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gyn choraa speechless: kyns haink us aynsho gyn komry puyst ayd ? as ve gyn ghora. PB1610

jeh un choraa univocal

lesh un choraa unison: dyllee ad ooilley lesh un choraa choud as daa oor Bible

teaddyn yn choraa vocal cords

speechless (adj.) tost; gyn choraa

loud voice (n.) ard-choraa

univocal (adj.) jeh un choraa, uncheeallagh

ard-choraa loud voice: Eisht dyllee ad lesh ard-choraa, as stap ad nyn gleayshyn, as roie ad stiagh er lesh un aigney

vocal cords (npl.) teaddyn yn choraa, teaddyn yn ghoo

unison (n.) co-yrjey, lesh un choraa, lesh un ghoo, slane coardailys

biallagh da subject: Bee-jee biallagh da goan my choraa Bible

clynnee shall hear: My choraa clynnee uss dy leah Bible

croink hills: lhig da ny croink clashtyn dty choraa Bible

gollrishyn (emph.) like him: vod oo taarnaghey lesh dty choraa gollrishyn? Bible

toght (n.) mattress; smoke; strangulate: Va toght 'sy choraa echey. DF

did call denmys; deïe: I did call upon the Lord with my voice - Deïe mee er y Chiarn lesh my choraa Bible

melt away (v.) lheie ersooyl; lheïe ersooyl: but God hath shewed his voice, and the earth shall melt away - agh ta Jee er hoilshaghey e choraa, as neen seihll lheïe ersooyl Bible

voice1 coraa: There was a note of sorrow in his voice - Va blass trimshey ayns e choraa. DF idiom; fwee; glare; goo; ghoo; (v.) coraaghey, glaraghey

wept cheayn: and lifted up his voice, and wept - as hrog eh seose e choraa, as cheayn eh Bible

cheayn See keayn sea: As haink ad harrish gys y cheu elley jeh'n cheayn, gys cheer ny Gadarenee. Bible; wept: As hrog Esau seose e choraa, as cheayn eh Bible; cried

corran gyere sharp sickle: deie eh lesh ard-choraa dasyn va'n corran gyere echey Bible

coyrt magh hand out, supply, bring forth, send forth, output: ren y fer-syrjey coyrt magh e choraa. Bible

craayn1 (f.) ague, dithering, shuddering, trembling, shakes; (of singer) wobble, tremolo: As craayn 'sy choraa echey. DF; (mech.) crane

cur bree ayn animate, energize, exhilarate, invigorate, pep up, vivify: Clasht rish my choraa, O Hiarn, cordail rish dty chenjallys-ghraihagh: cur bree ayn-ym myr boallagh oo. Bible

dorrysser porter: Dasyn ta'n dorrysser fosley; as ta ny kirree clashtyn e choraa: as t'eh geamagh er e chirree hene lurg nyn ennym, as dy leeideil ad magh. Bible

er-creau quiver: Tra cheayll mee, va my chree traishtit: va my veillyn er-creau ec yn choraa Bible; shudder

foym below me, under me: eaisht rish y choraa ocsyn ta girree foym. Bible

gimmeeaght lurg walk after: Nee ad gimmeeaght lurg y Chiarn: troggee eh seose e choraa myr lion Bible

gow arrane sing a song: Gow arrane, O inneen Zion, trog dty choraa, O Israel, bee gennal, as gow boggey lesh ooilley dty chree, O inneen Yerusalem. Bible

inney-veyl (f.) bondmaid, bondwoman, damsel, handmaid, handmaiden: ta dty inney-veyl er chur biallys da dty choraa Bible; maidservant

lhiantyn huggey take after: freayll e annaghyn, as ve biallagh da e choraa, as nee shiu shirveish eh, as lhiantyn huggey. Bible; cleave

meelaghey appease, appeasement, mangle, moisten, moistening, palliate, palliative; soften: Ren e choraa meelaghey. DF

shass seose stand up: Dooyrt eh lesh ard-choraa, Shass seose dy jeeragh er dty chassyn. Bible

voish y neear from the west: tra ver eh magh e choraa, eisht been chloan er-creau voish y neear Bible

lifted (v.) troggit: It was lifted up - V'eh troggit. DF idiom; hrog: He lifted the child on his back - Hrog eh er e vooin y lhiannoo. DF idiom; dardjee: He lifted up his voice - Dardjee eh e choraa. DF idiom

on high ayns flaunys; ayns niau; er ardjey; 'syn yrdjid: and my record is on high - as my recortyssyn yrjid Bible; dy ard: the man who was raised up on high - y dooinney ver ny hroggal seose dy ard Bible; er yn yrjid: with a loud voice on high - lesh ard choraa, er yn yrjid Bible; syn yrjey: the host of the high ones that are on high - sheshaght ny ard-vooaraleesyn yrjey Bible

sorrow bran; seaghyn; smeih; sou-aigney; trimshey: There was a note of sorrow in his voice - Va blass trimshey ayns e choraa. DF idiom; dobberan: She made a great display of her sorrow - Ren ee musthaa mychione y dobberan eck. DF idiom

paartail 1 departure, part a: cur kied da dty harvaant paartail ayns shee Bible; 2 decease, die, pop off: As deie Yeesey lesh ard-choraa, as ren eh paartail. Bible; 3 dying, passing


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