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briwnys cherraghey (f.) nemesis

nemesis (n.) briwnys cherraghey

capital punishment (n.) ard-cherraghey, baase

ard-cherraghey capital punishment

reih-cherraghey victimization

victimization (n.) ansmaght; cass er bolg; lhiettrimys; ouralley; reih-cherraghey

foilljyn offences: neem's ny foilljyn oc y cherraghey lesh y clatt Bible

trimmey heavier: Ta my cherraghey ny s'trimmey na oddym gymmyrkey. Bible

I can foddym: I can do all things through Christ - Foddym dy chooilley nhee y yannoo trooid Creest Bible; oddym: My punishment is greater than I can bear - Ta my cherraghey ny strimmey na oddym gymmyrkey Bible

punishment (n.) cooilleeney, kerragh, pennys, reealley; kerraghey: On the great men will come exemplary punishment - Er ny ard gheiney hig ard cherraghey. DF idiom

watchmen (npl.) arreyderyn: the day of thy watchmen and thy visitation cometh - ta laa dty arreyderyn as dty cherraghey er jeet ort Bible; deiney arrey

chebbyn things: Ta mee coyrt dhyt three chebbyn ; gow dty reih jeu, dooys dy cherraghey ort. Bible

heet ny lurg (dy); (to) follow: ta daa cherraghey trome elley dy heet ny lurg oc shoh Bible

neu-heeltys (f.) inebriety, insobriety, intemperance: As nee ad nyn neu-heeltys y cherraghey erriu Bible; excess

I must shegin dou: All that the Lord speaketh, that I must do - Ooilley ny tan Chiarn dy harey, shegin dou jannoo Bible; shêgin dou: Truly this is a grief, and I must bear it - Dy firrinagh ta shoh my cherraghey trome, as shêgin dou eh y ymmyrkey Bible; shegin dooys: But I must die in this land - Agh shegin dooys baasegheddynsy cheer shoh Bible

secretly (adv.) dy follit: Wherefore didst thou flee away secretly - Cren fa chossyn oo ersooyl dy follit Bible; gyn yss; gy-follit: He will surely reprove you, if ye do secretly accept persons - Nee eh son shickyrys shiu y cherraghey, my ta shiu gy-follit soiagh jeh persoonyn Bible


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