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er y cheu-sthie within: lioar scruit er y cheu-sthie as er y chooyl Bible

faillee hired: Cheu-sthie jeh bleïn, rere bleeantyn fer ny faillee Bible

gansee jersey, jumper, pullover, sweater: Ta cheu-sthie y gansee cheu-mooie MasJ

gleck strive, struggle, wrestle: ren ny oikanyn gleck cheu-sthie j'ee Bible; seized

parlar parlour: jeh ny shamyryn syrjey, as jeh ny parlaryn cheu-sthie Bible

pick (=Ir. pic) (f.) asphalt; pitch: slaa eh cheu-sthie as cheu-mooie lesh pick. Bible

porchyn porches: gys cheu-sthie yn chiamble, as porchyn y chooyrt Bible

lions (npl.) lionyn: Her princes within her are roaring lions - Ta ny princeyn cheu-sthie jee nyn lionyn buirroogh Bible; leionyn

plenteousness (n.) palchid, palchys, sooghid; palchey: Riches and plenteousness shall be in his house - Bee berchys as palchey ayns e hie Bible; sonnys: and plenteousness within thy palaces - as sonnys cheu-sthie jeh dty chooyrtyn Bible

ranges binkyn: or ranges for pots - ny binkyn son siyn craie Bible; rankyn: and he that cometh within the ranges let him be slain - as dy chooilley ghooinney ta cheet cheu-sthie jeh ny rankyn cur-jee eh gy-baase Bible

shall not come cha jig: he shall not come within the camp - cha jig eh er cheu-sthie jehn champ Bible

aggle y vaaish mortal fear, fear of death: Ta my chree anveagh cheu-sthie jeem: as ta aggle y vaaish er duittym orrym Bible

croaganeyn hooks: As cheu-sthie va croaganeyn lheead bassey soit runt mygeayrt, as er ny buird va feill yn oural. Bible

crockannyn pitchers: hug eh trumpet ayns laue dagh dooinney, marish crockannyn follym as lampyn cheu-sthie jeh ny crockannyn Bible

daahagh coloured: Ayns 1956, dooyrt reiltys Nerin Twoaie nagh row lioar teks Yernish cooie er y fa dy row brattagh beg tree-daahagh ry-akin cheu-sthie jeh! Carn; stainable

dew beiyht fatted bullocks: Ta ny deiney-caggee failt ecksh neesht cheu-sthie jee myr dew beiyht Bible

eginaghey 1 oblige, require, compel, constrain a: ta'n spyrryd cheu-sthie jee'm dy my eginaghey. Bible; 2 rape

er y chooyl at once, immediately, just now, straightway: T'eh goll geiyrt urree er-y-chooyl Bible; backside, behind: lioar scruit er y cheu-sthie as er y chooyl, sealit lesh shiaght sealyn Bible

giennaghtyn beget, develop, generate, generation, genesis, procreate: ta e chree giennaghtyn molteyrys cheu-sthie jeh Bible; developing, producing

goaill ayrn jeh partake: dy der Jee dauesyn ghrayse spyrrydoil er çheu-sthie, cha shickyr as t'ad goaill ayrn jeh'n cowrey CS

gyn cooney feckless, helpless, singly, unaided: O livrey mee, son ta mee ymmyrchagh as gyn cooney: as ta my chree guint cheu-sthie jee'm. Bible

jeeragh er facing, in front of, opposite, over against: As jeeragh er ny shamyryn, va walk jeih cubityn er lheead er cheu-sthie, as keead cubit ayns lhiurid, as ny giattyn lesh y twoaie. Bible

kiaddey 1 design, fashion, father, formation, model, shape, structure; 2 (v.) form, coining, designing, modelling a: kiaddey spyrryd dooinney cheu-sthie jeh Bible; 3 coinage

lane dy vree expressive, full of pep, full of vim, significant: Son ta mee lane dy vree; ta'n spyrryd cheu-sthie jee'm dy my eginaghey. Bible

loutyn-lhiattee galleries: As howse eh lhiurid y vuildal jeeragh er yn chlose er-lheh cheu-chooyl, as ny loutyn-lhiattee er dagh cheu keead cubit, gys cheu-sthie yn chiamble, as porchyn y chooyrt. Bible

noa (=Ir. nua, O.Ir. núa) fresh, modern, new, novel, original, recent, unused: Cree noa myrgeddin ver-yms ayndiu, as spyrryd noa ver-ym er cheu-sthie j'iu Bible [L. novus]

porteryn porters: As dyllee eh er ny porteryn, as dinsh ad eh cheu-sthie ayns lught-thie yn ree Bible

pressyn presses: Ta jannoo ooil cheu-sthie jeh nyn voallaghyn, as stampey ny pressyn-feeyney oc, as surranse paays. Bible

roomyn rooms: Trog dhyt arg jeh fuygh Gopher: roomyn nee oo y yannoo ayns yn arg, as slaa eh cheu-sthie as cheu-mooie lesh pick. Bible

scrapit scraped: ver y saggyrt er y thie dy ve scrapit cheu-sthie ooilley mygeayrt Bible

smooinaghtyn dowin musing, meditation: Va my chree cheh er cheu-sthie jee'm ; as choud va mee myr shoh ayns smooinaghtyn dowin, ren yn aile greesaghey Bible; devices

teks text: Ayns 1956, dooyrt reiltys Nerin Twoaie nagh row lioar teks Yernish cooie er y fa dy row brattagh beg tree-daahagh ry-akin cheu-sthie jeh! Carn

walk walk: As jeeragh er ny shamyryn, va walk jeih cubityn er lheead er cheu-sthie Bible

groan (n.) osney; sogh; (v.) soghal: he shall groan before him with the groanings of a deadly wounded man - nee eh soghal kiongoyrt rish, myr soghyn dooinney ta guint gy-baase Bible; osnaghey: we ourselves groan within ourselves - ta shinyn shin hene osnaghey cheu-sthie jin hene Bible; garveigagh: How do the beasts groan! - Kys ta ny beïyn garveigagh! Bible

hypocrisy (n.) craueeaght foalsey: Speaking lies in hypocrisy - Ginsh vreagyn ayns craueeaght-foalsey; craueeaght-oalsey: but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity - agh cheu-sthie ta shiu lane dy chraueeaght-oalsey as dy vee-chairys Bible; foalsaght; kialgeyrys: to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the Lord - dy chur-rish kialgeyrys, as dy ockley-magh oltooan noi yn Chiarn Bible

feddyn magh ascertain, ascertainment, determine, dig out, discover, discovery, elicit, invent, invention, seek out: Ver-yms magh raa-dorraghey: my oddys shiu dy jarroo bun y choyrt dou er cheu-sthie jeh shiaght laa yn vannish, as feddyn magh eh, eisht ver-yms diu jeih brelleenyn as feed, as jeih caghlaaghyn as feed dy gharmadyn Bible

fer ny faillee hired labourer, hired servant, wage earner, hireling: Cheu-sthie jeh three bleeaney, myr bleeantyn fer ny faillee, as bee gloyr Voab er ny hoiaghey beg jeh, lesh ooilley yn cheshaght vooar shen ; as bee yn fooilliagh feer fardalagh, as gyn bree. Bible


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