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chaghteryn messengers: As hug Jacob chaghteryn roish gys Esau e vraar, gys thalloo Seir, cheer Edom Bible

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Chaghteryn Sleih Aegey Youth Ambassadors

Chaghteryn yn Aeglagh Youth Ambassadors

Youth Ambassadors (npl.) Chaghteryn yn Aeglagh, Chaghteryn Sleih Aegey

messengers (npl.) chaghteryn

hucsyn to them: hug mee chaghteryn hucsyn Bible

tribe pl. tribeyn tribe: hug tribeyn Israel chaghteryn trooid ooilley tribe Venjamin Bible

baatyn boats: Ta coyrt chaghteryn reeoil er yn aarkey, eer ayns baatyn cuirtlagh er ny ushtaghyn Bible

chaghter pl. chaghteryn 1 commissionaire, delegate, dispatch rider, emissary, envoy, go-between, herald, messenger a: Haink yn chaghter huc, agh cha vel eh cheet reesht. Bible; 2 annunciation

cur laue rish (as job) tackle: Dooyrt eh rish chaghteryn ec y cho-haglym dy nhegin cur laue rish y vaggyrt roish my vees eh ro anmagh. BS

darragh1 (pl -yn) oak, oaken, oak grove, oak wood, sessile oak: honnick mish Absalom croghey ayns billey-darragh Bible; would come: va ny chaghteryn feer tastagh darragh fockle erbee voish Bible

Ellanyn Vooir Eeaght (f.) Channel Islands: Ec y çhaglym va çhaghteryn veih Mannin, Pobblaght Nerin, Nerin Twoaie, Nalbin, Bretin, Reiltys y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit as Ellanyn Vooir Eeaght. BS

gyn yeearree unbidden, unlooked for, unsolicited, unwanted: Haink yn naight gys Bendigeidfran dy row Matholwch faagail y chooyrt, gyn yeearree, gyn kied, as hie chaghteryn huggey dy vriaght jeh cre'n oyr va shoh Coraa

naightyn tidings: Eisht haink ny chaghteryn gys Gibeah Saul, as dinsh ad ny naightyn ayns clashtyn y pobble Bible

nearey (f.) abashment, confusedness, disgrace, embarrassment, ignominy, mortification, opprobrium, self-consciousness, shame, shamefulness: as chur eh chaghteryn ny whail oc, son va lane nearey er ny deiney Bible

onnorit honoured: Myr shen, va'n oardagh cooilleenit echey as va ny chaghteryn onnorit echey. Chron

screeuyn (=Ir. scríbhín) pl. screeunyn brief, chitty, document, epistle, inscription, legend, letter, lettering, missive, note, notes, script: ghow Hezekiah yn screeuyn veih laue ny chaghteryn Bible

seyïr carpenters: As hug Hiram ree Tyre chaghteryn gys David, as biljyn-cedar, as seyïr, as masoonee Bible

shenndaaleeagh archaeological: Hug chaghteryn veih'n Chohaglym Celtiagh shilley er ynnyd shenndaaleeagh faggys da Karaez. Carn

skeaylt magh spread out: Immee-jee shiuish chaghteryn bieau, gys ashoon skeaylt magh, as speeinit Bible


This is a mirror of Phil Kelly's Manx vocabulary (Fockleyreen). It contains over 130,000 entries. This mirror was created 2 December 2014.

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