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certain1 (adj.) ennagh: A certain Mr Quilliam - Mnr Quilliam ennagh. DF idiom; shickyr: I am virtually certain of it - Ta mee bunnys shickyr jeh. DF idiom; reygyryn, reyggyryn; cooid; er lheh: On a certain day - Laa dy row. DF idiom

certain2 (adj.) (specified) er-lheh

certain3 (adj.) (some) shiartanse; shiartanse dy; dy row

Inexact matches:

certain day (a) laa dy row; laa er lheh

certain days gresh dy laghyn

certain ones (n.) paart

in certain cases fo conaantyn ennagh

laa er lheh (a) certain day; certain day: Shegin da ve jeant er laa er lheh. DF; landmark

fo conaantyn ennagh (in certain) cases; in certain cases

ennagh (=Ir. éigin, inteach) any, certain, some, specific: cur dou red ennagh dy yannoo Bible

er-lheh (specified) certain: hie eh gys boayl er-lheh. Bible; particular

shiartanse (=Ir. siorsa) certain, several, some: Dy daink shiartanse veih Shechem Bible

shiartanse dy certain, some: Ny-yeih ren shiartanse dy gheiney lhiantyn huggey Bible

Asia (n.) (Yn) Aishey; Asia: Whereupon certain Jews from Asia found me purified in the temple - Er shoh hooar shiartanse dy Hewnyn veih Asia mee glen ayns y chiamble Bible

creek (n.) branlaig, giau, glion, gullad, strooan; injeig; guag, giuag; purt; ooig: but they discovered a certain creek with a shore - agh chronnee ad ooig dy row lesh traie Bible

householder (n.) fer thie: There was a certain householder, which planted a vineyard - Va fer-thie row ren garey-feeyney y hoiaghey Bible; kione thie; shellooder thie

polish (v.) cur sollyssid er, gloasaghey, gloasey; scooirey: Shoe polish - Follid braag. DF idiom; (n.) follid, gloas; sollyssid: He has a certain polish - Ta sollysid ennagh er. DF idiom; stoo-gloasee

saint (n.) noo: Eisht cheayll mee noo loayrt, as dooyrt noo dy row rish yn noo shen ren loayrt - Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain saint which spake Bible

venture (v.) ventreil; (n.) ventyr: And a certain man drew a bow at a venture - As ren dooinney dy row tayrn bow er ventyr Bible

cooid (=Ir. cuid) (f.) assets, goods, helping, means, merchandise, part, possessions, proportion, resources, stuff, substance, supplies, valuables: as jeh cooid nyn ayrey t'eh er gheddyn ooilley yn verchys shoh. Bible; certain, some

dy row 1 certain a: hie eh stiagh ayns thie dooinney dy row va ooashlaghey Jee, enmyssit Justus Bible; 2 that was a: tra hoig eh dy row eh jeh Cilicia Bible; 3 may be a: scuirr shin, gra, Aigney yn Chiarn dy row jeant. Bible

er lheh (=Ir. ar leith) aloof, aside, by itself, certain, distinctive, distinctly, fancy, individual, isolated, patented, private and confidential, privately, proper, respective, separate, separately, special, specially, specific, unique: shiaght eayin woirryn shoh, tou er hoiaghey er lheh Bible; especially

gresh dy laghyn certain days: eish va Saul gress dy laghyn marish ny haustylyn va ag Damasco. PB1610

laa dy row (a) day; (a) certain day; one day: As haghyr eh er laa dy row, dy daink eh gys shen Bible

paart (=Ir. páirt) certain ones, moiety, part, role, sharing, some: paart keead-filley, paart three feed, as paart jeih fillaghyn as feed Bible

reyggyryn certain, few: hoig reyggyryn treih yn chioltane, ren farkiaght orrym, dy nee goo yn Chiarn ve. Bible

reygyryn certain, few: quoi marish t'ou er n'aagail ny reygyryn shen dy chirree ayns yn aasagh? Bible

shickyr ANTONYM neuhickyr certain, confident, definite, fast, firm, fixed, impregnable, positive, secure, stable, steadfast, steady, sure, unflinching, unquestionable, unshaken, unwavering, valid: as lhig dooin ynnyd vaghee shickyr y yannoo dooin hene Bible [M.E. sicker, sikkar]

of the family jeh'n cheel; jeh sluight: And there was a certain man of Zorah, of the family of he Danites - As va dooinney dy row ayns Zorah jeh sluight ny Daniteyn Bible; jeh kynney: And there went from thence of the family of the Danites - As hie magh veih shen, ass Zorah as Eshtaol, jeh kynney ny Daniteyn Bible; jeh lught-thie: their inheritance remained in the tribe of the family of their father. - ren yn eiraght tannaghtyn ayns tribe lught-thie nyn ayrey Bible

orator (n.) coraatagh; oraatagh: The orator knows how to convince - Shione da'n oraatagh kys dy hickyraghey. JJK idiom; raatagh; pleadeyr: the cunning artificer, and the eloquent orator - y fer-keirdee schleioil, as y pleadeyr flaoill Bible; ard-phleadeyr: with the elders, and with a certain orator named Tertullus - marish y chanstyr, as ard-phleadeyr dy row enmyssit Tertullus Bible

plentifully (adv.) dy palchey: The ground of a certain rich man brought forth plentifully - Ren thalloo dooinney berchagh dy row mess y chur magh dy palchey Bible; dy slane: and how hast thou plentifully declared the thing as it is? - as kys tou dy slane er hoilshaghey yn chooish myr te? Bible


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