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aase ry-cheilley accretion

boandey ry-cheilley band together

boandit ry-cheilley banded together

broojit ry-cheilley bunch

chaglym ry-cheilley consolidate

cheet ry-cheilley amalgamate, club, come together, confluence, congress, converge, focusing, get together, harmonize, herd, mix, tally: Arganeys nagh vel cheet ry-cheilley. DF

chionney ry-cheilley bunch, close up

chionnit ry-cheilley close-ranked

coadail ry-cheilley coincide

coloayrtys ry-cheilley intercommunicate

cruinnaghey ry-cheilley (of persons) hive

currit ry-cheilley compiled, connected, put together: Bee ny cowraghyn currit ry-cheilley ec jerrey y choorse dy gheddyn magh y graayd ta'n studeyr er chosney ayns TCG. Dhoor

cur ry-cheilley assemblage, assemble, associate, clump, combine, compile, connect, connotation, consolidate, consolidation, construct, evolve, incorporate, keep together, reconcile, relate, sum, teamwork

dy cheilley (=Ir. chéile) joined, together: myr shen nagh voddagh ad cummal dy cheilley. Bible

eamagh ry-cheilley call together

e cheilley fellow: Va dagh derrey feysht echey orrym er dreeym e cheilley. DF

faggys dy-cheilley close set, close together

freggyrt ry-cheilley harmonize

Gerrymee ry-cheilley Professionals together

goll ry-cheilley alike, associate, go together: v'ad er dy chooilley aght goll ry-cheilley Bible

kiangley ry-cheilley clip; join up: Ta kianglaghyn lajer eddyr yn Ghaeltaght as Loghlin ass Claare yn Ymmyl Twoaie ta kiangley ry-cheilley baljyn beggey veih'n Ghaeltaght, Loghlin as yn Eeslynn. Dhoor

kione ry-cheilley end to end

lhie ry-cheilley dovetail

loayrt ry-cheilley commune: Myrgeddin uss vac y dooinney ta cloan dty phobble kinjagh loayrt my-dty-chione, rish ny voallaghyn, as ayns porchyn nyn dhieyn, as loayrt ry-cheilley, dagh fer rish e vraar Bible

my cheilley ANTONYM veih-my-cheilley together

obbraghey ry-cheilley co-ordinate, co-ordination, pull together

ooilley fud-y-cheilley all in a flurry: Myr ec margey, my t'ou er eaishtagh rish cauaig y chaglym, agh cha bee ayd fys cre un ockle ta fer gra rish fer elley, agh y thassane mooar ooilley fud-y-cheilley PC

roie fud-y-cheilley mingled

roie ry-cheilley confluent, fuse, hang together

scoltey veih-my-cheilley analyze; break apart; clave asunder: erreish da ve er loayrt ooilley ny goan shoh, dy ren yn thalloo va foue scoltey veih-my-cheilley Bible

sheeyney ry-cheilley abut, adjoin, contiguous, marry

sheeyn ry-cheilley abut

sheeynt ry-cheilley adjacent

sniemmey ry-cheilley alligate, anchylose, conjoin, join, piece together, unite

taah ry-cheilley anchylose

taghyrt ry-cheilley concur

tannaghtyn ry-cheilley hang together, keep together

tayrn ry-cheilley canalisation, canalise, constringe, pull together

tuittym ry-cheilley clicking

aghtey er y cheilley interplay

as ny laueyn ry-cheilley interlinked

ass laue y cheilley co-operation

ass y cheilley consecutive, succeeding: Dy chadley nuy ooryn ass y cheilley. DF; asunder

ben cur ry-cheilley (f.) (female) assembler

bentyn da'n cheilley related

bentyn ry cheilley kiss: Va ny skianyn oc bentyn ry-cheilley Bible

brishey veih my cheilley burst asunder

cab ry cheilley scissors

caggey rish y cheilley warring: Sy vlein cheddin (1138) ren ny Sostnee as ny Albinee caggey rish y cheilley ayns Cah y Vergey. Chron

cagh y cheilley reciprocal

ceau ry cheilley throw together

chaglym ry cheilley muster: s'cliaghtey lesh ny Manninee veih lhing Ree Ghorree Crovan as tammylt roish shen chaglym ry cheilley dy chlashtyn ny leighyn noa er nyn loayrt magh as aghinyn as neuaashidyn er nyn gur roish y Chooyrt dy gheddyn couyr Carn

cheet dy cheilley coupling

cheet stiagh ry-cheilley combine

chione y cheilley mixed: hug eh lesh mysh keead punt dy vyrrh as dy aloes kione y cheilley Bible

chionn er y cheilley close together

coair y cheilley near: hug eh soilshey 'syn oie da ny Israeliteyn: myr shen nagh daink ad coair y cheilley er y slane oie. Bible

cochast feeit ry-cheilley interwoven

coreggyrt ry cheilley intercommunicate

coyrt ry cheilley join

croghey er y cheilley interdependent

cur ayns olt y cheilley articulation

cur dy cheilley reconcile

cur faggys dy cheilley juxtapose, juxtaposition

cur feysht fud y cheilley talk over

cur fud y cheilley bemuse, confuse, derange, disarray, disorganise, disorganization, disorganize, embarrass, jumble, litter, perturb, puzzle, subvert, tangle; dislocation, disorganisation; maze

cur rere y cheilley harmonize

currit fud y cheilley distracted, jumbled: Va'n slane cooish currit fud y cheilley. DF

cur ry-cheilley reesht reunite

cur stiagh er y cheilley telescope

cur tessen er y cheilley intercross

cur trooid y cheilley complicate; subvert

cur veih my cheilley split up

eignaghey cagh y cheilley reciprocal enforcement

er mooin y cheilley helter-skelter, pell-mell: Ta ny bleeantyn cheet er mooin y cheilley. DF

er shayll y cheilley succession

er son y cheilley clannish

fee er y cheilley intertwine

feeit er y cheilley intertwining

fee ry cheilley interweave

fer cur ry-cheilley assembler

filley er y cheilley entwine

foddey veih my cheilley distal, far between: ta shin skeaylt er y voalley, foddey veih my cheilley Bible

freayll ry cheilley keep together

fud y cheilley at variance, chaotic, confused, confusing, confusion, dishevelled, disorder, disordered, embarrassed, flustered, messy, mixed up, muddle, muddled, perplexed, tangled, topsy-turvy: Va'n slane cooish currit fud y cheilley. DF

giarrey veih my cheilley dismemberment

glast ry cheilley locked

goaill coyrle ry-cheilley confer

goll harrish y cheilley overlapping

gollrish y cheilley (things) akin; alike

gow veih my cheilley (impv) (as engine) take down

gyn cheet ry-cheilley inharmonious

gyn reir rish y cheilley out of proportion

jannoo conaant ry-cheilley associate

jannoo rere y cheilley harmonize

jeeragh myr y cheilley very same: T'ad jeeragh myr y cheilley. DF

kiangle ry cheilley join

king ry cheilley both ends together

kione y cheilley 1 mixed together, through others, together: hug eh lesh mysh keead punt dy vyrrh as dy aloes kione y cheilley.; 2 wits end a: Dooinney ta ec kione y cheilley cha nel eh ec kione y credjue. EF

lesh foyryn ry-cheilley edgeways

lesh y cheilley conjointly, together: As tra va ooilley ny reeaghyn shoh er jeet cooidjagh, haink ad as champ ad lesh y cheilley liorish ushtaghyn Merom, dy chaggey noi Israel. Bible

lhiantyn ry cheilley stick together

lhie harrish y cheilley overlap

lhiggey lesh y cheilley compromise

lhiggey ry cheilley (of guns) volley

lurg y cheilley tandem: Dy imman cabbil lurg y cheilley. DF

mestey ry cheilley mix up

mooie ry cheilley at variance

mooin y cheilley thick and fast, upon each other: Ta ny bleeantyn cheet er mooin y cheilley. DF

myr y cheilley identical, identically, even: T'ad jeeragh myr y cheilley. DF

nagh row goll ry-cheilley diverse one from another: As haink kiare beishtyn mooar seose veih yn aarkey, nagh row goll ry-cheilley. Bible

noi y cheilley clashing, contradictory, opposing: Eisht ren shin gymmyrt dy tappee noi y cheilley as "polt" -- haink y skeab er my chione hene as vrish y skeab (cha row my chione ro vie edyr!) GK

nyn neesht ry-cheilley conjointly

rere y cheilley analogical, cohere, consequent, consistently

rheynn veih my cheilley dissect

roie ry cheilley unite

rowley er y cheilley convolve

scarrey veih my cheilley 1 interspace, space, stagger; 2 (v.) part, divide a: va ny ushtaghyn er nyn scarrey veih my cheilley. Bible

scarrit veih my cheilley staggered

scart er y cheilley imbricate, imbricated

sniem ry cheilley unite

sthie ry cheilley reconciled

tayrn dy cheilley coupling; gather together: hug eh ayns oirr y churtan, raad vad tayrn dy cheilley Bible

tayrn veih my cheilley dismember, dismemberment, draw apart, pull apart

tessen er y cheilley criss-cross, cross, intersect

tuittym ass y cheilley crack up, crumble: T'eh tuittym ass y cheilley lesh yn litcherys. DF

tuittym veih my cheilley come apart, disintegrate, disintegration

vooar rish y cheilley thick: T'ad feer vooar rish y cheilley. DF

whaaley ry cheilley sew up, stitch up

yei ry cheilley (ny) in series

yei y cheilley (ny) rotation, succeeding, succession, successive: Haink ad jeeragh ny yei y cheilley. DF

together (adj., adv.) cooidjagh: The two houses are close together - Ta'n daa hie chionn cooidjagh. JJK idiom; dy cheilley, kione y cheilley, lesh y cheilley, my cheilley; ry-cheilley: Colours blending together - Daaghyn goll stiagh ry-cheilley. DF idiom; noi-ry-hoi

succeeding ass y cheilley: Three succeeding years - Tree bleeaney ass y cheilley. DF idiom; (ny) yei: The succeeding year - Yn vlein ny yei. DF idiom; (ny) yei y cheilley: Three succeeding years - Tree bleeaney ny yei y cheilley. DF idiom

succession (n.) cheet, eiraght; (ny) yei y cheilley: Two years in succession - Daa vlein ny yei y cheilley DF idiom; eiyrtyssaght; er mooin: They had a succession of victories - Va barriaght er mooin barriaght oc. DF idiom; er shayll y cheilley: In rapid succession - Dy chionn er shayll y cheilley. DF idiom

coupling cubblane; cheet cooidjagh; cheet dy cheilley; (v.) tayrn dy cheilley: that is in the coupling - raad tad tayrn dy cheilley Bible

associate1 sheshaghtagh; (pref.) co-; coheshaghtagh; (v.) cosoylaghey, cur ry-cheilley, freayll sheshaght rish, goll ry-cheilley; jannoo conaant ry-cheilley

at variance (adj.) fud y cheilley; mooie ry cheilley

dismemberment (n.) giarrey veih my cheilley, rheynn, tayrn veih my cheilley

abut (v.) cochagliaghey, sheeyn ry-cheilley, sheeyney ry-cheilley

anchylose (v.) sniemmey ry-cheilley, taah ry-cheilley

consolidate (v.) chaglym ry-cheilley, chymsaghey cooidjagh, cur ry-cheilley, niartaghey, stooaltaghey

hang together (v.) roie ry-cheilley, tannaghtyn ry-cheilley

keep together (v.) cur ry-cheilley; freayll ry cheilley; tannaghtyn ry-cheilley

pull together (v.) obbraghey ry-cheilley, tayrn ry-cheilley

unite roie ry cheilley, sniem ry cheilley, sniemmey ry-cheilley, taahey; taah; unnaneysee; unnaneysey

fud-y-cheilley untidy, upside-down: Hug eh fud-y-cheilley eh. DF

harmonize (v.) cheet ry-cheilley; cur rere y cheilley; freggyrt ry-cheilley; jannoo bingyssagh; jannoo rere y cheilley

join cochiangley, chiangley; coventyn; coyrt ry cheilley; cur cooidjagh; coyrt cooidjagh; joynal; juntaghey; juntee; kiangle; kiangle ry cheilley; sniemmey ry-cheilley

joined cochianglt; dy cheilley: They are joined - T'ad dy cheilley. DF idiom; joynit; kainlt; sniemmit

akin2 (adj.) (things) gollrish y cheilley

bunch1 (v.) broojit ry-cheilley; chionney ry-cheilley, kiangley ayns dossanyn; (n.) crouw, deaill, dhoss, doss, dossan, gass, glackaid, keshag, possan

close together (adj.) faggys dy-cheilley; chionn cooidjagh: The two houses are close together - Ta'n daa hie chionn cooidjagh. JJK idiom; chionn er y cheilley: Lying close together - Nyn lhie chionn er y cheilley. DF idiom

flustered (adj.) fud y cheilley

identically (adv.) myr y cheilley

opinions (npl.) barelyn; credjueyn: However opposed our opinions may be, do not let us hate each other - Kied echey ta nyn gredjueyn shassoo noi e cheilley, ny lhig dooin ve dwoaieagh er y cheilley. JJK idiom

rotation (n.) (ny) yei y cheilley

volley2 (of guns) lhiggey ry cheilley

ry-cheilley en masse, together, with each other: as ren ad caggey ry-cheilley ayns coan Siddlm Bible

veih-my-cheilley apart, asunder: ren yn thalloo va foue scoltey veih-my-cheilley Bible; hither and thither

accretion (n.) aase ry-cheilley

adjoin (v.) lhiattaghey; sheeyney ry-cheilley

alligate (v.) sniemmey ry-cheilley

analyze (v.) scoltey veih-my-cheilley

apart (adj., adv.) ry-lhiattee, dy lhiattee: I took him apart - Ghow mee eh ry-lhiattee. DF idiom; scart; veih-my-cheilley: It came apart - Haink eh veih-my-cheilley. DF idiom

assemblage1 (n.) cur ry-cheilley

assembler1 (n.) fer cur ry-cheilley

assembler2 (n.) (female) ben cur ry-cheilley

asunder (adj., adv.) veih-my-cheilley: and parted them both asunder - ren ad ny-neesht y scarrey veih-my-cheilley B ible; ass y cheilley

banded together (v.) boandit ry-cheilley

band together (v.) boandey ry-cheilley

bemuse (v.) cur fud y cheilley

call together (v.) eamagh ry-cheilley

chaotic (adj.) corvaalagh, fud y cheilley

clicking (v.) criggaraght; tuittym ry-cheilley

close-ranked chionnit ry-cheilley

close set (adj.) faggys dy-cheilley

combine (v.) cheet stiagh ry-cheilley, cochiangley, cur ry-cheilley; jannoo cooidjagh: Combine work and pleasure - Obbyr as taitnys y yannoo cooidjagh. DF idiom; (n.) co-unnaneys

compile (v.) co-chruinnaghey; cur ry-cheilley

compiled co-chruinnit; currit ry-cheilley

confluent (n., adj.) co-strooanagh; roie ry-cheilley

confusing fud y cheilley; mestit

conjoin (v.) cochiangley; sniemmey ry-cheilley

connotation (n.) cur ry-cheilley, keeayl

consequent (adj.) eiyrtyssagh; rere y cheilley

constringe (v.) tayrn ry-cheilley

converge (v.) cheet ry-cheilley, co-chleayney

convolve (v.) rowley er y cheilley

dishevelled (adj.) fud y cheilley, neuskiogh

disintegrate (v.) tuittym veih my cheilley

disintegration (n.) tuittym veih my cheilley

disorder (n.) asslaynt, chingys, doghan, meereiltys, meeoardyr; (v.) cur bun ry-baare, cur bun ry-skyn, jannoo asslayntagh; mee-reiltys; bun ry baare: The place was in disorder - Va'n boayl bun ry-baare. DF idiom; fud y cheilley: They fled in disorder - Hea ad fud y cheilley. DF idiom

disorganise (v.) cur fud y cheilley

disorganize (v.) cur fud y cheilley

distal (adj.) foddey veih my cheilley

embarrassed (adj.) boirit, fud y cheilley

en masse (adv.) ooilley-cooidjagh, ry-cheilley

gather together (v.) cooidjaghey; chaglym cooidjagh: and gather together the out-casts of Israel - as chaglym cooidjagh kynneeyn skeaylt Israel Bible; chaggil cooidjagh: Go, gather together all the Jews - Immee as chaggil cooidjagh ooilley ny Hewnyn Bible; tayrn dy cheilley: If he cut off, and shut up, or gather together - My teh giarey jeh, as jeigh seose deiney, ny tayrn dy cheilley Bible

hither and thither (adv.) huggey as veih, noon as noal; veih-my-cheilley: they parted hither and thither - rheynn ad veih-my-cheilley bIBLE

hive2 (v.) (of persons) cruinnaghey ry-cheilley

imbricate (v., adj.) scart er y cheilley


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