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channel (n.) ammyr: It was a Manxman who discovered the channel to Liverpool - She Manninagh ren feddyn magh yn ammyr gys Lerphul. DF idiom; barrey; bollagh; clash; clasheen; feddan; keyllys; piob; (v.) giarrey clasheen; giarrey saaue

Inexact matches:

Boat Channel (n.) Barrey

Channel Islands (npl.) Ellanyn Vooir Eeaght

English Channel (n.) Mooir yn Eeaght

North Channel (n.) Ammyr ny Halbey

river channel (n.) ammyr awiney

Current of the Channel (n.) Stroo ny Keyllys

St. George's Channel (n.) Mooir Vretyn

ammyr awiney (f.) river channel

Barrey Boat Channel

clasheen channel

giarrey clasheen channel

air-channel (n.) ammyr aer

ammyr aer (f.) air-channel

Ammyr ny Halbey (f.) North Channel

Mooir Vretyn (f.) St. George's Channel

Mooir yn Eeaght (f.) English Channel

giarrey saaue kerf, saw cut, notch, channel, slit

Stroo ny Keyllys Current of the Channel

piob (f.) pl. piobyn bagpipe, channel, pipe; smoking pipe: Lane piob dy hombaacey. DF

discovered feddynit magh: It was a Manxman who discovered the channel to Liverpool - She Manninagh ren feddyn magh yn ammyr gys Lerphul. DF idiom

ammyr (=Ir. umar) (f.) (river) bed; pl. ammyryn canal, channel, trough: veih ammyr ny hawin gys strooan Egypt Bible

barrey bar, bolt: ver ad orroo coodagh dy chraitnyn broc, as ver ad eh er barrey. Bible; barrow; boat passage, channel

bollagh aforetime, wont: raad bollagh ad stoyral ny ourallyn-arran Bible; channel, course, curving uphill road, gap, gorge, lane, passage, route, thoroughfare: Yiare eh magh bollagh dasyn magh ass y chamyr. DF

clash (f.) channel, cleft, gorge, groove, hollow, open furrow, race, rubbish tip, trench, vale: Ta'n ollish roie sheese clash e hoyn. DF; sewer

Ellanyn Vooir Eeaght (f.) Channel Islands: Ec y çhaglym va çhaghteryn veih Mannin, Pobblaght Nerin, Nerin Twoaie, Nalbin, Bretin, Reiltys y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit as Ellanyn Vooir Eeaght. BS

feddan (=Ir. feadán) 1 aqueduct, channel, duct, pipe, sleeve, sleeving, tube, tubing, vessel; 2 pl. feddanyn chanter, fife, flute, whistle a: Cur-jee moylley da er ny greïnyn strengit as y feddan Bible; 3 (of gun) barrel

keyllys (f.) channel, firth, narrows, pass, sound, strait: Dooyrt lught yn Çhirveishaght dy row urraanium leodit ayns shligganyn hie er lhiggey er reaynyn-cliaghtee ayns Keyllys Sailley Solway, shiar-hwoaie veih'n Ellan. BS


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