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gyn chassyn legless

bathe1 glenney; goaill thummey; niee: Bathe your feet - Niee dty chassyn. DF idiom; oonlaghey; oonley; oonlee: Bathe your feet - Oonlee dty chassyn. DF idiom

legless (adj.) gyn chassyn

cur jeed undress yourself: Cur jeed dty vraagyn jeh dty chassyn Bible

hoyll pierced: Hoyll ad my laueyn as my chassyn Bible

lhejit frozen, perished with cold: Ta my chassyn lhejit. DF; starved, starving

prash (f.) 1 brass, brass-ware a: Bee yiarn as prash fo dty chassyn Bible; 2 boodle, dough

pryssoonee prisoners: Dy vroo fo e chassyn ooilley pryssoonee ny hooirey Bible

vooarey big: Va'n fer-oast gyllagh er dy kinjagh mychione e chassyn vooarey. CJ

fall under (v.) tuittym fo: that they shall not be able to stand: but fall under my feet - derrey nagh vod ad shassoo: agh tuittym fo my chassyn Bible

stood hass: He stood on his hind legs - Hass eh er e chassyn jerree. DF idiom; (ny) hassoo: A man stood in the doorway - Va dooinney ny hassoo 'sy dorrys. DF idiom

treading (v.) saayltrey; shooyl; stampey: He's always treading on my feet - T'eh dy-kinjagh stampey er my chassyn. JJK idiom

trimmed baarey: had neither dressed his feet, nor trimmed his beard - chamoo er niee e chassyn, ny er vaarey e aasaag Bible; giarrit; skeoighit

wiped rubbit; rub: and wiped his feet with her hair - as rub ee e chassyn lesh e folt Bible

broghey defile, foul: ren oo seiy ny ushtaghyn lesh dty chassyn, as broghey dty awinyn. Bible

dowrinagh diseased: va Asa dowrinagh 'sy chassyn, derrey va e ghoghan erskyn-towse dewil Bible

dragon pl. dragonyn dragon: stampee oo yn lion aeg as y dragon fo dty chassyn Bible

dy jeeragh directly, immediately: Shass seose dy jeeragh er dty chassyn Bible; candidly, exactly, forthright, honestly, justly, precisely, true

ee2 (=Ir. í) (f.) 1 she, her a: haink ee dy aashagh, as lhie ee sheese ec e chassyn Bible; 2 it

fingan crag: As skortyn gennish, 's ooilley kiare as jesh, Y fingan dhoo, tarmane mygeayrt, myr hoie eh E chassyn er gib jeh creg feer shliawin Dhoor

lhiabbee (=Ir. leahadh, Sc. leabd) (f.) pl. lhiabbaghyn bed, couch, litter, seat, seating: hayrn eh seose e chassynsy lhiabbee Bible; (of river) course; (of hare) form

londeyr (f.) (pl -yn) glazed-in light, lantern, light, stable lamp, storm lamp: Ta dty ghoo londeyr da my chassyn: as soilshey da my chesmadyn Bible

rub rub; wipe: rub ee ad lesh folt e king, as phaag ee e chassyn Bible; wiped

shass seose stand up: Dooyrt eh lesh ard-choraa, Shass seose dy jeeragh er dty chassyn. Bible

stampee shall tread: stampee oo yn lion aeg as y dragon fo dty chassyn Bible

yiarn iron: Bee yiarn as prash fo dty chassyn Bible; scythe, tool; (of scythe) blade, tip; (money) tin, dough; pl. yiarnyn

yiarnyn fetters: Dty laueyn cha row kianlt, ny yiarnyn er dty chassyn Bible; irons

broit baked; stewed: va berreen broit er ny smarageyn Bible; boiled; broth: Jeeagh nagh n'ee oo jeh aw, ny broit er aght erbee ayns ushtey, agh roast lesh aile; e chione lesh e chassyn, as shen ny ta bentyn daue. Bible

seiy agitate, bear down, churn, churning, foment, fomentation, knife, litter, lunge, mixing, mixture, prod, propel, propulsion, protrusion, push, pushing, shove, shoving, stick, stir, stir up, thrust, tilt, tilting, transfix; (of bull) gore; upstroke; dipped: varr ad mannan jeh ny goair, as seiy ad yn cooatsyn uill Bible; troubled: ny diunidyn myrgeddin vad er nyn seiy Bible; wallow, muddy: jean aanrit-sack y chryssey mood, as seiy oo henesy leoie Bible; mingle, mix up: nee ad seiy ad hene fud sluight deiney Bible; stab: Lesh y chied seiy dy chosney yn varriaght DF; trouble: ren oo seiy ny ushtaghyn lesh dty chassyn Bible; mingled


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