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aaghoaill y chorp reincarnation

Co-chorp Ard-valley Lunnin City of London Corporation

Jerdein Chorp Chreest Corpus Christi, Holy Thursday

mooinjer y chorp (f.) chief mourners

screeuyn leigh y chorp habeas corpus

reincarnation (n.) aaghoaill y chorp

borough (n.) balley corpagh; co-chorp

Corpus Christi (n.) Jerdein Chorp Chreest

co-chorp borough: Cha jean Co-chorp Ghoolish gra cre'n costys haink orroosyn ta geeck keeshyn ynnydagh Ghoolish kyndagh rish aggyrt y valley son lhiasagh BS

chief mourners (npl.) mooinjer y chorp; mooinjer y varroo

City of London Corporation (n.) Co-chorp Ard-valley Lunnin

habeas corpus (v.) cur yn corp; (n.) screeuyn leigh y chorp

Holy Thursday (n.) Jerdein Casherick, Jerdein Chorp Chreest; Jerdein Caisht

brilleen sheet: nagh row monney agh brilleen mysh e chorp Bible

by-niessey da next to: va aanrit-sack er, by-niessey da e chorp Bible

chirmagh-loshtee drought: ta soo my chorp myr chirmagh-loshtee yn tourey. Bible

goanluckey buried: ren eh goanluckey e chorp 'syn oaie echey hene Bible

oanluckit buried, interred: cha bee dty chorp oanluckit ayns oaie dty ayraghyn. Bible

more feeble (comp./sup.) smeilley: those members of the body, which seem to be more feeble, are necessary - ta ny oltyn shen jehn chorp, smeilley ta shin coontey jeu foast ymmyrchagh Bible

respects corp as slaynt: Give him my respects - Cur my chorp as slaynt da. DF idiom

bussallyn handkerchiefs: Myr shen dy dug ad lhieu veih'n chorp echey gys sleih chingey, bussallyn as apronyn, as hooar ad rea rish ny doghanyn oc Bible

doghan trome sore disease, sore sickness: Son ta my veeaghyn lhieent lesh doghan trome: as cha vel ayrn erbee slane ayns my chorp. Bible

fluigh COMPARE fliugh :1 wet: ren eh gyndyr er faiyr myr ny dew, as va e chorp fluigh lesh druight yn aer; derrey hooar eh toiggal, dy vel y Jee smoo syrjey reill ayns reeriaght deiney Bible

maghey shoh henceforth: Maghey shoh ny lhig da dooinney erbee mish y voirey, son ta mee gymmyrkey ayns my chorp cowraghyn y Chiarn Yeesey. Bible; ulteriorly

merriuid blankness, deadness, loss of feeling, stagnancy: cha ren eh soiaghey jeh [annooinid] e chorp hene nish gyn mioyr, tra v'eh mysh keead bleïn dy eash, ny foast jeh merriuid brein Sara. Bible

mioyr (of feeling) acuteness: cha ren eh soiaghey jeh annooinid e chorp hene nish gyn mioyr Bible; sense of feeling

My sailliu (intj) If you please, Prithee: Cur my chorp-as-slaynt huic, my sailliu JJK

nagh jinnagh wouldn't: son va sheshaght dy hidooryn oardrit dy reaylley e chorp, nagh jinnagh e gheiney mooinjer lhieu ersooyl eh CS

oltyn members: Son myr ta ain ymmodee oltyn ayns un chorp, as cha nee yn un oik tec dy chooilley olt Bible; parts

roauyraghey1 fatten, fattening, fill out, thickening, gain weight: Chum ny Myrmidonianee Matthias, ghilb ersooyl ad ny sooillyn echey, as hug ad ayns prysoon eh e chorp y roauyraghey. Dhoor; (as wool) thicken

smeilley more feeble: ta ny oltyn shen jehn chorp, smeilley ta shin coontey jeu foast ymmyrchagh. Bible

to her huic: Please, present my compliments to her - Cur my chorp-as-slaynt huic, my sailliu. JJK idiom; huick; (interrog.) huicksh; jee, jeeish; r'ee, reeish, r'eeish

glenney (=Ir. glanadh) act of vindication, chip, clarify, clean, cleaner, clearance, discharge, dust, expurgate, freshen, grub, pay off, purge, purification, purify, rid, satisfaction, scale, scavenge, settlement, sink, weed, wipe; (honey) clarification; (as fowl) draw; (as metal) try out; cleaning; bathe: as glenney e chorp ayns ushtey Bible; cleanse: As nee eh glenney yn thie lesh fuill yn eean as lesh yn ushtey farrane Bible; glass

oaiaghyn graves: hug ad lhieu Urijah veih Egypt; as livrey ad eh gys laue y ree, hug er dy ve er ny varroo lesh y chliwe, as e chorp marroo dy ve er ny oanluckey ayns oaiaghyn ny kimmee. Bible; sepulchres


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