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chionney beset: ren ad chionney orrym mygeayrt y thie Bible; clench, cog, fasten, gird, grit, inflate, momentum, press, pressurize, pump up, put on, screw up, straighten, strain, tauten, tighten; erection; throng

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chionney er oblige, press: v'ee dagh laa chionney er lesh e goan Bible; thronged

chionney glackanyn braking

chionney roish press on

chionney ry-cheilley bunch, close up

chionney stiagh (=Ir. teannadh-steach) perforate; press in: As hig eh gy-kione ayns ny laghyn jerrinagh, dy bee slieau thie yn Chiarn er ny hoiaghey er mullagh ny sleityn ; as nee dy chooilley ashoon chionney stiagh huggey. Bible; besiege, siege

feoh chionney claustrophobia

scrod chionney straining screw

tead chionney straining stay

chionney stiagh er beleaguer, besiege, beset, mob: As hie Yeesey marish, as deiyr ymmodee dy leih, as ren ad chionney stiagh er. Bible; thronged

lane feoh chionney claustrophobic

thronged chionney er; chionney stiagh er: much people followed him, and thronged him deiyr ymmodee dy leih, as ren ad chionney stiagh er. Bible; jingit

besiege (v.) chionney stiagh er; co-chruinnaghey; cruinnaghey; chionney stiagh; chemmal mygeayrt

press broo, chionney; broojey; chennid; chionney er; craishtey; faastan; greesaghey; jingey; lhiannaghey; preays, preis, preish; preaysal; pronney; traastey; (n.) saagh

throng jingey; chionney: the multitude throng thee and press thee - tan pohble chionney ort, as dy dty yingey Bible

beset (v.) chionney stiagh er, soiaghey mysh, chionney; cochruinnit lesh: I am beset with bad luck - Ta mee cochruinnit lesh drogh aigh. DF idiom

braking (v.) chionney glackanyn

claustrophobia (n.) feoh chionney

claustrophobic (adj.) lane feoh chionney

clench (v.) chionney; dooney

erection (n.) chionney; shassoo

grit (n.) chionney; grineen; garvain

momentum (n.) chionney, momentum

perforate (v.) chionney stiagh; thiolley

pressurize (v.) chionney

straighten (v.) chionney, jeeraghey; jeeree

straining screw (n.) scrod chionney

straining stay (n.) tead chionney

tauten (v.) chionney

tighten (v.) chionney

close up chionney ry-cheilley; jeigh

pump up (v.) chionney, pumpal neese

siege (v.) chionney stiagh; cruinnee; (n.) chennid

inflate (v.) att; bolgey; chionnaghey; chionney; sheidey seose

mob1 chionney stiagh er; co-chruinnaghey; mob beg; riftanyn

screw up (v.) chionney; cruinnaghey; doon lesh scroddyn

thronging chionnagh; chionney stiagh er; jingey

beleaguer (v.) chionney stiagh er; cruinnaghey mygeayrt; dy chruinnaghey runt mygeayrt; dy hionney stiagh

fasten (v.) chionney, lhian; doon: Fasten your buttons - Doon dty chrammanyn. DF idiom

oblige (v.) chionney er, cur er, cur fo booise, eginaghey, eignaghey

press in (v.) broo stiagh, broojey stiagh, chionney stiagh, jingey stiagh

strain1 (n.) carr, chionnid; chennid: Heart strain - Chennid chree. DF idiom; (v.) chionney, sheeyney

bunch1 (v.) broojit ry-cheilley; chionney ry-cheilley, kiangley ayns dossanyn; (n.) crouw, deaill, dhoss, doss, dossan, gass, glackaid, keshag, possan

cog (v.) chionney; jannoo maclioar follit; (n.) feeackle: It slipped a cog - Ren eh skyrraghtyn harrish feeackle. DF idiom

gird (v.) chionney; cryss: Gird up thy loins - Cryss seose dty gharmad mysh dty veeghyn Bible; cryssey: they shall gird themselves with sackcloth - nee ad cryssey adhene lesh aanrit-sack Bible

press on (v.) arral; chionney roish: I will press on with it - Chionneeym roym lesh. DF idiom

put on (v.) chionney; cur er bun; cur er obbyr; ginsh breag; cur mysh: He put on his clothes - Hug eh mysh. DF idiom

aarnieu COMPARE ardnieu adder, serpent, snake, viper: Ren yn aarnieu chionney mysh y conning. DF

cruinnit mygeayrt surrounded: Ny-sodjey gow hood pot yiarn, as soie eh son voalley yiarn, eddyr uss as yn ard-valley, as soie dty eddin n'oï, as bee eh cruinnit mygeayrt, as nee oo chionney stiagh eh Bible

dy creoi hard: va ny fainee as ny markee chionney dy creoi er e eiyrt's. Bible

er-dy since: As er-dy laghyn Ean Bashtey derrey nish, ta sleih chionney stiagh gys reeriaght niau, as t'adsyn ta cheet lesh jeeanid cosney stiagh ayn. Bible

hassoo2 (ny) unseated; upstanding; stood: van pobble chionney stiagh er dy chlashtyn goo Yee, as eh ny hassoo liorish faarkey Ghennesareth Bible

jannoo tranlaase er oppress, persecute: as noi ny looderyn-oaiagh, as noi ocsyn ta chionney er y labbree ayns e aill, as jannoo tranlaase er y ven-treoghe, as er y chloan gyn-ayr Bible

preis press: honnick Yeesey dy row yn pobble ayns preis chionney dy cheilley Bible

shiartance some: ren shiartance jeh deiney'n valley, mec Velial, chionney mysh y thie Bible


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