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ching (=Ir. tinn) 1 disordered, ill, nauseated, painful, sick, unwell: huitt mee ching three laa er-dy-henney Bible; 2 sore, ulcer a pl. chingyn

Inexact matches:

aase ching sicken

ard-chingys ching migraine

ching aile (scald) burn

ching lhiabbagh bedsore

feayraght ching (f.) coryza, headcold, head cold

feer ching bad way: va moir ben Simon feer ching ayns y chiassaghey; as ren ad aghin huggey er e son. Bible; very ill

filleig ching (f.) headshawl

fir ching heads, headmen: Ad shoh va deiney ooaslesy cheshaght, princeyn ayns tribe nyn ayraghyn, fir ching thousaneyn ayns Israel. Bible

gailley ching stomach pain

geay ching (f.) adverse wind

jannoo ching indispose: Ta'n treishteil ta lhiggit shaghey jannoo ching jeh'n chree: agh tra ta'n yeearree jeant-magh, te eer billey dy vea. Bible

keesh ching (f.) poll tax

obbyr ching (f.) brain-work, head-work

sheer çhing chronically sick

toyrtys ching (f.) capitation grant

ching lesh graih lovesick

ching 'sy chione fatheaded

ching 'sy chree sick of heart

chingys ching veih'n volg (f.) sick headache

cooyl y ching back of the head

Cronk y Ching Hill of the Head

cur chiuid-ching er fog

Gob y Ching Ouyr Dun End Point

goll er mullagh ching bustling about, going headlong, hurrying

gour y ching headlong: Lhieggey gour y ching. DF

lus ny cam-ching (f.) daffodil

lus y ching vane (f.) bog cotton

mullagh e ching top of his head: veih boyn e choshey eer gys mullagh e ching Bible

mullagh y ching (of head) crown

screb y ching head sores

sick1 asslayntagh; chingey; doghanit; ching: The boy was dreadfully sick - Va'n guilley ching ass myghin. DF idiom

very ill donney; feer ching: She lies very ill in bed - T'ee ny lhie feer ching. JJK idiom

adverse wind (n.) geay ching

brain-work (n.) obbyr ching

burn2 (n.) (scald) ching aile

capitation grant (n.) toyrtys ching

chronically sick sheer çhing

crown3 (n.) (of head) mullagh y ching

fatheaded (adj.) ching 'sy chione

headmen (npl.) fir ching

headshawl (n.) filleig ching

lovesick (adj.) ching lesh graih

migraine (n.) ard-chingys ching; boirane

nauseated (adj.) ching; feohdit

poll tax (n.) keesh ching

ulcer (n.) askaid; ching

bad way drogh-chummey er: The turf seems to be in a bad way - Ta drogh cummey er y voain. DF idiom; feer ching: He is in a bad way - T'eh feer ching. DF idiom; stayd olk: He is in a bad way - T'eh ayns stayd olk. DF idiom

bedsore (n.) ching lhiabbagh; screb lhiabbagh

coryza (n.) feayraght ching; mughane king

fathead (n.) kione-ching

head sores (n.) screb y ching

head-work (n.) cloie king; obbyr ching

heartbroken (adj.) ching-chreeagh; cree brisht

heartsick (adj.) ching-chreeagh

ill (adj., adv.) aslane, aslayntagh, doghanagh, doogh, lag, moal, sie; drogh: It's an ill wind that blows nobody good - She drogh gheay nagh sheid mie da pagh ennagh. JJK idiom; ching: She is dangerously ill - T'ee ching dy-danjeyragh. JJK idiom; olk: He speaks ill of nobody - Cha nel eh loayrt dy-olk mysh pagh erbee. JJK idiom

irritably sick (n.) nash-ching

palsy (n.) chingys craaee: my servant lieth at home sick of the palsy - ta my er-mooinjerey ny lhie ching ec y thie jehn chingys-craaee Bible; chingys neulheiltagh, neulheiltys; chingys; palsee: men brought in a bed a man which was taken with a palsy - hug sleih lhieu ayns lhiabbee dooinney va ching jehn palsee bible

seriously ill trome-ching

ching-chreeagh heartbroken, heartsick

eilley-ching (f.) helmet

kione-ching fathead, headache

nash-ching irritably sick, sickly

trome-ching seriously ill

back of the head (n.) cooyl y ching

Dun End Point (n.) Gob y Ching Ouyr

going headlong (v.) goll er mullagh ching

headcold (n.) feayraght ching, mughane king, peeaghanid

head cold (n.) feayraght ching, mughane king, peeaghanid

Hill of the Head (n.) Cronk y Ching

hurrying goll er mullagh ching; jannoo siyr; siyr

indispose (v.) cur chingys er, jannoo ching

sick headache (n.) chingys ching veih'n volg

sickly (adj.) doghanagh, jiooldagh, nash-ching, treih

sick of heart ching 'sy chree

sore aggad; ching; crem; gonnagh; jiargey; piandagh; seiyjagh

stomach pain (n.) chingys gailley, gailley ching, pian bolgey

top of his head (n.) mullagh e ching

unwell (adj.) aslayntagh, ching, doghanagh, lhag-layntagh, lhaglayntagh

dy danjeyragh dangerously: T'ee ching dy danjeyragh. DF

laanee healed: laanee eh adsyn va ching Bible

s'leayr evidently: S'leayr dy vel eh ching. DF

bog cotton (n.) lus y chadee; lus y ching vane

bustling about (v.) foostyral mygeayrt, goll er mullagh ching, siyraghey

helmet (n.) bayrn caggee, bayrn coadee, claigaid, sallet, helmet; eilley-ching

painful (adj.) ching; chingyssagh; dree; gewagh; gonnagh; guinnagh; piandagh, piantagh; doccaragh

sicken (v.) aase ching, cur chingys er, cur feoh da, cur feoh er

ass myghin absolutely, dreadfully: Va'n guilley ching ass myghin DF

kiogyn locks: nee eh lhiggey da kiogyn folt e ching gaase Bible

palsee palsy: hug sleih lhieu ayns lhiabbee dooinney va ching jeh'n palsee Bible

skeoag lock: ghow eh mee er skeoag my ching Bible

although (conj.) ga dy: Although he is ill, he gives lessons every day - Ga dy vel eh ching, t'eh cur lessoonyn dagh laa. JJK idiom; ga-reih; ga ta

daffodil (n.) lus ny cam-ching, lus ny n'guiy, lus-ny-guiy, lus y ghuiy, lus yn arree

disordered baanrit; bun ry baare; bun ry skyn; ching; doghanagh; doghanit; fud y cheilley; neureajagh

evidently (adv.) s'leayr: He is evidently ill - S'leayr dy vel eh ching. DF idiom

girl (n.) ben aeg, bwoirrinagh, caillag, caillin, doodee, inneen, yah; 'neen: Was not the little girl very ill? - Nagh row yn neen veg feer ching? JJK idiom

headache (n.) chingys king: I have a headache - Ta chingys king aym. DF idiom; kione-ching: I've got a headache - Ta kione ching aym. JJK idiom

headlong (adj., adv.) gour y ching, gour y ghib, gyn thort, kione my laaee, kiontoyrtagh; gour e vullee: For the purpose of casting him headlong - Ry hoi tilgey sheese eh gour e vullee. DF idiom; gour nyn mullee

heads (npl.) king: The dogs have put their heads in the pot - Ta ny moddee er chur nyn ging 'sy phott. DF idiom; (people) leeideilee, fir ching

shall not say cha n'yiarrys; cha jir: And the inhabitant shall not say, I am sick - As cha jir y cummaltagh, Ta mee ching Bible

was not2 (interrog.) nagh row: Was not the little girl very ill? - Nagh row yn neen veg feer ching? JJK idiom

aarlee-yms I will prepare: Ayns chiass nyn rouanys aarlee-yms gien elley daue, as nee'm ad er-meshtey dy yannoo ching jeu Bible

baaishyn temples: as lesh yn hammar woaill ee Sisera, woaill ee trooid e chione eh, tra v'ee er hoylley as er woalley trooid baaishyn e ching. Bible

bane jiarg white reddish: cur-my-ner, my ta att y ching bane jiarg ayns e chione meayl, ny erskyn e eddin meayl Bible

ben y thie (f.) woman of the house: As haink eh gy-kione, lurg ny reddyn shoh, dy huitt mac y ven, ben y thie, ching

chingys craaee (f.) ague, palsy: ta my er-mooinjerey ny lhie ching ec y thie jeh'n chingys-craaee Bible

cuishlin (=Ir. cuisle) (f.) pl. cuishlinyn lode; vein: As tra haink eh stiagh ayns y chabbane eek, cur-my-ner, va Sisera ny lhie marroo, as y kibbin trooid cuishlin e ching. Bible; reef

cuishlinyn temples: Cha der-ym cadley da my hooillyn, ny saveenagh da ferrooghyn my hooill: ny cuishlinyn my ching dy ghoaill veg y fea Bible

dossagh bunchy; bushy: ta folt e ching dossagh, as doo myr y feeagh Bible; crested

jannoo arrey invigilate: Va mee jannoo arrey ny hoie marish yn dooinney ching. DF

kiog (f.) pl. kiogyn curled lock, ringlet, tress: nee eh lhiggey da kiogyn folt e ching gaase. Bible

laa ny ghaa many a day: Ta mee er ve ching rish laa ny ghaa. DF

lhiggit shaghey postponed, procrastinated: Ta'n treishteil ta lhiggit shaghey jannoo ching jeh'n chree Bible

neu-chasherickey defile: as dy vel eh er neu-chasherickey cowrey-scarree e ching, eisht nee eh baarey e chione er laa e ghlenney Bible

piandagh (=Ir. pianach) painful, sore: haink eh dy ve ching breinn as piandagh er ny deiney va cowrey'n veisht orroo Bible; smart; aching

raad y vaaish death's door, dying, moribund, way of death: va Hezekiah ching, as ayns raad y vaaish Bible

shlee1 most, omission; more numerous: Adsyn ta dwoaie oc orrym gyn oyr, t'ad ny shlee na renaigyn my ching Bible

skeogyn locks: My nee oo rheynn folt my ching ayns shiaght skeogyn, as fee ad dy cheilley, as jannoo ad shickyr lesh kibbin 'sy gharmin [hed my niart voym]. Bible

fog (n.) bodjal, druight, kyeoh; frough: The fog is lifting - Ta'n frough girree. DF idiom; (v.) cheet dy ve bodjallagh, cur bodjal er, cur chiuid-ching er, cur druight er, cur kay er; kay: Mountains covered in fog - Sleityn cloagit ayns kay. DF idiom; kay-vroghe

er y raad dy valley homeward bound: Nish hie eh er e hurrys derrey haink eh gys yn Raue as tra v'eh er vaghey ayns shen choud as baillesh, ren eh toshiaght er y raad dy valley; huitt eh feer ching, as haink eh dy ve feer ghraney. Coraa

neeal See niaul 1 cloud, nebula a: bee neeal dy ghorraghys er dy chooilley eddin Bible; 2 (colour) ashen, ashy; 3 (of face) aspect, complexion, countenance: son my heeys eh yn eddin euish, as neeal smessey orroo na er nyn gosanyn: eisht ver shiu mee ayns gaue my ching roish y ree. Bible; 4 faint, swoon: er-yn-oyr dy vel yn chloan as ny oikanyn tuittym neeal ayns straïdyn yn ard-valley. Bible; 5 nap

S'doogh lhiam (intj) I am sorry, Woe is me, Woe: Va mee ro aeg dy hoiggal c'red va goll er, agh shimmey keayrt car ny bleeantyn er-giyn, veagh m'ayr ching 'sy lhiabbee, as s'doogh lhiam gra hooar eh baase ec shiaght bleeaney as da'eed dy eash lesh y doghan-aarey JG


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