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feer chorree infuriated: Agh va Jonah erskyn-towse jymmoosagh, as veh feer chorree Bible

immyr chorree (f.) bush

jiarg-chorree er fuming: Dy jarroo, ta ny Goaldee jiarg-chorree er y fa dy vel Nerin goll er lesh y chooish. Carn

rage1 (n.) eulys: Fit of rage - Teaym eulys. DF idiom; jymmoose; keoieid; keoiys; ouyl; finu; keoie; (v.) er finnue, er rouyl; freaney; jiarg chorree: He broke forth into rage - Haink jiarg chorree er. DF idiom

very angry (adj.) jiarg-chorree; feer chorree: Their mother is very angry with them - Ta'n voir oc feer chorree roo. JJK idiom

extreme anger (n.) jiarg-chorree, sproght

fuming jiarg-chorree er; sporghit

imperturbable (adj.) do-chorree, feayr-aignagh, feayr-chooishagh

do-chorree imperturbable

jiarg-chorree (=Ir. dearg-corraithe) (f.) extreme anger, furious, outrage, raging, very angry: dirree Jonathan veih'n voayrd ayns jiarg chorree Bible; indignant; grieved: As ayns jiarg-chorree roo son dy row ad gynsaghey yn pobble, as preacheil trooid Yeesey yn irree-seose-reesht veih ny merriu. Bible; in a rage

in a rage ayns jymmoose: and ye have slain them in a rage - as ta shiu er varroo ad ayns jymmoose Bible; ayns jiarg eulys: So he turned and went away in a rage - Myr shen hyndaa eh, as jimmee eh roish ayns jiarg eulys Bible; jiarg-chorree: for he was in a rage with him because of this thing - son veh jiarg-chorree rish, son ny dooyrt eh Bible; er ouyl

infuriated feer chorree; lane corree; lane fargagh; sproghit

furious (adj.) fargagh, fergagh, jiarg-chorree, jymmoosagh, keoie, sonaasagh

indignant (adj.) eulyssagh, fargagh, fergagh, jymmoosagh; er-rouyl; corree, jiarg-chorree

outrage drogh-ghellal; farg; jannoo drogh-ghellal er; jiarg-chorree

orrin (=Ir. orainn) on us: ta aggle orrin roish dty chorree hrome. Bible

Assyrian (n., adj.) Assyriagh; Assyrian: O Assyrian, the rod of mine anger - O Assyrian, slatt my chorree Bible

bush (n.) bush, crouw, immyr chorree, immyr correy, thammag; tammag: A bad bush is better than an open field - Ta drogh hammag ny share na magher foshlit. JJK idiom; (v.) cur coob ayn, dossey

hence (adv.) hoal, noal, noon, veih shoh, veih shoh magh, veih'n traa shoh; shen y fa: Hence his anger - Shen y fa e chorree. DF idiom

many a time keayrt ny ghaa; (ny) keayrtyn; ymmodee keayrtyn; shimmey keayrt: many a time turned he his wrath away - shimmey keayrt hyndaa eh e chorree ersooyl Bible

of an eye (gen.) sooilley: For his wrath endureth but the twinkling of an eye - Son cha vel e chorree farraghtyn agh meekey sooilley Bible

vent lhiggey magh: He gave vent to his feelings - Lhig eh magh e chorree. DF idiom; raad; scoltey; thoyn; towl; vent

with them lhieu, lhieau, lioroo; maroo, mâroo; (emph.) maroosyn, mâroosyn; roo: Their mother is very angry with them - Ta'n voir oc feer chorree roo. JJK idiom

agh ny veggan but a little: 2 Cur-jee ooashley da'n Mac, nagh bee eh jymmoosagh, as myr shen shiu dy herraghtyn veih'n raad cair: my vees e chorree er ny vrasnaghey, (agh ny veggan ;) Bible

chentyn break, flash, flashing, flicker; flashes: gow 'n taarnagh agglagh as ny chentyn bieau, my ghahghyn aileagh, as my chorree lhieu PC

finnue fit of passion: Er shoh va'n ree jiarg-chorree, as eer er-finnue Bible

against: Liorish smooinaght, raa, as jannoo, noi dty Ard-ooashley's flaunyssagh, Brasnaghey dy feer cairagh dty chorree as dty yymmoose nyn . PB1765

rish tammylt beg briefly: Rish tammylt beg dy chorree hyndaa mee son shallid my eddin void Bible

sooilley (gen.) of an eye: Son cha vel e chorree farraghtyn agh meekey sooilley Bible

raging burrioogh; dorrinys; er keagh; er ouyl; fargagh; fergagh; freaynagh; freayney; goll cheagh; goll er ouyl; jiarg-chorree; jiarg-eulyssagh; jymmoosagh

cumaadagh conservative: Ta oltey Cumaadagh jeh Ard-Whaiyl y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit er chur jiarg-chorree er sleih sy rheynn-reihys echey liorish aggyrt dy vel  eh cummal ayns Mannin. BS

jiarg (=Ir. dearg) COMPARE ruy bloodshot, florid, glowing, gules, live, red, rouge, ruddy, sanguine, stark: As hrog ad veih'n aarkey jiarg: as ren ad campal ayns faasagh Sin. Bible; burning: As hie eh magh veih Pharaoh ayns jiarg chorree. Bible; (intensive) fair; (as land) turned; abandoned [O.Ir. derg]

kindagh rish because; because of: Er-aggle dy jed y cooilleeneyder-folley er eiyrt y varrooder, ayns chiass e chorree, as berraghtyn er, kindagh rish lhiurid y raad, as eh y varroo, ga nagh row eh toilchin baase, myr nagh row eh ayns goanlys rish roish shen. Bible


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