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chour (ny) for him: nish va Haman er jeet gys y chooyrt mooie jeh thie yn ree, dy loayrt rish y ree, son Mordecai dy ve croghit er y chriy v'eh er chiarail ny chour. Bible

Inexact matches:

dty chour for your sake: son gys y traa shoh ve freilt dty chour Bible

my chour provided for me, for me: cur dooys yn ayrn dy chooid ta my chour. Bible

for your sake dty chour

provided for me cour aym; my chour

strimmey heaviest, most important, preponderant: ta briwnys strimmey ny chour oc shoh Bible

accepted graysoil; soiagh jeant jeh: and it shall be accepted for him to make atonement for him - as beagh soiagh jeant jeh er e hon, dy yannoo lhiasaghey ny chour Bible

for him (ny) chour; er-e-hon; (emph.) er e honsyn; rish: You oughtn't to have waited for him - Cha lhisagh shiu er n'uirraghtyn rish. JJK idiom

for me er-my-hon; (emph.) er-my-hons: As for me, I like winter as well as summer - Er my hons, s'laik lhiam yn geurey chammah's yn sourey. JJK idiom; my chour

provided for cour: Provided for me - My chour. DF idiom Provided for me - Cour aym. DF idiom

spaagit spattled: Keayrtyn elley roish shen haink mee marish my voir er baatey queeyl spaagit as cheau mee ooryn ec y giat jeeaghyn sheese er yn greinys niartal girree as tuittym, cheet my chour as goll ersooyl voym reesht. JG

straiddey (gen.) of a street: Dy beagh caggey-straiddey cheet ayns Sostyn hene (ny ayns Nalbin ny Bretin), veagh yn armee aarloo ny chour. Carn


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