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chebbal pl. chebballyn bet, bid, offer: cur eh da Eleazar y saggyrt, son chebbal troggit seose dan Chiarn Bible; betting, bidding, offering

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chebbal er present: Nish, shoh nee oo chebbal er yn altar, daa eayn jeh'n chied vlein, dagh laa dy kinjagh. Bible

feeu chebbal presentable

chebbal fo vun underbid

Laa chebbal Ooashley Epiphany

presentable (adj.) cossyllagh, feeu chebbal

bleïn year: dy bragh lesh ny ourallyn shen ren ad chebbal kinjagh bleïn lurg bleïn, adsyn ta cheet huc y chasherickey Son eisht veagh jerrey er chebbal ny ourallyn shen PB1765

bidding chebbal; oardaghey; poinsheil; pointeil

betting bettal; chebbal; cur gial er

underbid (v.) chebbal fo vun; (dy) yllagh fo vree

Epiphany (n.) Feailley chybbyrt Ushtey, Laa chebbal Ooashley, Laa Gymmyrt Ushtey; (Yn) Jeeaghyn

jeh shen thereof: As jeh shen nee eh chebbal yn oural echey Bible

lane doarn fistful, handful: nee'n saggyrt goaill lane-doarn jeh'n chebbal Bible

atonement (n.) lhiasagh; lhiasaghey: thou shalt offer every day a bullock for a sin offering for atonement - nee oo chebbal dagh laa dow son oural-peccah, son lhiasaghey Bible; lhiasaght

bid1 cheb, doardee, oardraghey, oardreil, poinsheil; chebbal; oardee; oardaghey; hebb: I bid five pounds - Hebb mee queig punt. DF idiom

offer arral: What may I offer you? - C'red oddym arral erriu? JJK idiom; chebbal; cheb; sheb; (to); (dy) hebbal; (impv) arr

oftentimes (adv.) keayrtyn ny ghaa, shimmey traa; smennick; dy mennick: and offering oftentimes the same sacrifices - as chebbal dy mennick ny ourallyn cheddin Bible

pigeons (npl.) calmaneyn: And he shall offer the one of the turtledoves, or of the young pigeons - As nee eh chebbal unnane jeh ny calmaneyn turtle, ny jeh ny calmaneyn aegey Bible

bathyn baths: nee shiu chebbal yn jeihoo ayrn jeh bath ass y cor, ta shen homer jeh jeih bathyn Bible

breearraghyn vows: Ny reddyn shoh nee shiu chebbal gys y Chiarn, er ny feaillaghyn pointit, marish ny breearraghyn Bible

calmaneyn 1 pigeons a: As nee eh chebbal unnane jeh ny calmaneyn turtle, ny jeh ny calmaneyn aegey, lheid as oddys eh gheddyn; 2 doves a: Ta shin ooilley gullal myr y vuc-awin, as cooagey dy treih myr calmaneyn Bible

cooinaght commemoration, memoir, memorial, memory, mind, remembrance, reminiscence: Bee cooinaght mie ec olteynyn jeh Sleih gyn Thie er chebbal dy gheddyn nyn toilchin voish yn Chionooyrtys Carn

dooneeyn sabbaths: As dy ve ec chebbal ooilley ny ourallyn-losht Chiarn er ny dooneeyn Bible

er e hon hene for himself: cha nee fegooish fuill, ren eh chebbal er e hon hene, as son shaghrynys y phobble. Bible

feodoil grisly: Eajee as feodoil vees yn oural echeysyn, ta chebbal cooid cosnit dy aggairagh: son cha jean Jee soiaghey jeh gannidys ny mee-chairee. Apoc

geddyn aarloo prepare: tra t'ou geddyn aarloo dow son chebbal-losht Bible

geddyn greim er lay hold of: Eer ec y traa t'ayn t'ad er chur yn far-ennym, 'After Eight Club' orroo ta chebbal geddyn greim er'n argid. Carn

gyn thie homeless: Bee cooinaght mie ec olteynyn jeh Sleih gyn Thie er chebbal dy gheddyn nyn toilchin voish yn Chionooyrtys lurg jannoo cuirrey kiaull daue kionfenish chiaghteryn voish cheeraghyn yn Co-unnanys Ghoal Carn

kione moddey dog's head: Ta eshyn ta marroo dow myr dy marragh eh dooinney; eshyn ta ouralley eayn, myr eshyn ta chebbal kione moddey Bible

millish1 balmy, darling, dulcet, fruity, honeyed, luscious, sugary, sweet: nee shiu chebbal oural-losht, son soar millish Bible

oural pl. ourallyn altarage, collection, immolation, offering, offertory, sacrifice: nee shiu chebbal oural jeant lesh aile da'n Chiarn Bible [L. offerre]

oural-arryltagh freewill offering: chammah jeh ny eaystyn-noa, as jeh ooilley feaillaghyn pointit y Chiarn, v'er ny chasherickey, as jeh dy chooilley unnane va chebbal dy aggindagh oural-arryltagh gys y Chiarn. Bible

oural-eadagh jealousy offering: cur y chebbal son briaght ayns ny laueyn, eck, ta shen, yn oural-eadagh Bible

pargys paradise: Jeeagh, shoh ny ooylyn slayntoil millish v'aym dhyt's son jinnnair, dy voddagh oo goll lhiam 3765 gys maynrys smoo na ta ain ayns Pargys, raad ta ny ainleyn chebbal nyn shirveish. PC

soiaghey jeh accept, acceptance, esteem, set: Ga dy vel shiu chebbal dooys ourallyn-losht, as nyn ourallyn-arran, cha jean-ym goaill roo: chamoo neem's soiaghey Jeh ourallyn-shee nyn maase roauyrey. Bible; approved

stot pl. stitt bullock: er y nah laa, nee shiu chebbal daa stot jeig Bible

sunt (=Ir. sunnd) healthy, sane, sound: cheau eh ooilley'n oie ayns gennallys as chebbal booise gys Jee hug barriaght daue, ad-hene follan sunt, 's nagh row ad lesh ny greienyn noidagh guint. PC

trog-jee arise: Trog-jee erriu, lhig dooin goll seose noi oc Bible; take: Trog-jee ny-vud eu hene chebbal da'n Chiarn Bible; build: Trog-jee ard-valjyn da nyn gloan, as bwoailtchyn da ny kirree eu Bible

bet bett, cheb; (v.) bettal, chebbal, cur giall er; gioal; cur gioal er: I'll bet you anything you like - Verym gioal er ooilley ny t'ayn. DF idiom; giall: I don't bet on horses - Cha nel mee cur giallyn er cabbil. DF idiom

bruised (adj.) brooit; broojit: Ye shall not offer unto the Lord that which is bruised - Cha jean shiu chebbal gys y Chiarn shen ny ta broojit Bible; (v.) vroo: and they bruised the breasts of her virginity - as vroo ad keeaghyn e moidynys Bible

on the morrow laa ny vairagh: It shall be eaten the same day ye offer it, and on the morrow - Bee eh er ny ee yn laa cheddin ta shiu chebbal eh, as er laa ny-vairagh Bible; laa y vairagh

present aaragh; chebbal er; gioot; giootal er; kioneenee; kionefenish; toyrtys: Mr B has made me a present of a very bad book - Ta Mnr B er chur myr toyrtys dou lioar feer olk. JJK idiom; cur: Present my respects to your aunt - Cur m'arrym da nyn naunt. JJK idiom; ayn: He's the most eloquent orator of the present day - T'eh yn oraatagh ny s'jesh-focklee jeh'n laa t'ayn jiu. JJK idiom

eajeeys atrocity, filth, ghastliness, monstrosity, odiousness; disgust; abomination: son nee mayd chebbal eajeeys ny Egyptianee gys y Chiarn y Jee ain Bible; uncleanness: tad lane dy chraueyn ny merriu, as jeh dy chooilley eajeeys; pollution: Agh shin dy scrieu huc, ad dy reayll ad-hene veih eajeeys jallooyn Bible


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