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'sy chiaghtin weekly: Ta mee trostey daa cheayrtsy chiaghtin, Bible

chiaghtin er giyn See shiaghtin (yn) next week

chiaghtin shoh cheet (yn) next week: Tooilley 'sy chiaghtin shoh cheet. DF

daa cheayrt 'sy chiaghtin bi-weekly

laa jeh'n chiaghtin weekday: Tra van doonaght harrish, as y vadran cheet rish er y chied laa jehn chiaghtin Bible

next week (n.) (yn) chiaghtin er giyn; (yn) chiaghtin shoh cheet: I shall have the pleasure of seeing you next week, on Monday or Tuesday - Bee taitnys aym jeeaghyn shiu yn chiaghtyn shoh cheet, Jyluain ny Jymart. JJK idiom

eieyn ideas: Ta shin geearree eieyn noa son y chiaghtin, argid voish co- lughtyn as sheshaghtyn as dy chooilley pheiagh ayns Mannin loayrt paart dy Ghaelg er y chiaghtin. Dhoor

bi-weekly daa cheayrt 'sy chiaghtin; gagh kegeesh

weekday (n.) laa jeh'n chiaghtin; laa ny shiaghtin

weekly pabyr shiaghtinoil; shiaghtinagh; shiaghtinoil; shiaghtnaghan; 'sy chiaghtin

Patrick (n.) Parick: I saw Big Patrick of the Howe last week - Honnick mee Parick Mooar yn Owe er y chiaghtin. DF idiom; Perick

starting clistey; moostey; toshiaghey; lheim; goaill toshiaght: The practices are starting this week - Ta ny roortyssyn goaill toshiaght yn chiaghtin shoh. DF idiom

brialtagh enquirer, examiner, searcher: Coardail rish skeeal ayns Brialtagh Ellan Vannin y çhiaghtin shoh, hie Patricia Kneen er feyshtey lurg jee v'er jebbal da'n phabyr-naight screeuyn mychione laghyn s'jerree e dooinney. BS; catechist

chaie imperfect; past: Cha nee agh yn chiaghtin shoh chaie hene honnick mee ee. DF

coonit prompted: Crenaght oddys fer ginsh mychione y taitnys jeh ny caarjyn noa jeant, ny eieyn coonit, ny skeealyn inshit, ny creeaghyn greinnit, as kiarailyn foaddit car y chiaghtin shen ? Coraa

duillageenyn leaflets: Er y nah chiaghtin va tooilley sleih cur magh duillageenyn soilshaghey magh y cooish shoh as v'ad goit neesht as dob paart jeu dy eeck nyn finallyn as v'ad ceaut ayns prisoon rish shiaghtin. Carn

Fuirree ort (intj) Patience, wait, hang on, hold on: eisht dooyrt eh, Fuirree ort rish tammylt, y charrey, bee yn maarliagh ny gheddyn-magh ayms roish my vees yn chiaghtin shoh ec jerrey. Coraa

jannoo rea level, level up, sleek, smooth: Er y chiaghtin cheddin hooar shin fys dy row ny Barrantee jannoo rea rish yn fo-leigh. Carn

madran aurora, dawn, daybreak, morning, peep-of-dawn: feer voghey ayns y vadran, er y chied laa jehn chiaghtin Bible

Skyll Maayl Kirk Michael: Haink y chooish shoh rish lurg drogh-haghyrt ayns Skyll Maayl y çhiaghtin shoh chaie, tra begin cabbyl y chur gy baase . BS

solleyder defiler, polluter, soiler: yrt magh kyndagh rish y naight y çhiaghtin shoh chaie dy bee yn Reiltys shirrey argid son geddyn rey rish orçh, coardail rish y phrinsabyl 'Eeckee yn Solleyder'. BS; sexual assaulter


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