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chionn 1 austere, busy, extreme, fast, firm, firmly, hard-pressed, hardy, stiff, strait, stuck fast, taut, tense, tight, tight-fitting a: haink ad chionn orrym Bible; 2 (as penis) erect; 3 inflated; 4 speedy; 5 delicate

Inexact matches:

chionn cooidjagh close together: Ta'n daa hie chionn cooidjagh. JJK

dy chionn austerely, compactly: Ta fys mie aym dy vel ooilley ny reddyn shoh kianlt dy chionn lesh yn chengey dooghyssagh. Carn; tightly; four-square

mesophyll çhionn palisade mesophyll

tead chionn tightrope

troosyn chionn pantaloons

chionn er y cheilley close together

chionn lesh moyrn puffed up with pride

chionn rish y chrackan skin-tight

Shass dy chionn (impv) Stand fast

soit dy chionn hard-and-fast

close together (adj.) faggys dy-cheilley; chionn cooidjagh: The two houses are close together - Ta'n daa hie chionn cooidjagh. JJK idiom; chionn er y cheilley: Lying close together - Nyn lhie chionn er y cheilley. DF idiom

austerely (adv.) dy chionn

erect2 (as penis) chionn

firmly (adv.) chionn

four-square dy chionn

hard-pressed (adj.) chionn; throng

palisade mesophyll (n.) mesophyll çhionn

pantaloons (n.) troosyn chionn

stuck fast chionn

taut (v.) chionn

tense1 chionn; (n.) emshir; emshyr

tight1 (adj.) chionn, neughiastyllagh, peajeogagh

tight-fitting (adj.) chionn; coon

tightrope (n.) tead chionn

austere (adj.) chenjagh; chionn; garg; geyre

compactly (adv.) dy chionn; dy gloo

firm (adj.) beayn, fondagh, gloo, jeelys, roauyr, shassooagh, trean; chionn: Stand firm - Shass dy chionn. DF idiom; shickyr: To hold firm - Dy hassoo dy shickyr. DF idiom; (n.) colught: We do business with that firm - Ta shin dellal rish y cholught shen. DF idiom

hardy (adj.) chionn, creoi, reen, tramylt

inflated chionn; chionnit; sheidit seose

skin-tight (adj.) chionn rish y chrackan

Stand fast (impv) Shass dy chionn

strait (n.) chennar, chionn; coon; keyllys

chionn-chraitnagh hidebound

hard-and-fast (adj.) soit dy chionn, so-lhoobey, reen

puffed up with pride chionn lesh moyrn

busy chionn; preissal, preishal, preïshal; stret; tarroogh; throng; preish

fastener (n.) dooneyder: Close the little fastener - Chionn y dooneyder beg. DF idiom

hidebound (adj.) chionn-chraitnagh, coon-enneeynagh, coon-inchyn, creoi-chrackanagh, kianglt 'sy cheh

speedy (adj.) chionn, gastey, tappee; siyragh, bieau, bioyral, er finnue

dooneyder closer, fastener, sphincter: Chionn y dooneyder beg. DF; (person) shutter

extreme (n.) jerrey, chionn; kione: At the extreme end of the town - Ec kione y valley. DF idiom

fast1 chionn, shickyr; dain; er hoshiagh, tappee; (v.) trosht, trostey; (adv.) (dy) tappee: I think so, too, the glass is going down fast - Ta mish credjal myrgeddin, ta'n gless tuittym dy-tappee. JJK idiom

put by (v.) tashtey: Money put by to fall back on - Argid tasht seose ry-hoi traa chionn. DF idiom

stiff (adj.) chionn, doillee, formoil, rag, reen, roauyr, stark; neulhoobagh: Stiff joint - Olt neulhoobagh. DF idiom; creoi: Stiff-neckedness - Creoi-wannalys. DF idiom; geyre: Stiff climb - Drappal geyre. DF idiom; stuggagh

tightly (adv.) dy chionn: Tie your shoes tight - Kiangle nyn mraagyn dy-chionn. JJK idiom

together (adj., adv.) cooidjagh: The two houses are close together - Ta'n daa hie chionn cooidjagh. JJK idiom; dy cheilley, kione y cheilley, lesh y cheilley, my cheilley; ry-cheilley: Colours blending together - Daaghyn goll stiagh ry-cheilley. DF idiom; noi-ry-hoi

chion See chionn close, narrow, near, round about: T'ad cha chion er y chilley, nagh vod yn aer sloo cheet eddyr ad Bible; compact; incapacious

doarnyn fists: Ren mee doarnyn jeh ny laueyn aym 'sy phoggaid as va ooilley ny muskylyn aym chionn erskyn towse. Dhoor

drughaig (f.) dog rose, hip, wild rose: Gow yn bayr glass gys beeal y ghlion Raad ta'n drughaig fee dy chionn Dhoor

Kione y Sker Conister, End of the Reef: Ta'n baatey chionn er Kione y Sker. DF

Manninee (ny); (the) Manx: Myr shione diu ooilley, ta'n sourey imbagh feer chionn da ny Manninee kyndagh rish yn earroo mooar dy ghoaldee as joarreeyn ta cheet hooin, agh mleeaney bee laghyn y touree ny s'chionn na v'ad rieau! Coraa

ouyrys suspect: S'quaagh eh, gyn ouyrys, dy vel shoh er haghyr geiyrt chionn er slattys ynsee noa hug niart da cooishyn cultooragh as Manninagh. Dhoor

scell ray of light: Gow yn bayr glass gys beeal y ghlion Raad ta'n drughaig fee dy chionn, Flan er dty olt, Scell jeh'n clieau, Cronnaneyn ayns ny slegganyn slieau Dhoor

close1 breen: It's very close - T'eh feer vreen. JJK idiom; chion: The two houses are close together - Ta'n daa hie chionn cooidjagh. JJK idiom; dooint, dooney; close; dooin; doont; faggys da; gloo; jeigh; jerrey; kione; plooghit; tayrn cooidjagh; faggys

delicate (adj.) chionn; dendeasagh, dendeaysagh, dendeysagh: These boys are very delicate - Ta ny guillyn shoh feer dendeysagh. JJK idiom; fiosagh: Thin delicate aprons made of a leaf - Apyrnyn thanney fiosagh, jeant jeh duilley. DF idiom; meeley; mettey: She is delicate - T'ee mettey. DF idiom; meddey

succession (n.) cheet, eiraght; (ny) yei y cheilley: Two years in succession - Daa vlein ny yei y cheilley DF idiom; eiyrtyssaght; er mooin: They had a succession of victories - Va barriaght er mooin barriaght oc. DF idiom; er shayll y cheilley: In rapid succession - Dy chionn er shayll y cheilley. DF idiom

tie1 cheet corrym, cloie corrym; cur eiystyr er; kiangley; maidjey kianglee; sniemmey; kiangle: Tie your shoes tight - Kiangle nyn mraagyn dy-chionn. JJK idiom

curragh (=Ir. corrach) (f.) pl. curreeyn bog, fen, marsh, quagmire, swamp: Yn nah laa haink jees jeh ny kirree oc dy ve çhionn ayns curragh as v'ad sluggit sheese marish nyn laadyn CnyO; canoe, coracle: Ren Severin as fer keirdey ny jees troggal curragh ayns Nerin. Dhoor; wickerwork pannier


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