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cheese (n.) cabbaag, caabaig; caashey: The cheese disagreed with me - Lhie y caashey ayns my volg. DF idiom

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blue cheese (n.) caashey gorrym

cheese biscuit (n.) brishtag chaashey

cheese cake (n.) soddag chaashey

cheese cloth (n.) eaddagh caashey

cheese market (n.) margey caashey

cheese mite (n.) finneig chaashey

cheese taster (n.) blasseyder caashey

cheese vat (n.) doagh caashey

cream cheese (n.) caashey bog

Hard cheese (intj) B'olk eh

lemon cheese (n.) groo limon

macaroni cheese (n.) macaroni as caashey

mouldy cheese (n.) caashey lheeah

new cheese (n.) caashey noa

ripe cheese (n.) caashey appee

rotten cheese (n.) caashey loau

strong cheese (n.) caashey gort

loaf of cheese (n.) caabaig

caabaig (f.) (of soap) cake; cheese, loaf of cheese

blasseyder caashey cheese taster

B'olk eh (intj) Hard cheese

brishtag chaashey (f.) cheese biscuit

caashey appee ripe cheese

caashey bog cream cheese

caashey gorrym blue cheese

caashey gort strong cheese

caashey lheeah mouldy cheese

caashey loau rotten cheese

caashey noa new cheese

doagh caashey cheese vat

eaddagh caashey cheese cloth

finneig chaashey (f.) cheese mite

margey caashey cheese market

soddag chaashey (f.) cheese cake

cheese-cover (n.) coodagh caashey

cheese-maker (n.) janteyr caashey

cheese-paring baarey caashey; gortagh; peajeogagh

cheese-wire (n.) streng chaashey

baarey caashey cheese-paring

coodagh caashey cheese-cover

janteyr caashey cheese-maker

macaroni as caashey macaroni cheese

streng chaashey (f.) cheese-wire

groo limon lemon cheese, lemon curd

caashey (=Ir. cáis) cheese, cheesy: mill, as eeym, as kirree, as caashey baa Bible

complement aachione; co-reggyrt; dooie: Stone of butter with its complement of cheese - Clagh eeymmey lesh e dooie dy chaashey. DF idiom; laad; lane-skimmee; lught

curd (n.) binjean; glub; grenooys; groo: Hast thou not poured me out as milk, and curdled me like cheese? - Nagh vel oo er my heeley myr bainney, as er my vinjaghey myr groo? Bible

curdled binjagh; binjit; clabbagh; binjaghey: and curdled me like cheese? - as er my vinjaghey myr groo? Bible

of butter (gen.) eemey; eemmey; eeymmey: Stone of butter with its complement of cheese - Clagh eeymmey lesh e dooie dy chaashey. DF idiom

cabbaag See caabaig cake, cheese: cur lhiat ny jeih cabbaagyn shoh gys captan y thousane oc Bible

groo cheese: Nagh vel oo er my heeley myr bainney, as er my vinjaghey myr groo? Bible; crowdie, curd

gortagh beggarly, chary, cheese-paring, close-fisted, frugal, grudging, hurt, hurtful, illiberal, injurious, meagre, mean spirited, miser, miserly, parsimonious, penurious, pinching, scant, scanty, skimpy, stingy, close fisted: Shegin da ny fir as mraane-lhee gra cre ny gonaghyn phrowys ad dy lheihys hoshiaght as cre ny gortaghyn vees faagit gyn lheihys ec y traa t'ayn Carn; acrimonious

peajeogagh 1 cheese-paring, close-fisted, mean, measly, miserly, niggardly, parsimonious, pinching, tight, tight-fisted, close fisted, tightfisted a: Rheynn eh dy peajeogagh orroo eh. DF; 2 (with money) near


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