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cayrn Alpagh alpenhorn

cayrn (=Ir. corn.) pl. cayrnyn bugle, hooter, horn, trumpet: ny jean cayrn y heidey royd Bible; trump; play [L. cornu]

Inexact matches:

cayrn cleayshey ear trumpet

cayrn kay foghorn

cayrn shelg hunting horn

cayrn shliggagh conch

cayrn Sostnagh cor anglais

corkan cayrn trumpeter finch

guilley cayrn bugler

meoir cayrn trumpet major

sheidey cayrn bugle

yllagh cayrn trumpet call

bugle (n.) cayrn, cayrneen, shellym; glassyr keylley; (v.) sheidey cayrn

horn (n.) cayrn: Wind the horn - Yn cayrn y heidey. DF idiom; eairk

alpenhorn (n.) cayrn Alpagh

conch (n.) cayrn shliggagh, shliggane

cor anglais (n.) cayrn Sostnagh

foghorn (n.) cayrn kay

hooter1 (n.) cayrn, screeagheyder

hunting horn (n.) cayrn shelg

trumpet call yllagh cayrn

trumpeter finch (n.) corkan cayrn

trumpet major (n.) meoir cayrn

bugler (n.) cayrneyder, guilley cayrn, shellmeyder

clarion (n.) kiaullane; cayrn-heidee

cayrn-heidee clarion

ear trumpet (n.) cayrn cleayshey, eairk chleayshey

play bwoalley; cayrn; cloie; feddanagh; gleashaght; shiauilley; rouanagh

er ny hellym blown, sounded: son bee'n cayrn er ny hellym Bible

trump (v.) cur kaart mooar er; (n.) cayrn: with the sound of the trump - lesh feiyr y chayrn Bible; (n.) kaart mooar

trumpet1 (n.) cayrn: And the sound of a trumpet - As feiyr y chayrn Bible; trumpet: when the trumpet soundeth long - Tra vees y trumpet er ny heidey son tammylt mie Bible; (v.) cayrnal, cur buirroogh ass

bhow See bow bow: Cayrn v'er ny heidey, ny ainleyn bannee cheet ny sleaie na sideyn ass bhow steillin cloit PC

eayst noa new moon: Sheid-jee yn cayrn dy ard ec yn eayst noa Bible

gys y laa jiu unto this day: As hrog ad harrish cayrn mooar cloaie gys y laa jiu Bible


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