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cattle (n.) beiyn, bielloo; maase: The cattle are feeding - Ta'n maase fassaghey. DF idiom; ollagh: The cattle are grazing in the field - Ta'n ollagh gyndyr 'sy vagher. DF idiom

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black-legged cattle (npl.) maase doo-chassagh

cattle bot (n.) carthan ollee

cattle breeding (n.) troggal maase, troggal ollagh

cattle disease (n.) chingys ollee, doghan ollee

cattle dog (n.) moddey cloh, moddey ollee

cattle drover (n.) guilley yn ollee

cattle egret (n.) coar-vane yn ollee

Cattle Enclosure (n.) Close yn Ollee

cattle fight oltaghey ollee

cattle fold (n.) bwoaillee ollee

cattle food (n.) bee maaish, bee ollee

Cattle Ford Aah yn Ollee

cattle grid (n.) cleeah ollee

Cattle Ground (n.) Thalloo ny h'Ollee

cattle house baaieagh, boalane, thie ollee

cattle lifter gaddee ollee

cattle market margey ollee

cattle murrain (yn) chonnagh

Cattle Nook (n.) Cooil ny h'Ollagh

Cattle Path (n.) Raggey

cattle path (n.) cassan ollee

Cattle Pool (n.) Poyll yn Ollee

cattle raid (n.) cragh ollee

cattle ranch (n.) ransh ollee

cattle salute oltaghey ollee

cattle show (gen.) taishbynys ollee

cattle thrush gaaillagh; gaailley

cattle train (n.) traen ollee

cattle truck (n.) truck ollee

cattle urine (n.) mooyn ollee

Manx cattle (n.) (ancient) pukan

poor cattle (n.) ollagh voaldey

Scottish cattle (npl.) maase Albinagh

store cattle (npl.) muirt, ollagh vluight

young cattle (n.) gouney

disease of cattle (n.) gorley ny baa

Gap of the Cattle (n.) Doarlish ny h'Ollee

herd of cattle (n.) troddan

Hill of the Cattle (n.) Cronk y Vaase

lowing of cattle eamagh

Plain of the Cattle (n.) Dayll yn Ollee

Pool of the Cattle (n.) Dub ny h'Ollagh

oltaghey ollee cattle fight; cattle salute

herdmen (npl.) bochillyn: And there was a strife between the herdmen of Abram's cattle and the herdmen of Lot's cattle - As va streeu eddyr bochillyn Abram as bochillyn Lot Bible

bee maaish cattle food

bee ollee cattle food

boalane cattle house, outhouse

bwoaillee ollee (f.) cattle fold

carthan ollee cattle bot

cassan ollee cattle path

chingys ollee (f.) cattle disease

chonnagh (f.) (yn) cattle murrain

cleeah ollee (f.) cattle grid

cragh ollee cattle raid

doghan ollee cattle disease

gaaillagh (f.) cattle thrush

gaddee ollee cattle lifter

gouney young cattle

maase Albinagh Scottish cattle

maase doo-chassagh black-legged cattle

moddey ollee cattle dog

mooyn ollee cattle urine

ollagh voaldey (f.) poor cattle

pukan (ancient) Manx cattle

Raggey Cattle Path [Scand]

ransh ollee cattle ranch

taishbynys ollee cattle show

traen ollee cattle train

troggal maase cattle breeding

troggal ollagh cattle breeding

truck ollee cattle truck

cattle-path (n.) raggey

baaieagh byre, cattle house, cowhouse

Close yn Ollee Cattle Enclosure

coar-vane yn ollee (f.) cattle egret

Cooil ny h'Ollagh Cattle Nook

gaailley cattle thrush; (Med.) thrush; cheek

guilley yn ollee cattle drover

muirt beeves, store cattle; stores

Poyll yn Ollee Cattle Pool

raggey cattle-path, sheeptrack

Thalloo ny h'Ollee Cattle Ground

Aah yn Ollee Oxford, Cattle Ford

Cronk y Vaase Hill of the Cattle

Dayll yn Ollee Plain of the Cattle

Doarlish ny h'Ollee Gap of the Cattle

Dub ny h'Ollagh Pool of the Cattle

gorley ny baa rinderpest, disease of cattle

margey ollee cattle market, stock market

ollagh vluight (f.) milking cows, store cattle

maase 1 cattle, kine a: Beiyn as maase jeh dy chooilley cheint Bible; 2 goods

moddey cloh cattle dog, collie, farm dog, sheepdog, working dog

carried away (v.) currit lesh ersooyl: And he carried away all his cattle - As hug eh lesh ersooyl ooilley e vaase Bible

creeping (v.) snaue; snauee: cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind - maase as cretooryn snauee as beishtyn y thallooin lurg nyn ghooghys Bible

dunging (v.) broighey: The cattle are dunging the cowhouse - Ta'n ollagh broighey y baaieagh. DF idiom; geoyllaghey, keckey, lhiasaghey, taarey

feeding (v.) coaraghey; gee; beiyhaghey; eenulter; fassaghey: The cattle are feeding - Ta'n maase fassaghey. DF idiom

grazing (v.) gyndyr: The cattle are grazing in the field - Ta'n ollagh gyndyr 'sy vagher. DF idiom

rams (npl.) reaghyn: the rams which leaped upon the cattle were ringstraked, speckled, and grisled - va ny reaghyn va lheim er y maase, schimmeigagh, breck as spottagh Bible

ringstraked (adj.) schimmeigagh: ringstraked shall be thy hire; then bare all the cattle ringstraked - Bee yn vooinjer schimmeigagh dty aill; eisht ren yn maase ooilley brey ingan schimmeigagh Bible; (npl.) schimmeigyn

beiyn cattle, beasts, dumb animals, fauna: Jeh ny beiyn glen, as jeh ny beiyn neughlen Bible

bielloo cattle: Choud shoh'n drogh-yeih, as getlagh jeh'n vanglane sheese feai ny bielloo, beg, mooar, doo as bane PC

eamagh1 1 call, cry, lowing of cattle, shout a: Slaik lhiat ve marish y chioltane agh tan eamagh ayd eamagh ny goair JJK; 2 crier, shouter

ollagh (=Ir. eallach) (f.) bovines, cattle, kine: As rish dagh cretoor bio ta meriu, jeh ny eeanlee, jeh yn ollagh, as jeh ooilley beiyn y thallooin meriu Bible; cows; beast, cow; neat

troddan 1 campaign, campaigning, combat, contest, fight, fray, match; 2 quarrel a: Ny jean troggal troddan ayns shoh nish. DF; 3 herd of cattle; 4 pastureland

boom1 bisheydys: There is a boom in cattle now - Ta bisheydys er yn ollagh nish. DF idiom The boom of the waterfall - Tharmane yn eas. DF idiom; buirrooghey; croan; croan derrick; croan drommey; croanscoidey; cronnaney; foghraghey dy ard; foghraghey er ard; jannoo tharmane; jannoo tharmaneys jeh; tharmane: The boom of the waterfall - Tharmane yn eas. DF idiom

grisled glass: and in the fourth chariot grisled and bay horses - as ayns y chiarroo ainagh va cabbil glass as doyn Bible; glassey: the grisled go forth toward the south country - as ta ny cabbil glassey goll magh gys y cheer-jiass Bible; spottagh: the rams which leaped upon the cattle were ringstraked, speckled, and grisled - va ny reaghyn va lheim er y maase, schimmeigagh, breck as spottagh Bible

perplexed anveaghit; boirit; seaghnit: the herds of cattle are perplexed, because they have no pasture - ta ny shellooyn ollagh seaghnit, son nagh vel aber oc Bible; êginit: are perplexed, but not in despair - ta shin êginit, agh cha vel shin fo meehreishteil Bible; fud y cheilley

sever (v.) giarrey; (shall) scarree: and sever the wicked from among the just - as scarree ad yn vee chrauee veih mastey yn chloan chairal Bible; scarrey: And the Lord shall sever between the cattle of Israel - As neen Chiarn scarrey eddyr maase Israel, as maase Egypt Bible

sound cayrnal; eaishtagh rish; feeam; feiyr; feiyral; follan: He is as sound as a bell - T'eh cha follan as breck. DF idiom; hellym: The sound of the trumpet - Hellym y chayrn. DF idiom; keyllys: They used to swim the cattle across the Sound - Boallagh ad cur er yn ollagh dy naue harrish y Cheyllys. DF idiom; lajer; lane; sheean: Empty vessels make the most sound - Siyn folmey smoo sheean nee. JJK idiom; sheeanal; sheeaney; sheidey; slayntoil; sunt; suntal; sunteil; sonn; (adj.) keyn; breeoil

thie ollee byre, cattle house, cowhouse: Va dub mooar 'sy vaghey er gerrey da'n thie ollee as ayns shen dod shin shiaulley baatyn beggey, as ec traaghyn jeh rio creoi 'sy gheurey tra va'n ushtey riojit chiu dy liooar dy hassoo er JG


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