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chasherickey (dy); (to) consecrate: Chamoo nee eh e luight hene y vee-ooashlaghey mastey e phobble: son mish y Chiarn ta dy chasherickey eh. Bible

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consecrate casherickee; casherickey; (to); (dy) chasherickey

deconsecrate (v.) jee-chasherickey

jee-chasherickey deconsecrate

neu-chasherickey defile: as dy vel eh er neu-chasherickey cowrey-scarree e ching, eisht nee eh baarey e chione er laa e ghlenney Bible

defile (n.) lhargagh; (v.) sollaghey; broghey; neu-chasherickey

bleïn year: dy bragh lesh ny ourallyn shen ren ad chebbal kinjagh bleïn lurg bleïn, adsyn ta cheet huc y chasherickey Son eisht veagh jerrey er chebbal ny ourallyn shen PB1765

campyn camps: nagh jean ad neu-chasherickey ny campyn oc, ny-vud oc ta my enish. Bible

graih firrinagh true love: Fakin dy vel shiu er chasherickey nyn anmeenyn ayns cur biallys da'n irriney trooid y Spyrryd, gys graih firrinagh jeh ny braaraghyn Bible

laver laver: ooilaghey yn altar as ooilley ny siyn, chammah yn laver as e chass, dy chasherickey ad Bible

mychionesyn about him, of him: Vel shiu gra mychionesyn ta'n Ayr er chasherickey Bible

ooasle (=Ir. uasal) aristocratic, classy, creditable, dignified, esteemed, gentlemanly, goodly, highborn, honourable, illustrious, lofty, lordly, magnificent, noble, respected: neem's my ennym ooasle y chasherickey Bible; patrician

oural-arryltagh freewill offering: chammah jeh ny eaystyn-noa, as jeh ooilley feaillaghyn pointit y Chiarn, v'er ny chasherickey, as jeh dy chooilley unnane va chebbal dy aggindagh oural-arryltagh gys y Chiarn. Bible

ver-yms meeiteil da I will meet: Shen y raad ver-yms meeiteil da cloan Israel, as bee'n chabbane-agglish er ny chasherickey lesh my ghloyr. Bible

yrrynagh male: Bee dy chooilley chied-ruggit yrrynagh er ny chasherickey gys y Chiarn Bible

detestable (adj.) dwoaieagh; dwoaiagh: because thou hast defiled my sanctuary with all thy detestable things - er-yn-oyr dy vel oo er an-chasherickey my hiamble lesh ooilley dty chliaghtaghyn dwoaiagh Bible; feohdoil: carcases of their detestable and abominable things - callinyn nyn reddyn feohdoil as eajee. Bible


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