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cast1 builley, cuirt, skah; coontit; cur skimmee da; far hooill; jannoo; jiooldit; lhuan; lught; mac-skeih; orraghey; plaitail; roit; skimmee; snoaid; tilgane; tilgey: The sheep cast her lamb - Ren y cheyrrey tilgey yn eayn eck. DF idiom; tilgit; hilg; ceau, cheau: He cast his garments - Cheau eh jeh e gharmadyn. DF idiom; cuir; hilgys; tilg; (to); (dy) hilgey; ceaut: The die is cast - Ta ny jeeslaghyn ceaut. DF idiom

cast2 (n.) (in rope) kest

cast3 (fishing) darrag: The cast is broken - Ta'n darrag brisht. DF idiom

cast4 (n.) (of earthworm) keggan

cast complex, contorted, curly, curved, intricate, many-sided, spun, ticklish, warped, wrapped, wreathed, wry, twined: va'n amlagh cast mysh my chione Bible; folden: Son choud as tad cast fud-y-cheilley myr ny drineyn Bible; perverted

Inexact matches:

cast about (v.) chyndaa coorse, shirrey

cast away (n.) mooidjeen marrey

cast back (v.) ceau er ash, tilg er ash

cast down (v.) lhieggal, lheiggal; tilgit sheese; tilgey sheese; lhag-chreeagh: He is cast down - T'eh lhag-chreeagh. DF idiom

cast forth (v.) tilgey magh

cast in (v.) ceau stiagh

cast iron (n.) yiarn cummit; yiarn tilgit

cast loose (v.) feasley; skeaylley

cast off (v.) feaysley, feasley; jiooldey: and will cast off this city Jerusalem - as jiooldey voym yn ard-valley shoh Jerusalem bible; tilgey: For the Lord will not cast off for ever - Son cha jean y Chiarn tilgey jeh son dy bragh Bible; ceau jeh: And as they cried out, and cast off their clothes - As myr vad gyllaghey, as ceau jeu nyn eaddagh Bible

cast out (v.) castey; cur shaghrynys er; chast

plaster cast (n.) jalloo kerey

shall cast tilgee: they shall cast them forth with silence - tilgee ad magh ad dy follit Bible

would cast hilgagh

caayl cast curly kale

coyrd cast twisted cord

snaie cast twine

tombaacey cast pigtail

tombaagey cast (tobacco) twist

I will cast away jiooldym's

I will cast out scughym; eiyr-ym magh: For I will cast out the nations before thee - Son eiyr-yms magh ny ashoonyn royd Bible

seaweed cast on shore brooight

aghtyn cast yn reiltys wheels of government

lus y chione cast (f.) self-heal

curly (adj.) cast: Curly hair - Folt cast. DF idiom

feasley cast loose, cast off, liberation, loose: As feasley e vayrn myn-vrisht, as chiow e laueyn Dhoor; (as problem) work out

contorted ass-chummey; cassit; cast

curly kale (n.) caayl cast

folden cast

many-sided cast; yl-heuagh

perverted (adj.) cammit, cast

spun (v.) cast; sneeuit

ticklish (adj.) cast; doillee; kicklagh

twined carrit; cast

twist2 (n.) (tobacco) tombaagey cast

twisted cord (n.) coyrd cast

warped cast; jelliuit

wreathed cast

wry (adj.) cam, cast, gammagh

chyndaa coorse cast about

cur skimmee da cast

far hooill (f.) cast, ocellus

keggan (pl -yn) (of earthworm) cast

kest (pl -yn) (in rope) cast; (in road) twist

mac-skeih (f.) cast

mooidjeen marrey cast away

plaitail cast

snoaid (f.) (pl -yn) cast

yiarn tilgit cast iron

curved cast; crottagh; cruillagh; lhoobagh

intricate (adj.) cam; camlaaghagh; cast; cramp

self-heal (n.) lus y chione cast

stop-hit (n.) cast-vuilley

twine1 carral; lhoobey; snaie cast

cast-chooylley poppet valve

cast-vuilley stop-hit

tilg er ash cast back

tilgey (=Ir. teilg) 1 cast, cast off, chuck, discharge, disgorge, fling, hurl, launch, pitch, plunge, pot, precipitate, project, shoot, sling, throw, throwing, toss, tossing a: ad shen nee eh tilgey magh, myr clagh ass mean sling Bible; 2 void, vomit: bee tilgey naareydagh er dty ghloyr Bible; 3 (coin) toss up; 4 abort, miscarry; 5 (as metal) found

complex ard-hroggalys; cast; cramp; ymmodee fillit

pigtail (n.) famman muickey; famman mwashag; tombaacey cast

poppet valve (n.) cast-chooylley, cooylley phobbad

wheels of government (npl.) aghtyn cast yn reiltys

brooight (f.) gush; seaweed cast on shore

jalloo kerey plaster cast, wax image

jiooldit abnegated, cast, refused, rejected, spurned

lhuan (f.) (pl -yn) cast; imperfect swarm of bees; premature

tilgee 1 shall cast a: tilgee ad shellaghyn er; 2 emetic

yiarn cummit cast iron, wrought iron

ceau er ash cast back, fling back, throw back

cheau cast: cheau eh yn joan oc ayns strooan Kidron Bible; flung

coontit calculated, cast, computed, counted, reckoned: Ta'n gah coontit myr stubble Bible

hilg cast: hilg eh magh ad gys cheer elley Bible

hilgagh would cast: hie eh voue, mysh choud as hilgagh fer clagh Bible

hilgys cast: chamoo hilgys shiu ny pearlyn eu roish muckyn Bible

scughym I will cast out, I will move: scughym ass my hilley Bible

tilg cast: Tilg magh dty hendreilyn, as skeayl ad Bible

armholes (npl.) achlishyn: Put now these old cast clouts and rotten rags under thine armholes - Cur nish ny shenn chloodyn ceaut, as ny frytlaggyn loau shoh fo dty achlishyn Bible

bottomless pit (n.) charvaal; diunid gyngrunt: And cast him into the bottomless pit - As hilg eh eh ayns y diunid gyn-grunt Bible

damages1 (n.) cooilleeney; (npl.) damajyn: He was cast in damages - Va damajyn giarrit er. DF idiom

displeasure (n.) jymmoose: nor cast thy servant away in displeasure - chamoo jean dty harvaant y hyndaa ersooyl ayns jymmoose Bible; meehaitnys, neuhaitnys

oft times (dy) mennick: And ofttimes it hath cast him into the fire - As dy mennick teh er hilgey eh ayns yn aile Bible

olive (n.) olive: shall cast off his flower as the olive - as e vlaa tuittym myr yn olive Bible

on the east part er y cheu har: and cast it beside the altar on the east part - as tilgey ad rish yn altar er y cheu har B ible

wrapped1 fillit: Wrapped in paper - Fillit ayns pabyr. DF idiom; lappit; soaillit, soilit: Wrapped up in clothing - Soaillit ayns eaddagh. DF idiom; warpit; cast

castey appease, assuage, beat back, censor, check, choke back, contain, counter, cure, defeat, end, hitch, inhibit, preclude, staunch, stave off, suppress; (as loan) freeze; cast out: teh castey drogh spyrrydyn Bible; throwing stones; cut off

ceau stiagh cast in, interject, throw in: Ceau stiagh dty chronney ny mast' ain Bible

cha hilg did not cast: cha hilg dty chirree as dty ghoair nyn ingan Bible

chast cast out: As ren eh preacheil ayns ny synagogueyn oc trooid ooilley Galilee, as chast eh drogh spyrrydyn. Bible

cuirt sown: tra te cuirt, te gaase seose Bible; cast: ta reeriaght niau goll-rish lieen va cuirt 'sy cheayn Bible

cur shaghrynys er hallucinate; cast out, pervert, subvert, take away: T'eh jannoo gyn-bree glare ny fir-choyrlee, as cur shaghrynys er tushtey'n chenndeeaght. Bible; subverting

darrag (f.) (pl -yn) 1 beam, log a: cha vel geill ayd da'n darrag t'ayns dty hooill hene Bible; 2 oak; 3 (fishing) cast; 4 hairline, snood [L. doru]

eiyr-ym magh I will drive out: eiyr-ym magh yn Canaanite, yn Amorite, as yn Hittite Bible; I will cast out

feaysley relief, unknot, unlace, unleash, unloose, unmoor, unshackle, untether, untie, loose, cast off; absolve, redeem: Cha voddym feaysley eh er my hon hene feaysley eh er my hon hene Bible; redemption

hilgey (dy); (to) cast: doardee Joshua yn corp dy ve goit neose jehn villey, as dy hilgey eh rish giat yn ard-valley Bible

jiooldym's I will reject, I will cast away: Eisht jiooldym's rish sluight Yacob, as David my harvaan Bible

lhag-chreeagh depressed, despondent, dispirited, down-hearted, faint-hearted, miserable, downhearted: v'ad lhag-chreeagh as ny haart Bible; cast down

lheiggal See lhieggal cast down: Son t'ee er lheiggal, as er lhottey ymmodee deiney lajer Bible

lhieggal abate, bowl over, cast down, chop down, dismount, destroy, fall, fell, fetch down, get down, knock over, lay low, level, lower, pull down, pull over, raze, run down, topple, tumble, unship, upset; (price) beat down; dissolve; overthrow

lught (=Ir. lucht) pl. lughtyn (of numbers) batch, cast, complement, content: slane lught e phobble Bible; bulk, burden, cargo, freight, load; (of personage) train

obbyr snaidey (f.) needlework, tapestry work: As va'n churtan son giat ny cooyrtey d'obbyr snaidey, gorrym, as purple, as scarleod, as aanrit keyl cast Bible

orraghey bolt, charge, round of ammunition, shot; cast, discharge, sling, throw, flight; (at fair) shy; stroke: cur twoaie nagh bee oo goit ersooyl lesh orraghey baaish Bible

roit cast, melted, molten, moulded: t'ad er chummey daue hene jallooyn roit jeh nyn argid Bible; raced, run

shirrey apply, ask, cast about, desire, endeavour, go after, prospect, request, require, search, seek, seeking, solicit, solicitation, soliciting, try: ren cloan Israel shirrey coyrle veih'n Chiarn Bible

skah shake out, shed, shedding, cast: son nee dty villey-olive skah e vess. Bible; (f.) strong wind

skimmee cast, company, crew, gang, hands, personnel, ship's company, staff: Coardail rish ny pabyryn naight, bee skimmee jeh daeed pheiagh ec Oldfield. Carn

tilgane cast, casting; missile: T'eh ymmyrchagh er dy chooilley chor dy bee Nerin aa-unnaneyssit dy tappee roish my vees caa ec Sostyn ny tilganenyn shoh y chur ayns twoaie ny hErin. Carn

tilgey magh cast forth, eject: As v'eh tilgey magh drogh-spyrryd, as v'eh balloo. Bible; ejection

tilgey sheese depress; cast down, overthrow: Teh leeideil princeyn ersooyl spooillit as tilgey sheese y vooinjer niartal Bible

tilgit 1 cast, launched, projected, shed, thrown a: bee e chione tilgit magh hood's harrish y voalley. Bible; 2 spewed, vomited; 3 miscarried; 4 ejective

tilgit sheese down-hearted, cast down, downhearted: Jee, ta gerjaghey adsyn ta tilgit sheese Bible

stamped as clouag er: This letter is insufficiently stamped - Cha nel clouag dy liooar er y screeuyn shoh. DF idiom; cowrit, ingnit; (v.) stamp: he cast him down to the ground, and stamped upon him - lhieg eh er y thalloo eh, as stamp eh er. Bible; vroo

builley bash, bump, cast, clap, hit, impact, knock, pulsate, punch, slam, slap, strike, stripe, stroke, sweep, thump, whack: 2 ¦ Eshyn ta cur builley baaish da dooinney, bee eh dy shickyr er ny choyrt gy baase. Bible; (as pulse) beat, pulsation; (of voice) cadence; (on horn) toot; choosing; fervour, fit, frenzy, madness

ceau (=Ir. caith, caitheamh) carry, consume, dart, fall, hang, last, loose, pass, rake, run out, upbraid, waste; weather, shower, rain; aim, launch, shy, shoot; cast, throw: Dy chooilley lhiannoo-mac hig son y theihll nee shiu ceau 'syn awin Bible; bear, wear: nee Aaron ceau yn breast-plate dy vriwnys erskyn e chree Bible; hurl: Agh my teh tuittym er trooid goanlys, ny ceau red erbee er, liorish lhie cooyl-chlea Bible; yield: Lhig dan thalloo gymmyrkey faiyr, yn losserey ceau rass Bible; lay out, spend, spending; (on road) corner; raining: Agh te dorraghey nish, as te ceau trome foast. Coraa

ceau jeh abdicate, lay aside, leave off, pull off, throw off: Cha vel veg yn aggle ayns graih; agh ta graih firrinagh ceau jeh aggle; son raad ta aggle ta torchagh: eshyn ta fo aggle, cha vel eh firrinagh ayns graih. Bible; cast off

cuir See cuirr 1 quench a: ta ny assyllyn feïe cuir nyn baa Bible; 2 invite: ny cuir dty chaarjyn, ny dty vraaraghyn Bible; 3 cast: Cuir-jee magh yn lieen er y cheu-yesh jeh'n lhong Bible; 4 sow: Brish-jee seose yn thalloo banejagh eu, as ny cuir-jee mastey drineyn Bible

jannoo1 (=Ir. déanamh) See yannoo1 accomplish, act, build, cast, coalesce, commit, compose, construct, deal, deed, do, doing, effect, execute, create, fabricate, fashion, fill, follow out, keep, keeping, making, manufacture, perform, perpetrate, practise, produce, render, structure, style, transact; make: jannoo ooilley ny ta'n Chiarn er harey Bible; accomplishment, committal, conferment, conformation, construction, formation, goings on, performance, perpetration, production, pursuance, transaction, transactions

jiooldey deny, disclaim, dismiss, disown, dissent, eliminate, exclude, negate, negative, refuse, reject, repudiate, spurn, traverse; loathe: Ta'n annym lane jiooldey rish yn eer kere-volley Bible; thrust out: Myr shoh ren Solomon jiooldey rish Abiathar nagh beagh eh saggyrt y Chiarn Bible; cast off: Neems Judah myrgeddin y scughey ass my hilley myr ta mee er scughey Israel, as jiooldey voym yn ard-valley shoh Jerusalem Bible; abhor: Myr shen dy vel e vea jiooldey rish arran, as e annym rish bee blaystal Bible; dismissal, negation, renouncement, rejection, repudiation

skeaylley1 breed, cast loose, diffract, diffuse, disband, discharge, dismiss, dispel, disseminate, dissipate, dissolve, draw apart, drop away, leakage, release, resolution, resolve, run out, scatter, scattering, scramble, slacken, slackening, slip, spread, spreading, spring, sprinkle, sprinkling, undoing, unfix, unfurl, unfurling, liquidate: Er shoh ren y Chiarn skeaylley ad magh veih shen harrish slane eaghtyr y thallooin Bible; diffusion, dissipation, dissolution, looseness


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