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chain (v.) cur driaght er, driaghtey, geulaghey; (n.) geuley, geuleydagh; boandey: I think the chain is broken - Ta mee smooinaghtyn dy vel y driaght brisht. JJK idiom; slouree; driaghtagh, sloureeagh; slourin; driaght

Inexact matches:

animal chain (n.) boandey

back chain (n.) geuley drommey

beck chain (n.) driaght shesheree

chain adjuster (n.) chionntane driaght

chain armour (n.) eilley lhoobagh

chain case (n.) askan driaght

chain reaction (n.) co-aghtey-slouree

chain shot (n.) bullad driaghtagh

chain smoker (n.) sheer toghtaner

chain stitch (n.) greim slouree

chain store (n.) fo-happ

daisy chain (n.) geuley shee

driving chain (n.) geuley immanagh

fob chain (n.) geuley ooreyder

food chain (n.) geuley bee

measuring chain (n.) geuley towse

paper chain (n.) driaght-pabyr

plough chain (n.) driaght shesheree

roller chain (n.) geuley rollagh

saddle chain (n.) drommag, drommagh

shopping chain (n.) possan-shappal

watch chain (n.) geuley ooreyder

chain of gold (n.) boandey airhey

driaght shesheree beck chain, plough chain

geuley ooreyder fob chain, watch chain

boandey animal chain, band, binding, bond, chain, connection, link: hug eh boandey dy airh mooish e wannal Bible; bond-servant

askan driaght chain case

bullad driaghtagh chain shot

chionntane driaght chain adjuster

driaghtey chain, chaining

driaght-pabyr paper chain

drommag (f.) saddle chain

drommagh saddle chain

eilley lhoobagh (f.) chain armour

fo-happ chain store

geuley bee food chain

geuleydagh bondman; chain

geuley drommey back chain

geuley immanagh driving chain

geuley rollagh roller chain

geuley shee daisy chain

geuley towse measuring chain

greim slouree chain stitch

possan-shappal shopping chain

sheer toghtaner chain smoker

sloureeagh chain

chain-gang (n.) lught y driaght

chain-man (n.) towsheyder driaght

chain-work (n.) obbyr ghriaghtagh, obbyr-linkyn

cur driaght er chain, chaining

lught y driaght chain-gang

obbyr ghriaghtagh (f.) chain-work

towsheyder driaght chain-man

driaghtagh catenary, chain: Yn saase driaghtagh. DF

geulaghey bind in chains, chain, manacle, shackle

slouree (f.) pl. slourin back bar, chain, jellyfish, pot-hanger

driaght chain: Ta mee smooinaghtyn dy vel y driaght brisht JJK

broken brisht: I think the chain is broken - Ta mee smooinaghtyn dy vel y driaght brisht. JJK idiom; doghanit

boandey airhey chain of gold: bee oo er dty choamrey lesh scarleod, as boandey airhey mysh dty wannal Bible

co-aghtey-slouree chain reaction: va paart jeu goaill aggle dy jinnagh ad sheidey seose y slane seihll dy jinnagh ad cur co-aghtey-slouree fo raad! Dhoor

geuley pl. geulaghyn bond, chain, manacle, shackle: ooilley laghyn nyn mea fo geuley bondiaght Bible; fetter

slourin pl. slourinyn chain: as huitt ny slourin agge veim y lauyn. PB1610; shackle

obbyr-linkyn chain-work: As lieenteenyn dy obbyr chequer, as feeaghyn dy obbyr-linkyn son ny atteeyn va soit er mullagh ny pillaryn; shiaght son dagh attey. Bible


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