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chamoo neither, nor: cha dug ee ansoor, chamoo hug ee geill da. Bible

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neither chamoo: Neither do I take any notice of you - Chamoo ta mish cur geill dhyt. DF idiom; nagh moo; noadyr: He will neither eat nor drink - Cha jean eh gee ny giu noadyr. DF idiom

nor (conj.) chamoo; ny

loayr ass y lieh intercede: Shen-y-fa ny jean uss aghin son y pobble shoh, chamoo trog seose eam ny padjer er nyn son, chamoo loayr ass y lieh oc hym's ; son cha der-ym clashtyn dhyt. Bible

chasten (v.) kerraghey, smaghtey, custey; smaghtee: neither chasten me in thy displeasure - chamoo smaghtee mee ayns dty yymmoose Bible; smaghtagh: I will chasten him with the rod of men - neems smaghtagh eh lesh slatt gheiney Bible; smaghtaghey: neither chasten me in thy heavy displeasure - chamoo jean my smaghtaghey ayns dty yymmoose hrome

vex (v.) boirey er, cur farg er, maghlaghey, jannoo seaghyn, seaghyn; cur sneih er: and vex them in his sore displeasure. - as ver eh sneih orroo ayns trimmid e yymmoose Bible; seaghney: Thou shalt neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him - Cha jean oo seaghney joarree, chamoo hee oo tranlaase er: Bible; cur seaghyn er: Neither shalt thou take a wife to her sister, to vex her - Chamoo ghoys oo ben as e shuyr, dy choyrt seaghyn urree Bible; (y) chraghey: for God did vex them with all adversity - son nee Jee ad y heaghney lesh dy chooilley arkys Bible; (y) heaghney

datt swelled: chamoo datt y chass oc Bible

eiyr-jee seek: chamoo eiyr-jee er fir-obbee Bible

poosaghyn marriages: Chamoo jean poosaghyn roo Bible

aagherrit crossway, abbreviated: Chamoo lhisagh oo v'er hassoo 'syn aa-gherrit Bible

arrys regret, repentance: Chamoo ghow ad arrys jeh'n dunverys oc Bible; contrition; submission

ayndoo in them: chamoo ta veg y tushtey ayndoo Bible

clienney of children: chamoo vees fys aym cre ta baase clienney Bible

daahjit cauterized, charred, scorched, singed: chamoo va rinneig jeh nyn ghing daahjit Bible

drogh-neeal sickly look, wanness: chamoo vees drogh-neeal er e eddin. Bible

eeys eat: chamoo eeys oo nhee erbee neu-ghlen Bible

geyshteenagh hairy: chamoo nee ad ceau garmad geyshteenagh dy volley sleih. Bible

hilgys cast: chamoo hilgys shiu ny pearlyn eu roish muckyn Bible

inshys tell: chamoo inshys oo eh da unnane erbee ayns y valley. Bible

lhiggagh would allow: chamoo lhiggagh eh yn raad da cloan Israel Bible

loayragh could speak: chamoo loayragh ad dy dooie rish

meenit content: chamoo vees eh meenit, ga dy jebbagh oo ymmodee giootyn Bible

mhilley corrupt, spoil; mar: chamoo nee oo mhilley cummey dty aasaag Bible

oddys can: chamoo ta fer erbee oddys livrey ass my laue Bible

rinneig hair: chamoo va rinneig jeh nyn ghing daahjit Bible

rourey (f.) 1 headland; 2 (v.) dig a: chamoo vees eh er ny rourey Bible

bushel (n.) tubbag; saagh: Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel - Chamoo ta sleih foaddey cainle, as dy choyrt ee fo saagh Bible

displeasure (n.) jymmoose: nor cast thy servant away in displeasure - chamoo jean dty harvaant y hyndaa ersooyl ayns jymmoose Bible; meehaitnys, neuhaitnys

enchantment (n.) drualtys, druiaghtys, pishagys, taitnys; obbeeys: neither shall ye use enchantment - chamoo nee shiu obbeeys y chliaghtey Bible

forty years (npl.) da-eed bleïn: neither shall it be inhabited forty years - chamoo vees cummaltee aynjee son daeed bleïn Bible

heritage (n.) eiraght: Neither as being lords over God's heritage, but being ensamples to the flock - Chamoo myr chiarnyn harrish eiraght Yee, agh myr sampleyryn dan chioltane Bible; eirys

jesting craid: Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting - Chamoo broid, ny glare ommijagh, ny craid Bible; feideraght; gamshogeys; spotcheraght

of children (gen.) clienney: neither shall I know the loss of children - chamoo vees fys aym cre ta baase clienney Bible

singed daahjit: nor was an hair of their head singed - chamoo va rinneig jeh nyn ghing daahjit Bible

spin cassey; kestal; queeyllaraght; sneeu: they toil not, they spin not - cha vel ad tooilleil, chamoo tad sneeu Bible

such a thing e lheid: neither shall ye make any other like it, after the composition of it - chamoo nee oo veg jeh e lheid, lurg yn aght cheddin Bible; lhied y red

trimmed baarey: had neither dressed his feet, nor trimmed his beard - chamoo er niee e chassyn, ny er vaarey e aasaag Bible; giarrit; skeoighit

wizards (npl.) buitchyn; fir-obbee: neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them - chamoo eiyr-jee er fir-obbee, dy ve cleaynit lioroo Bible

woeful (adj.) boirit, donney; seaghnagh: neither have I desired the woeful day - chamoo ta mee er yeearree son y laa seaghnagh Bible; seiyjagh

airh ghlen (f.) pure gold: Cha bee topaz Ethiopia soylit huggey, chamoo vees eh cormit rish airh ghlen Bible

Arg conaant Ark of the Covenant: cha jir ad arragh, Arg conaant y Chiarn ; chamoo hig eh gys cooinaghtyn Bible

arragh COMPARE smoo any more, ever again, anymore: Chamoo vees dty ennym arragh Abram Bible; rampart

ayns jymmoose in a rage; in anger: agh ayns beggan dy laghyn, bee eh er ny stroie, chamoo ayns jymmoose ny ayns caggey. Bible

baarey bare, clip, cut, dress, poll, prune; shave, trimmed: Cha jean ad baarey nyn ghing, chamoo nee ad baarey nyn vaasaag, ny jannoo giaraghyn ayns yn eill oc er coontey'n varroo. Bible; (n.) paring knife

brynneragh 1 flatter a: chamoo lhig dou goan brynneragh y choyrt da dooinney erbee. Bible; 2 (n.) pl. brynnyree flatterer

chasherickey (dy); (to) consecrate: Chamoo nee eh e luight hene y vee-ooashlaghey mastey e phobble: son mish y Chiarn ta dy chasherickey eh. Bible

cheet faare (v.) come nigh, come near: chamoo nee chingys trome erbee cheet faare dty chummal Bible; (n.) (school) attendance

chengey volteyragh (f.) deceitful tongue: chamoo vees chengey volteyragh ry gheddyn ayns nyn meeal Bible

chyndait turned: Chamoo nee eh bishaghey mraane da hene, nagh bee e chree chyndait ersooyl Bible

crooag (f.) pl. crooagyn flesh worm, gentle, grub, maggot; worm: cha ren eh breinaghey, chamoo va crooag ayn Bible

cur dwoaie da abominate, detest, hate: T'eh smooinaghtyn er olk er e lhiabbee as cha vel eh er hoiaghey eh-hene ayns raad mie erbee: chamoo t'eh cur dwoaie da'n red ta olk. Bible

drogh-ghellal bad treatment, ill-usage, outrage, outrageous: T'eh cur drogh-ghellal da'n ven ghennish nagh vel gymmyrkey ; chamoo t'eh jannoo mie erbee da'n ven-treoghe. Bible

dty lurg after you: chamoo dty lurg nee unnane erbee troggal seose corrym rhyt. Bible

dy arrymagh solemnly, soberly: Nagh jean-jee ainjys rish ny ashoonyn shoh, ta er-mayrn ny mast' eu ; chamoo loayrys shiu dy arrymagh jeh enmyn ny jeeghyn oc, ny loo lioroo, ny shirveish ad, ny croymmey shiu-hene sheese huc Bible

enmyn names: chamoo loayrys shiu dy arrymagh jeh enmyn ny jeeghyn oc Bible; nouns

er-dyn hoshiaght since the beginning: Son er-dyn toshiaght y theihll cha vel deiney er chlashtyn, ny er hoiggal liorish y chleaysh, chamoo ta sooill er vakin, er-lhimmey jeeds, O Yee

faaishnys See faishnys augury, bodement, divination, forecast, fortune, prediction: chamoo ta faaishnys erbee noi Israel Bible

farbyl (of dress) train; tail, trail: Chamoo vees obbyr erbee ayns Egypt dy yannoo, son kione ny farbyl, banglane ny shuin Bible

freggyrt da suit: Choud shoh resoon; ny beiyn cha dug chyndaa, chamoo hug bio ny marroo freggyrt da. PC

guee mollaght er curse: Chamoo ta mee er lhiggey da my veeal jannoo peccah, liorish gwee mollaght er e annym Bible

immanagh (=Ir. iománaí) chauffeur, driver, drover: chamoo t'eh cur geill da coraa yn immanagh. Bible; (driver) motorman; driving iron; driving, impelling

jallooyn grianagh images: Cha der eh geill da ny altaryn, obbyr e laueyn hene, chamoo nee eh soiaghey jeh shen ta e veir hene er n'yannoo, edyr ny keylljyn, ny ny jallooyn grianagh. Bible

jannoo cordail accord: cha vel ad goaill aggle [Myr lhisagh ad] roish y Chiarn, chamoo t'ad jannoo cordail rish ny slattyssyn ny ny oardaghyn Bible

jiu hene 1 even today, this very day a: Eer jiu hene ta my accan sharroo Bible; 2 of yourselves a: chamoo nee shiu neu-ghlen jiu hene lesh keint erbee dy red snauee ter yn ooir. Bible

kibbinyn stakes: cha bee veg jeh ny kibbinyn eck dy bragh er ny scughey, chamoo vees veg jeh ny coyrdyn eck er nyn veaysley Bible

kione ny farbyl head or tail: Chamoo vees obbyr erbee ayns Egypt dy yannoo, son kione ny farbyl, banglane ny shuin Bible

lajer (=Ir. láidir) 1 able-bodied, cogent, forcible, forte, hard, heady, heavy, high-power, high-powered, lusty, powerful, pronounced, rich, sound, stark, stout; 2 (as plant) vigorous; 3 potent, strong a: chamoo lhig j'ee giu feeyn ny jough lajer Bible

leodys bereave, deduction, detraction, reduction, subtraction: chamoo leodys oo dty ashoonyn arragh Bible; abatement

lilleeyn lilies: Gow-jee tastey jeh lilleeyn ny magheragh kys t'ad gaase; cha vel ad tooilleil, chamoo t'ad sneeu. Bible

litcheraght lhome extreme idleness, laziness: Cur-my-ner, shoh va loght dty huyr Sodom, moyrn, sonnys arran, as litcheraght lhome va aynjee, as ayns ny inneenyn eck, chamoo ren ee laueyn yn voght as yn ymmyrchagh y niartaghey. Bible

loayrt dy mooaralagh speak proudly: chamoo ver loayrt dy mooaralagh ayns laa e heaghyn Bible

lommyrt clipping, shear, shearing, shearling, sheep-shearing: chamoo nee oo lommyrt yn chied eayn jeh dty chirree. Bible

mâroo with them: cha jig adsyn er-gerrey, chamoo hig y pobble seose mâroo. Bible

mraane-mooinjerey kinswomen: Cha jean oo roostey nearey ben as e inneen, chamoo ghoys oo inneen e mac, ny inneen e inneen, dy roostey yn nearey eck: son ad ny mraane-mooinjerey faggys eck: she croiaght eh. Bible

muckyn pigs: Ny cur-jee shen ny ta casherick da ny moddee, chamoo hilgys shiu ny pearlyn eu roish muckyn Bible

nagh moo neither: Chamoo daink mee quaiyl rish kiaulleyder dooie erbee, nagh moo vel mee er chloie marish peiagh erbee elley Carn

neemayd we shall: chamoo neemayd cliwe ny genney y akin Bible; we shall do

n'oiee against her: nagh bee fenish erbee n'oiee, chamoo ee er ny ghoaill ayns e peccah Bible

ny vud eu among you: Cha jean-annym erbee jiuish gee fuill, chamoo nee joarree erbee, ta goaill aaght ny vud eu, gee fuill. Bible

obbyr laa (f.) day labour: Agh ta'n pobble ymmodee, as ta'n emshyr feer fliugh, as cha vel shin abyl shassoo mooie, chamoo ta shoh obbyr laa ny jees, son ta shin ymmodee t'er ny ve kyndagh 'sy chooish shoh. Bible

Oh (intj) O: O ny follee dty eddin voym: chamoo jean dty harvaant y hyndaa ersooyl ayns jymmoose. Bible; Oh: Oh dy voddagh dooinney pleadeil son dooinney rish Jee, myr ta dooinney pleadeil son e naboo! Bible

ommidjagh (=Ir. amaideach) See ommijagh absurd, brainless, crackpot, fatuous, foolish, idiotic, imbecile, madcap, nonsensical, scatterbrained, silly, stupid: As shen-y-fa gys y dooinney dooghyssagh ta'n Sushtal dy jarroo ommidjagh, chamoo oddys fys ve echey er ny reddyn t'er ny loayrt. CS

ro hionn overtight, too tight: My ver oo argid er eeasaght da veg jeh my phobble, ta fo boghtynid mayrt, cha jig oo ro hionn er, chamoo hroggys oo thack jeh. Bible

scarrit (=Ir. scarithe) detached, disconnected, disengaged, distinguished, disunited, divorced, parted, separated, spaced, sundry: chamoo nee ad goaill ben ta scarrit veih e sheshey Bible

sheeloghe pl. sheelogheyn 1 generation a: chamoo vees cummaltee ayn veih sheeloghe gys sheeloghe Bible; 2 old age, posterity

soiaghey jeh accept, acceptance, esteem, set: Ga dy vel shiu chebbal dooys ourallyn-losht, as nyn ourallyn-arran, cha jean-ym goaill roo: chamoo neem's soiaghey Jeh ourallyn-shee nyn maase roauyrey. Bible; approved

soiagh jeh approbation; acknowledge: Cha ren my hooill cassey ayns briwnys, chamoo ren eh soiagh jeh e vraaraghyn, ny geill y choyrt da e chloan hene Bible

thack usury: cha jig oo ro hionn er, chamoo hroggys oo thack jeh Bible

thie ny farrarey house of mourning: Ny gow stiagh ayns thie ny farrarey, chamoo dy yannoo keayney ny dobberan er nyn son Bible

traaghyn times: chamoo neen chloan dy olkys seaghney ad veg sodjey, myr ayns ny traaghyn ter ngholl shaghey Bible

trughanagh complaining, murmuring; complainant, grumbler, rival: Son ta'n chleaysh eadolagh clashtyn dy chooilley nhee, chamoo ta'n accan trughanagh er ny cheiltyn. Apoc

tuittym mastey fall among: cha row veg y nearey orroo, chamoo ren ad jiargaghey; shen-y-fa nee ad tuittym mastey ad shen huittys Bible

veih'n traa shen thence: cha ren oo clashtyn, chamoo ren oo toiggal; er veihn traa shen cha row dty chleaysh foshlit Bible; from that time; from thenceforth

vrishey See brishey (dy); (to) break: chamoo ver-ym feoh daue, dy stroie ad dy bollagh, dy vrishey my chonaant roo Bible

ynsagh crauee doctrine: Chamoo dy chur geill da raaghyn fardalagh, as coontey fegooish bun ny baare er sheelogheyn, ta doostey questionyn [streeuagh], ny smoo na ynsagh crauee, ta ayns credjue. Bible

abomination (n.) eajeeid: But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation - Agh traa hee shiu eajeeid y traartys Bible; jalloo dwoaiagh; eajeeys: neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie - chamoo nhee erbee ta gobbraghey eajeeys, ny jannoo foalsaght Bible; dwoaiagh: for that is an abomination unto the Egyptians - son ta shen red dwoaiagh da ny Egyptianee Bible; feohdoil: They shall be even an abomination unto you - Bee ad eer feohdoil diu Bible; feohdys: Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind it is abomination - Cha jean oo lhie marish dooinney, myr marish ben: shen feohdys. Bible

deceitfully (adv.) foalsaghey; (dy) molteyragh: My brethren have dealt deceitfully - Ta my chaarjyn er ghellal dy molteyragh Bible; (dy) molteyraght: seeing he hath dealt deceitfully with her - son dy ghell eh dy molteyraght ree. Bible; (dy) foalsey: nor handling the word of God deceitfully - chamoo shirveish goo Yee dy foalsey Bible

desolate1 fadanagh; follym-faase: for as long as she lay desolate she kept sabbath - son chouds vee ny lhie follym faase dreill ee doonaght Bible; follym feayn; traartyssey; faase; treigit: your high ways shall be desolate - bee nyn raaidyn mooarey treigit Bible; melley; faasagh: that the land be not desolate - nagh bee yn thalloo ny aasagh Bible; bane: As long as it lieth desolate - Choud as te ny lhie bane Bible; feayn: while she lieth desolate without them - choud as te ny lhie feayn nyn vegooish Bible fleeing into the wilderness in former time desolate and waste - chea gys yn aasagh foddey-feayn as fadaneagh Bible; foddey feayn; fadane: let them seek it also out of desolate places - shirree ad eh ayns buill fadane Bible; currit mow: and they that dwell therein are desolate - as ta e chummaltee currit mow Bible; traartys: neither shall thy land any more be termed Desolate - chamoo vees dty heer ny lurg shoh enmyssit Traartys Bible; naardey: And I will make the land desolate - As ver-ym naardey yn thalloo Bible

hair1 (n.) folt: Her hair is tinted - Ta'n folt eck mynghaahit. DF idiom; gruag; renaig: every one could sling stones at an hair breadth, and not miss - dy voddagh dagh fer jeu clagh y hilgey ass sling, gys lheead renaig, gyn missal Bible; rinneig: was an hair of their head singed - chamoo va rinneig jeh nyn ghing daahjit Bible; fynney: and the hair thereof be not turned white - as nagh vel y fynney echey er jyndaa bane Bible; (gen.) fuilt: Her wealth of hair - E cooid fuilt. DF idiom

inclined cleaynt; chiow: and their hearts inclined to follow Abimelech - as ren ny creeaghyn oc chiow gys Abimelech Bible; chroym: But they obeyed not, neither inclined their ear - Agh cha dug adsyn biallys, chamoo chroym ad nyn gleaysh Bible

mention enmys; imraa: and make mention of me unto Pharaoh - as jean imraa jeem rish Pharaoh Bible; gimraa: make mention that his name is exalted - jean-jee gimraa er e ennym lesh ard-voylley Bible; loayrys: neither make mention of the name of their gods - chamoo loayrys shiu dy arrymagh jeh enmyn ny jeeghyn oc Bible

seek after (v.) geiyr er; geiyrt da: and have such pleasure in vanity, and seek after lying - as goaill lheid y taitnys ayns coyrleyn fardalagh as geiyrt da breagyn Bible; (impv) eiyr- jee er: neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them - chamoo eiyr-jee er fir-obbee, dy ve cleaynit lioroo Bible; shirrey lurg: to see if there were any that would understand, and seek after God - dy akin row veg jeu yinnagh toiggal, as shirrey lurg Jee Bible; shelg lurg: Let them be confounded, and put to shame, that seek after my soul - Bee ad er nyn gastey, as er nyn goyrt gys nearey, ta shelg lurg mannym Bible; jeeaghyn son: and the Greeks seek after wisdom - as ny Greekyn jeeaghyn son creenaght

worm1 (n.) beisht; beishteig: The womb shall forget him; the worm shall feed sweetly on him - Neen vreïn eshyn y yarrood; neen beishteig beaghey dy blaystal er Bible; crooag: it did not stink, neither was there any worm therein - cha ren eh breinaghey, chamoo va crooag ayn Bible; dhiane: How much less man, that is a worm? and the son of man, which is a worm? - Cre-woad sloo dooinney, ta ny veishteig, as yn mac dooinney, ta myr y dhiane. Bible; peishteig; tayrneyder

broid dirt: ta ny ushtaghyn eck tilgey seose laagh as broïd Bible; grime, nastiness, pollutant, smut, vileness: As tan cheer fo slane broid Bible; filthiness: Chamoo broid, ny glare ommijagh, ny craid, nagh vel jesh; agh ayns ynnyd oc shoh coyrt booise. Bible; filth: cha nee liorish cur ersooyl broid yn eill, agh liorish yn ansoor dy chooinsheanse vie gys Jee Bible; pollution: Son lurg daue ve er haghney broid y theihll trooid tushtey jeh'n Chiarn as Saualtagh Yeesey Creest Bible; corruption: Te er ny chuirr ayns broid; te troggit seose ayns glennid: Bible; impurity

Eaisht rhym (intj) Look here, Listen here, Lend me your ear: Eisht dooyrt Boaz rish Ruth, Eaisht rhym, my inneen, ny gow dy yeeassyragh ayns magher erbee elley, chamoo scugh veih shoh, agh freill oo-hene er-gerrey da ny mraane aegey aym's Bible

hoal (=Ir. thall) across, beyond, come over, hence, opposite, overleaf, reverse, yonder: Cha row ayn hiar ny heear ny twoaie ny jiass chamoo v'ayn heese ny heose ny hoal ny wass PC; over here: foddey 's gerrit ec e reayrt va pooar dy akin seose, sheese dagh boayl, hoal as wass - fegooish scadoo va hiar, heear, twoaie as jiass PC

oardaghyn directions, orders: livrey ad oardaghyn y ree gys lieutenantyn y ree Bible; ordinances: raad ta mee dy choyrt shiu, cha jean shiu; chamoo nee shiu gimmeeaght lurg nyn oardaghyn Bible; sequences: Ta'n çheu hoshtal dellal rish focklyn, mynscrutaghey, resoon as oardaghyn Dhoor

shassoo lesh come up; stand towards: va ushtey geill magh fo laare y dorrys lesh y niar: son va eddin y thie shassoo lesh y niar Bible; countenance, stand with: Chamoo nee oo shassoo lesh y dooinney boght ayns cooish aggairagh. Bible; stand beside

streeu rish cope, encounter; strive with: Cha jean my spyrryd dy kinjagh streeu rish dooinney Bible; wrestle with: Lesh niart gleck ta mee er streeu rish my huyr, Bible; contend with: chamoo oddys eh streeu rishyn ta ny sniartal nahene Bible; contend


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