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gyn chooilleeney unended

cur laue chooilleeney toss off

jannoo laue chooilleeney masturbate

jannoo mair chooilleeney masturbate

masturbate (v.) builley y crackan, bwoalley y crackan, jannoo laue chooilleeney, jannoo mair chooilleeney

executory (adj.) ry-chooilleeney

self-relief (n.) laue-chooilleeney

laue-chooilleeney masturbation, self-relief

mair-chooilleeney masturbation

ry-chooilleeney executory

toss off1 (v.) bwoailley y crackan, cur laue chooilleeney

unended gyn chooilleeney; gyn cur jerrey er

masturbation (n.) bwoalley chymmylt, caarjys ny laue, laue-chooilleeney, mair-chooilleeney

accomplish (v.) cooilleen; cooilleeney: thus will I accomplish my fury upon them - myr shoh neems my eulys y chooilleeney orroo Bible; creaghnaghey, creaghnee, creaghney, jannoo, jannoo magh

bad turn drogh-heaym: I had a bad turn today - Haink drogh-heaym orrym jiu. DF idiom; drogh-hurn: I won't do a bad turn in exchange for a good turn - Cha jeanym drogh-hurn y chooilleeney son turn mie. DF idiom

bluff1 baggyrtys: Call his bluff - Cur ersyn dy chooilleeney e vaggyrtys. DF idiom; baggyrtys follym; lhean 'sy toshiaght, rinn ughtee; (v.) molley, baggyrt

commission1 armal; barrantys; commishoon; dooraght; enmys ny fer oik; foilliu; oardagh: Carry out a commission - Oardagh y chooilleeney. DF idiom; oardaghey

aigh (=Ir. ádh) (m., f.) 1 luck: Aigh mie dy row lhiat lesh dty ooashley Bible; 2 prosper a: bee aïgh vie lesh 'sy chooish shen ta foym's dy chooilleeney Bible

cha dreig will not leave: son cha dreig-ym oo, derrey veem er chooilleeney shen Bible

copper copper: Ta Alexander yn gaaue-copper er n'yannoo dooys mooarane olk: nee'n Chiarn eh y chooilleeney cordail rish e obbraghyn. Bible

currymyn 1 matters a: cha vel shiu er chooilleeney currymyn symmyrchee yn leigh Bible; 2 commandments a: Son my nee shiu dy kiarailagh ooilley ny currymyn shoh, ta mish dy harey diu Bible; 3 duties; 4 demands

dobbree wrought: Quoi dobbree as ren shoh y chooilleeney Bible; worked; repaired: as by-niessey daue shoh dobbree Zadok mac Baana Bible

fenit asked: ve fenit jiu, Kys te nagh vel shiu er chooilleeney nyn obbyr ayns jannoo breekyn Bible

giallit bleached, fulled, whitened; promised: Dy chooilleeney yn vyghin va giallit da ny ayraghyn ain Bible

goanlys (f.) malevolence, malice, maliciousness, malignity, rancorousness, resentment, revengefulness, spite, viciousness, vindictiveness: t'ad er chooilleeney dou olk son mie: as goanlys er son my aigney-mie. Bible; despitefulness

leagh mooar high price, precious: Ny lhig-jee veue, er-y-fa shen, yn dunnallys eu, nyn gour ta leagh mooar dy chooilleeney. Bible

lossaghyn ailey flames of fire: hig y Chiarn lesh aile, as lesh e ainee myr geay-chassee, dy chooilleeney e yymmoose lesh eulys, as e oghsan lesh lossaghyn ailey. Bible

O Yee (voc.) O God: O Yee Israel, lhig da dty ghoo, ta mee guee ort ve er ny chooilleeney ren oo loayrt rish dty harvaant David my ayr. Bible

slane shickyrys full assurance: Slane shickyrys nagh shir Jee orrin ny smoo y yannoo na ver eh hene pooar dooin dy chooilleeney. CS

slanjeant ideal: Cha row oalys as enn slanjeant echey er y Ghailg as, er y fa shen, chroym eh keeayll y Ghailg e vree hene y chooilleeney. Coraa

tholtanyn 1 heaps a: nish ta mee er chooilleeney eh, dy beagh uss ry-hoi stroie ard-valjyn voallit gys tholtanyn traartagh Bible; 2 wastes a: As nee adsyn hig jeeds troggal ny shenn tholtanyn Bible; 3 ruins

veih'n toshiaght from the outset: Quoi dobbree as ren shoh y chooilleeney, cowraghey ny sheelogheyn veihn toshiaght? Bible; from the beginning

I will not leave cha vaag-ym: I will not leave you - cha vaag-ym oo Bible; cha dreig-ym: I will not leave thee, until I have done that which I have spoken to thee of - cha dreig-ym oo, derrey veem er chooilleeney shen, my-e-chione ta mee er loayrt rhyt Bible


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