sleih-mooinjerey, ny'n kynney eck: son va Mordecai er choyrt currym gyere urree, nagh n'inshagh ee eh. Bible

sliennoo (=Ir. sloinne) cognomen, surname: ta mee er choyrt sliennoo ort, ga nagh vel enney er ny ve ayd's orrym. Bible

smoghan effluent, effluvium, exhalation, fume, smell of fish, stink, strong smell: ta mee er choyrt er smoghan ny campyn dy heet seose gys ny stroanyn eu Bible

soiaghey harrish appoint: as dy choyrt eh dauesyn saillish hene, as soiaghey harrish ny moodjeenyn s'inshley dy gheiney. Bible

soiagh jeh approbation; acknowledge: Cha ren my hooill cassey ayns briwnys, chamoo ren eh soiagh jeh e vraaraghyn, ny geill y choyrt da e chloan hene Bible

strengyn strings: ver oo orroosyn cooyl y choyrt: as strengyn dty vhow nee oo aarloo noin eddin oc Bible; wires

taal adze; secretion, flowing: daue shoh ren y Chiarn breearrey nagh jinnagh eh shilley dauesyn jeh'n cheer ren y Chiarn loo da ny ayraghyn oc dy choyrt daue, cheer taal bainney as mill. Bible

taaley draw, flow, flowing: doardee'n Chiarn liorish Moses e harvaant ec y traa hug eh lesh nyn ayraghyn magh ass cheer Egypt, dy choyrt dooinyn cheer ta taaley lesh bainney as mill Apoc; lactate, secrete; lactation, secretion

tailley (=Ir. táille) pl. taillaghyn duty, fare, fee, impost, notch, premium, score, tally stick, tally, tariff: shegin diu tailley ny breekyn y choyrt stiagh Bible

teigh (=Ir. tuadh) (f.) pl. teighyn axe, chopper, hatchet: ta'n teigh er ny choyrt gys fraue ny biljyn Bible

Trinaid (f.) Trinity: Myr shen ayns dy chooilley nhee, myr ve rait roie: ta ooashley dy ve er ny choyrt da'n Unnaneys ayns y Trinaid, as da'n Trinaid ayns Unnaneys. PB1765 [L. Trinitas]

tuittym sheese fall off: O tar-jee, lhig dooin ooashley y choyrt, as tuittym sheese: as gliooney kiongoyrt rish y Chiarn y Fer ren shin. Bible

varroo (y) slew: Ta Jee er choyrt dou lhiannoo elley, ayns ynnyd Abel, ren Cain y varroo Bible

veign (=Ir. bheinn) I would be: Veign dy leah er choyrt sheese ny noidyn oc Bible; I should

yindyssyn wonders: tou er choyrt lhiat magh dty phobble Israel ass cheer Egypt, lesh cowraghyn, as yindyssyn Bible

yioym's (emph.) I shall put: 3 Cre'n raad yioym's feill dy choyrt da ooilley'n pobble shoh? Bible

ymmydyn ymmyrchagh necessary uses: lhig da'n vooinjer ainyn myrgeddin gynsaghey dy choyrt rish obbraghyn mie son ymmydyn ymmyrchagh Bible

ymmyrchee needy: lhig da ny boghtyn as ny ymmyrchee moylley 'choyrt da dt' Ennym. Bible


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