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catch1 (v.) berraghtyn, glackey, goaill, goaill greim, goaill greim er, greim, greimmey, tayrtyn; tayr: If you chase two hares you will catch neither - My chloys oo daa waagh cha dayr oo unnane jeu. JJK idiom; taare; (n.) croymmag, ronneeaght, sneg, snig

catch2 (n.) (difficulty) cluge: There's a catch in in somewhere - - Ta cluge ayn boayl ennagh. DF idiom

catch3 (n.) (of buckle) chengey

Inexact matches:

catch crop (n.) fo-hroar, fo-vaar

catch on (v.) goaill greim jeh

catch out (v.) glackey

heavy catch (n.) loundyr

moderate catch (n.) reeayllagh

safety catch (n.) glass gunn

worthless catch (n.) taaree, tayree

liable (adj.) currit da: Liable to catch colds - Currit da feayraghtyn. DF idiom; freggyragh: Jointly and severally liable - Freggyragh ry cheilley as er lheh. DF idiom; foshlit roish: Liable to catch colds - Foshlit roish feayraghtyn. DF idiom

fo-vaar catch crop

glackey (=Ir. glacadh) (as report) adopt; (plan) adoption; apprehension, buckle, catch, catch out, confiscate, confiscation, input, reception, shoot, shot; clutch, seize, snatch, holdfast: T'ad ooilley glackey nyn gliwenyn, aghtal ayns caggey Bible

glass gunn safety catch

taaree (f.) trifle, worthless catch

tayr catch

tayree worthless catch

croymmag (f.) catch, clip, hooked nose, wild parsnip

loundyr heavy catch, heavy load, large quantity

sneg (f.) catch, latch, sneck: Cur y sneg er yn uinnag. DF; holdfast

berraghtyn catch, overtake, pull ahead: Cha leah as hed eh magh nee eh berraghtyn erriu Bible

chengey (=Ir., Sc.G. teanga) (f.) pl. chengaghyn 1 bell-clapper, clasp, feather, strap-hinge; 2 (of buckle) catch; 3 tongue a: nee'n chengey oc shirgaghey ayns nyn meeal Bible; 4 language, speech: ta chengey veeley brishey eer craueyn Bible; 5 utterance [O.Ir. tengae]

cluge (f.) COMPARE cluke catch, craft, dodge, difficulty, intrigue, scheming, trickiness, slyness: Ta cluge ayn boayl ennagh. DF

fo-hroar (f.) by-product, catch crop: T'eh gra dy vel y sollaghey myr fo-hroar dooghyssagh veih'n çhenn stashoon-diesel. BS

goaill (=Ir. gabhail) (f.) 1 acceptance, affect, apprehend, apprehension, arrest, capture, catch, contraction, engage, preoccupation, reduce, seizure, receive, seizing, tangle, take a: nee ad goaill daue hene eayn Bible; 2 (of office) assumption; 3 (as disease) contract

goaill greim catch, clinch, hang on: Ta feayraght aym ta goaill greim orrym. DF

goaill greim er catch, clutch, grab: Tra haink ad gys Ellan Voaid, v'ad geearree goaill greim er y chashtal er egin. Chron

goaill greim jeh catch on, grip: She'n chied red va goaill greim jeh my hooill tra haink mee roish y Cholloo va'n daah j'ee. Carn

greim (=Ir. greim) bite, catch, clutch, grab, grapple, grasp, grip, hold, piece, snap, snatch: Ghow eh greim y dooinney va baih rish. DF; (needlework) tack; stitch; scrap; commissure; handhold; bit, gobbet, morsel [O.Ir. greimm]

reeayllagh moderate catch, scattering, sifting, thin spread: Ta reeayllagh mie ayn, dooyrt eshyn Coraa

snig (f.) catch, latch: Gyn agh yn snig y chur er y dorrys. DF; fillip, flick, flip: Snig er y chleaysh. DF

taare catch: immee royd magh gys y vagher, as taare feïeys er my hon Bible

tayrtyn apprehend, catch, field, seize: t'ad tayrtyn ad ayns nyn ribbey Bible; catching: t'ad lhie farkiaght myr y chelgeyr; t'ad soiaghey ribbey, t'ad tayrtyn deiney. Bible; apprehension

chase cloh, cloghey: If you chase two hares you will catch neither - My chloys oo daa waagh cha dayr oo unnane jeu. JJK idiom; cur sthoo da; eiyrt er; grainnaghey; magher; shelg: They are coming from the chase - T'ad cheet veih'n chelg. DF idiom; sthoo; thalloo shelg

two daa: If you chase two hares you will catch neither - My chloys oo daa waagh cha dayr oo unnane jeu. JJK idiom; ghaa: He doubled up his two fists - Ghooin eh e ghaa ghoarn. DF idiom; jees: To walk in two's - Dy hooyl jees as jees. DF idiom

we neemayd: we shall catch them alive - nee mayd goaill ad bio Bible; veesmayd: much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life - foddey smoo, myr ta shin nish goit stiagh gys shee, vees mayd er nyn sauail liorish e vioys Bible

greimmey 1 adhere, adhesion, attach, bite, catch, clutch, fishing tackle, grab, grasp, grip, gripping, hold, jam, lock in, mesh, monopolization, nab, pin on, seize, seizing, snap, snatch, snatching, stick, stitch, stitch up a: ren loauid greimmey my chraueyn Bible; 2 tooth; 3 (of person) adherence; 4 (rugby) tackle; 5 holding; 6 sticks

ronneeaght (f.) catch, horseplay, revel, revelry, ribaldry; ditty, doggerel, versification: Tadsyn ta soiesy yiat loayrt m: as tan vooinjer veshtal jannoo ronneeaght orrym. Bible; foolish song, madrigal, song: Va mee son craid da ooilley my phobble, as yn ronneeaght oc fey-ny-laa. Bible; ranting, raving in drink


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