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chionnal1 assembly, congregation, crowd, mob, multitude: Va chionnal mooar ayns shen. DF; (of people) jam; (of people) turn out

chionnal2 (yn); (the) mob: V'eh guilliney raad da hene trooid y chionnal. DF

Inexact matches:

chionnal mooar host: Va chionnal mooar jeh mooinjer as caarjyn Douglas as Joyce kionfenish 'sy cheeill Coraa

chionnal neuleighoil unlawful assembly

chionnal mooar dy 'leih teeming crowd

crowd chionnal: What a crowd! - Cre'n chionnal! JJK idiom; jingey; sleih; trouise

jam2 (of people) chionnal; glooid

mob2 (n.) (the); (yn) chionnal

turn out5 (n.) (of people) chionnal

unlawful assembly (n.) chionnal neuleighoil

ochlophobia (n.) chionnal-aggle

chionnal-aggle ochlophobia

host (n.) chionnal mooar, sheshaght chaggee; cuirreyder, olteyr; oalan

teeming crowd (n.) chionnal mooar dy 'leih

congregation (n.) chionnal, cohionnal, cruinnaghey, pobble; agglish; chymsaghey; sheshaght, slane sheshaght

garveig (f.) bellow, roar: Hug y chionnal garveig ass. DF

assembly (n.) chionnal, co-chruinnaght, feish, forragh, mod, quaiyl, quinney; cruinnaght: Manx National Assembly - Cruinnaght Vanninagh Ashoonagh. DF idiom

multitude (n.) chionnal, cochruinnaght, mooarane, ymmodee dy leih, grih vooar, feieys, thummyd; weight: there is a multitude of waters in the heavens - ta weight ushtey 'syn aer Bible; sheshaght

roar buirroogh, burrioogh; buirrooghey; garveigagh; garveig: A roar went up from the crowd - Hug y chionnal garveig ass. DF idiom; garveigey; gullal; rooit; rooital; gyllaghey

aittinagh (n.) gorse fence; (adj.) gorsy: Ish, e moir, e braar as e shuyr, v'ad shooyl ec y jerrey twoaie jeh'n ghiau fo'n eaynyn aittinagh, as va çhionnal mooar aynshen jeeaghyn seose. CL

cleih embankment: S'coon va'n bayr er yn ynnyd shen, as hass eh ry-lhiattee ayns baarney 'sy cleih choud's veagh y chionnal goll shaghey LC

saih impale, plant, stab, stabbing, thrust, trundle: Ren mee saih trooid y chionnal. DF; impalement


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