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chiamble (=Ir. teampol) pl. chiambyllyn fane, temple: voish y laa va undin chiamble y Chiarn soit Bible [L. templum]

Inexact matches:

chiamble argid shrine

chiamble Ewanagh synagogue

chiamble masoonagh Masonic temple

chiamble Sheenagh joss house

chiamble Yupiter Capitol

chiamble ny jeeghyn ooill pantheon

chiamble ny manishter quire

coodaghey ayns chiamble shrine

shrine (n.) chiamble argid; (v.) coodaghey ayns chiamble; ynnyd casherick

fane (n.) chiamble

joss house (n.) chiamble Sheenagh

Masonic temple (n.) chiamble masoonagh

pantheon (n.) chiamble ny jeeghyn ooill

synagogue (n.) chiamble Ewanagh; keeill; synagogue

temple (n.) baaish, gruaie; chiamble; keeill

ard-chiamble cathedral: Ta shin baghey noi yn ardchiamble JJK

Capitol (n.) chiamble Yupiter, Thie yn Ardwhaiyl

quire (n.) kerroo-phabyr, kiare coipyn as feed; carree-chillagh, chiamble ny manishter

croobee (the) lame: haink ny doail as ny croobee huggey gys y chiamble Bible

gynsagh teaching: As ayns y laa v'eh gynsagh 'sy chiamble Bible

jannoo shickyr secure: as jannoo shickyr dorryssyn y chiamble Bible

layal lay: va ny masoonee layal undin chiamble y Chiarn Bible

porchyn porches: gys cheu-sthie yn chiamble, as porchyn y chooyrt Bible

Asia (n.) (Yn) Aishey; Asia: Whereupon certain Jews from Asia found me purified in the temple - Er shoh hooar shiartanse dy Hewnyn veih Asia mee glen ayns y chiamble Bible

shall swear looys: Whosoever shall swear by the temple, it is nothing - Quoi-erbee looys liorish y chiamble, nagh vel eh veg: Bible

veil (n.) breid, coodagh, curtan, veil; (v.) breidaghey, coodaghey, follaghey, keiltyn; curtan scarree: the veil of the temple was rent in the midst - va curtan scarree yn chiamble raipit veihmy Bible

ard- (pref.) advanced, chief, dominant, great, prime, upgrade: Ta shin baghey noi yn ard-chiamble. JJK; arch-

beinn (=Ir. beinn and bin) (f.) apex, ben, mountain, pike, pinnacle, summit, tine of deer: hoie eh eh er beinn toor syrjey yn chiamble Bible [O.Ir. benn]

boallagh ofttimes, usest, wont: hug ad enney er dy nee shoh eshyn boallagh soie shirrey jeirk ec giat Aalin y chiamble Bible

creck (=Ir. creic) dispose, peddle, sale, sell, supply, vend: hooar eh ayns y chiamble feallagh va creck dew Bible

er oaie ahead, forward, onward, onwards; before: feed cubit er oaie yn chiamble Bible

feoiltys cree kind-heartedness: As taaghey yn chiamble gagh-laa lesh un aigney, as brishey arran 'sy thie ghow ad nyn meaghey lesh gennallys as feoiltys cree Bible

feyshtyn (f.) confession; puzzle: lurg three laa dy dooar ad eh ayns y chiamble, ny hoie mastey ny fir-ynsee, chammah geaishtagh roo, as cur feyshtyn orroo. Bible; questions

gagh laa daily, every day: As v'eh gynsagh ad gagh laa ayns y chiamble. Bible

gard pl. gardyn guard, guardsman, keeper, ward: gard noi gard, er dagh cheu jeh'n chiamble Bible; porter

holt hold: cha row veg y holt oc ayns voalley yn chiamble. Bible; handle

kiannoortyn governors: son va kiannoortyn y chiamble casherick, as kiannoortyn thie Yee, jeh mec Eleazar, as jeh mec Ithamar Bible

lhie roish acquiesce, acquiescence, acquiescent; set before: va daa vaskad dy figgyn nyn lhie roish chiamble y Chiarn Bible

lhowagh would suffer: cha lhowagh eh da dooinney erbee saagh erbee y chur lesh trooid y chiamble Bible

loayrt rish accost, accosting; (as person) address, speak: As myr v'ad loayrt rish y pobble, haink ny saggyrtyn, as captan y chiamble, as ny Saduceeyn orroo Bible

loutyn-lhiattee galleries: As howse eh lhiurid y vuildal jeeragh er yn chlose er-lheh cheu-chooyl, as ny loutyn-lhiattee er dagh cheu keead cubit, gys cheu-sthie yn chiamble, as porchyn y chooyrt. Bible

my neealloo in a faint, in a trance, swoon: va mee ec padjer ayns y chiamble, dy huitt mee my-neealloo Bible

oaie (f.) 1 dial, exposure, facade, face, facial, front, frontage a: yn lheead feed cubit er oaie yn chiamble Bible; 2 pl. oaiaghyn grave, pit, sepulchre: ve oanluckit ayns oaie m'ayr as my voir; 3 cave

pattern pattern: hug David da Solomon e vac pattern jeh porch y chiamble Bible

sodjey na shen (ny) further, moreover: as ny sodjey na shen, t'eh er chur lesh Ashoonee stiagh ayns y chiamble, as er vee-ooashlaghey yn ynnyd casherick shoh. Bible

squarit squared: va essynyn y chiamble squarit myr ny essynyn er eddin yn ynnyd-casherick Bible

walkal 1 fulling, to the full, tuck; 2 (cloth) waulk; 3 stroll, walking a: as myr v'eh walkal ayns y chiamble Bible

cathedral ard-chiamble: We live opposite the cathedral - Ta shin baghey noi yn ardchiamble. JJK idiom; keeill aspickagh; moir-agglish

drove bochillaght; griaght; imman: And he delivered them into the hand of his servants, every drove by themselves - As livrey eh ad gys laue e harvaantyn, dy chooilley imman orroo hene Bible; deiyr: he drove them all out of the temple - deiyr eh ad ooilley ass y chiamble Bible

hold (n.) brein lhuingey; holt: but they had not hold in the wall of the house - agh cha row veg y holt oc ayns voalley yn chiamble Bible; greim: He had a hold of me - Va greim echey orrym. DF idiom; (v.) cummal; greimmey; shassoo; greme; cumm, cum: Hold it away from me - Cum magh eh voym. DF idiom; holt; shass: Hold out against it! - Shass noi echey! DF idiom

overlaid lail harrish: from the doors of the temple of the Lord, and from the pillars which Hezekiah king of Judah had overlaid - veih dorryssyn chiamble y Chiarn as veih ny pillaryn va Hezekiah ree Yudah er lail harrish Bible; laiyt harrish: overlaid with gold - laiyt harrish lesh airh bible

pattern jesheenaght; cosoyllaghey; sambyl: The pattern stands out against the cloth - Ta'n sambyl girree neese hood ass yn eaddagh. DF idiom; sampleyr: after the pattern of the tabernacle, and the pattern of all the instruments thereof - cordail rish sampleyr y chabbane-agglish, as sampleyr ooilley ny jeshaghtyn echey Bible; soylley; pattern: Then David gave to Solomon his son the pattern of the porch, and of the houses thereof - Eisht hug David da Solomon e vac pattern jeh porch y chiamble Bible

fieau 1 rest, wait, waiting: hig ny moidynyn ta fieau urree ayns dty enish. Bible a: Choud as v'ad fieau er y dooinney poosee, huitt ad ooilley er saveenagh as cadley. Bible; b: As va'n pobble fieau son Zacharias, as yindys orroo dy row eh cumrail choud ayns y chiamble. Bible


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