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chibbyr (=Ir. tiobar, bior) (f.) pl. chibbraghyn COMPARE chibbyrt fount, spring, well: honnick ee chibbyr ushtey Bible

Inexact matches:

Chibbyr Airh Gold Well

chibbyr arteeshagh (f.) artesian well

Chibbyr Ciaran Ciaran's Well

Chibbyr Claddagh Meadow River Well

Chibbyr Donkan Donkan's Well

Chibbyr Drine Thorn Tree Well

chibbyr farraneagh (=Ir. tiobar-fuaran) (f.) spring-well

Chibbyr Feeyney Wine Well

Chibbyr Ferrish Fairy's Well

Chibbyr Ghlass Clear Well

Chibbyr Glass Clear Well

chibbyr hayrnee (f.) deep-draw well; deep well

chibbyr heh (f.) thermal spring

Chibbyr Lheiy Calf's Well

Chibbyr Lhiattag Well of the Slope

Chibbyr Mooar Big Well

Chibbyr Murrag Pointed Reed Well

Chibbyr Niglus Nicholas' Well

chibbyr ooill (f.) gusher, oil well

Chibbyr Pharick Patrick's Well

Chibbyr Ronney Ronan's Well

Chibbyr Sanctan Sanctan's Well

Chibbyr Skeah Gushing Well, Vomiting Well

Chibbyr Strung Strung's Well

chibbyr sulfur (f.) sulphur spring

Chibbyr Tushtagh Tushtagh's Well

Chibbyr Unjin Ash Well

Chibbyr Unney Ronan's Well

Chibbyr Vaghal Maughold's Well

Chibbyr Varkysh Mark's Well

Chibbyr Voirrey (f.) Mary's Well; Tobermory

Chibbyr Vreeshey Bridget's Well

Chibbyr Willy Willy's Well

towleyder chibbyr well-sinker

towlley chibbyr well-boring

Chibbyr Barra Harstal Well of Goat Cliff Bar

Chibbyr ny Cheylley Well of the Wood

Chibbyr ny Cooilley Well of the Nook

Chibbyr ny Cree Bane White Boundary Well

Chibbyr ny Fainaghyn Well of the Warts

Chibbyr Slieau Maggle (f.) Brandywell; Testicle Mountain Well; Shepherds' Mountain Well

Chibbyr y Chiarn Lord's Well

Chibbyr y Chlaarey Well of the Plank

Chibbyr y Geill Well of the Spring

Chibbyr y Jane Jane's Well

Chibbyr yn Argid Silver Well

Chibbyr yn Chrink Hill Well

Chibbyr y Phunch Well of the Punch

Chibbyr y Phunsh Brandywell

Chibbyr y Pump Pump Well

Chibbyr y Vashtee Baptism Well

Chibbyr y Vean Middle Well

Chibbyr y Veayll Well of the Mull

Chibbyr y Vrooie Well of the Bank

Chibbyr y Woirrey Mary's Well

Close y Chibbyr Ghlass Clear Well Enclosure

Rhullick Chibbyr Coan Well Hollow Churchyard

Thie Chibbyr y Vargee Markwell House

Thie yn Chibbyr Well House

Clear Well (n.) Chibbyr Glass, Chibbyr Ghlass

Mary's Well (n.) Chibbyr y Woirrey; Chibbyr Voirrey

Ronan's Well (n.) Chibbyr Unney, Chibbyr Ronney

artesian well (n.) chibbyr arteeshagh

Ash Well (n.) Chibbyr Unjin

Big Well (n.) Chibbyr Mooar

Bridget's Well (n.) Chibbyr Vreeshey

Calf's Well (n.) Chibbyr Lheiy

Ciaran's Well (n.) Chibbyr Ciaran

deep-draw well (n.) chibbyr hayrnee

deep well (n.) chibbyr hayrnee

Donkan's Well (n.) Chibbyr Donkan

Fairy's Well (n.) Chibbyr Ferrish

fount (n.) chibbyr; farrane

Gold Well (n.) Chibbyr Airh

Gushing Well (n.) Chibbyr Skeah

Mark's Well (n.) Chibbyr Varkysh

Maughold's Well (n.) Chibbyr Vaghal

Nicholas' Well (n.) Chibbyr Niglus

oil well (n.) chibbyr ooill

Patrick's Well (n.) Chibbyr Pharick

Sanctan's Well (n.) Chibbyr Sanctan

spring-well (n.) farrane, chibbyr farraneagh

Strung's Well (n.) Chibbyr Strung

sulphur spring (n.) chibbyr sulfur

thermal spring (n.) chibbyr heh

Tobermory (n.) Chibbyr Voirrey

Tushtagh's Well (n.) Chibbyr Tushtagh

Vomiting Well (n.) Chibbyr Skeah

well-boring towlley chibbyr

well-sinker (n.) towleyder chibbyr

Willy's Well (n.) Chibbyr Willy

Wine Well (n.) Chibbyr Feeyney

Baptism Well Chibbyr y Vashtee

gusher (n.) chibbyr ooill; skiooteyder ooill

Hill Well (n.) Chibbyr yn Chrink

Jane's Well (n.) Chibbyr y Jane

Lord's Well (n.) Chibbyr y Chiarn

Meadow River Well (n.) Chibbyr Claddagh

Middle Well (n.) Chibbyr y Vean

Pointed Reed Well (n.) Chibbyr Murrag

Pump Well Chibbyr y Pump

Silver Well (n.) Chibbyr yn Argid

Thorn Tree Well (n.) Chibbyr Drine

Brandywell (n.) Çhibbyr Slieau Maggle, Chibbyr y Phunsh

Clear Well Enclosure (n.) Close y Chibbyr Ghlass

Markwell House (n.) Thie Chibbyr y Vargee

Shepherds' Mountain Well (n.) Çhibbyr Slieau Maggle

Testicle Mountain Well (n.) Chibbyr Slieau Maggle

Well Hollow Churchyard (n.) Rhullick Chibbyr Coan

Well House Thie yn Chibbyr, Thie yn Chybbyrt

Well of Goat Cliff Bar (n.) Chibbyr Barra Harstal

Well of the Bank (n.) Chibbyr y Vrooie

Well of the Mull (n.) Chibbyr y Veayll

Well of the Nook (n.) Chibbyr ny Cooilley

Well of the Plank (n.) Chibbyr y Chlaarey

Well of the Punch (n.) Chibbyr y Phunch

Well of the Slope (n.) Chibbyr Lhiattag

Well of the Spring (n.) Chibbyr y Geill

Well of the Warts (n.) Chibbyr ny Fainaghyn

Well of the Wood (n.) Chibbyr ny Cheylley

White Boundary Well (n.) Chibbyr ny Cree Bane

hirmee dried: Hirmee y chibbyr. DF

cruishtin See crushtin cruse, ewer, pitcher: ny'n cruishtin brisht ec y chibbyr Bible

glast locked: t'ee chibbyr glast, as moir y gheyll sealit. Bible

luirg staffs: Chleiy ny princeyn y chibbyr lesh nyn luirg Bible; clubs

sharvaantyn servants: as shen y raad ren sharvaantyn Isaac chibbyr y chleiy Bible

once (adj.) keayrt: The pitcher goes once too often to the well - Ta'n cruishtin goll keayrt ro vennick dys y chibbyr. JJK idiom

spring arree; chibbyr, chibbyragh, chibbyrt, farane, farrane, farraneagh, geill, moir ny hawin; clishtey; clist, clistal, clistey; croghey er lheimaghanyn; lheim; lheimaghan; lheimmey; lheimyragh; ribbey; skeaylley

beihlt milled, pulverized: skeayl ee eh harrish beeal y chibbyr, as skeayl ee arroo beihlt er Bible

gooillian seose soar: dooisht reesht, cha vaik eh'n shilley fooar eh roie, er-lesh dy row e chronney sthill feer chreoi gys ren ish gooillian seose veih'n chibbyr ghlen raad chum'r ee gindys er e jalloo hene PC

hassoo1 (ny) endways; standing, stationary: veh ny hassoo liorish ny camelyn ec y chibbyr. Bible

teaumey (as small boat) bail; bale, baling, decant, decantation, drain, pouring, pour out, run off; teeming: T'eh teaumey fliaghey. DF; (of liquid) empty, draining, drawing off, draw off, pump empty, pump out: Va shin teaumey yn chibbyr. DF; (as strength) tax; (as lorry) tip

teeming1 er croo lesh: The bed is teeming with fleas - Ta'n lhiabbee er croo lesh jarganyn. DF idiom; plooghit: The river is teeming with fish - Ta'n awin plooghit lesh eeast. DF idiom; teaumey: We were teeming the well - Va shin teaumey yn chibbyr. DF idiom; deayrtey: It is teeming rain - T'eh deayrtyey fliaghey. DF idiom

well1 (n.) chibbyr, chibbyrt, doagh eeast; dy mie: Well done, if you please - Jeant dy-mie, my sailliu. JJK idiom; slane: When you're well, you little know the value of health - Tra ta fer slane; s'beg shione da feeuid slaynt. JJK idiom; dy sour


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