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cassyn (f.) feet: As va shuyr eck enmyssit Moirrey hoie myrgeddin ec cassyn Yeesey, clashtyn e ghoo Bible

Inexact matches:

cassyn cammey (f.) bow legs

cassyn craitnagh (f.) webbed feet

cassyn marrey (f.) sea legs

cassyn muickey (f.) pig's trotters

cassyn scammylagh (f.) webbed feet

tree cassyn triskele: Tra chossyn yn lught Stanley Reiltys Vannin, ren ad goaill rish ny tree cassyn son y chowrey dauesyn hene. Dhoor

cassyn ny greiney (f.) zodiac

gys ny cassyn full-length: As ayns mean ny shiaght cainleyryn, fer goll-rish yn Mac dooinney, coamrit lesh garmad sheese gys ny cassyn, as kianlt mysh e chleeau lesh cryss dy airh. Bible

irree er ny cassyn jerree (as horse) rear

stroogey ny cassyn shuffle off

webbed feet cassyn craitnagh; cassyn scammylagh

bear bear: va'n veisht honnick mee goll rish leopard, as va ny cassyn echey myr cassyn bear Bible

feet (npl.) cassyn: She fell down at his feet - Huitt ee sheese ec ny cassyn echey. JJK idiom; trieyn: He is six feet tall - T'eh shey trieyn er lhiurid. JJK idiom; trieghyn

pig's trotters (npl.) cassyn muickey

sea legs (n.) cassyn marrey

triskele (n.) tree cassyn

shuffle mestey; stroogey-cassyn

shuffle off (v.) stroogey ny cassyn

stroogey-cassyn shuffle

bow legs (npl.) cassyn cammey; lurgaghyn cammey

full-length (adj.) gys ny cassyn, lane liauyr

rear2 (v.) (as horse) irree er ny cassyn jerree

sthroogey drag: T'eh sthroogey ny cassyn echey. DF

fore cor; toshee: The fore feet - Ny cassyn toshee. DF idiom; toshiaght

patchit clouted, patched: shenn vraagyn patchit er ny cassyn oc Bible

stockyn stocks: ren eh ny cassyn oc shickyr ayns ny stockyn Bible

stroogey See strugey pet, smooth, stroke; (feet) trail: V'eh stroogey ny cassyn echey. DF

tree (=O.Ir. trí) three, trey: Tree cassyn Ellan Vannin. DF [L. tres]

zodiac (n.) cassyn ny greiney; cryss greiney: The signs of the zodiac - Cowraghyn ny cryss greiney. DF idiom

brattagh Manninagh Manx flag: Ta Neil Hodgson gra dy vel eh jerkal craa yn brattagh Manninagh, Tree Cassyn Vannin, y nah cheayrt vees eh cosney yn varriaght ayns ratçh Ard-Roar-Vree yn Teihll. BS

craueagh bony, gaunt, osseous, scraggy, skinny: Er y cheu elley shilley s'agglee v'ayn, red fegooish cummey, cassyn, mean ny kione, gyn feill, gyn crackan, jeeaghyn craueagh v'eh, creenit as fioj't, myr starvit laccal bee PC

deayrtey folley bloodshed: Son ta ny cassyn oc roie gys olk, as jannoo siyr gys deayrtey folley. Bible

gastey active, agile, athletic, clever, lively, speedy, quick, valiant: Ta ny cassyn oc roie gys olk, as gastey dy gheayrtey foill gyn-logh Bible; stayed: va ny ushtaghyn mooarey er nyn gastey Bible; adroit

goll sheese decline, descending, descent, fall away, go down, pass down, sinking: Ta ny cassyn eck goll sheese gys yn oaie Bible

jannoo siyr hurry, hurrying, haste: Son ta ny cassyn oc roie gys olk, as jannoo siyr gys deayrtey folley. Bible

jeadys application, assiduity, diligence, perseverance, sincerity, tidiness; industry: Ren Mainshtyr Karran briaght row eh feeu dy yannoo filmyn ayns Mannin, as cuin veagh y jeadys shassoo er ny cassyn echey hene. BS

kibbin beg skewer: y cowrey-bannee enmyssit 'Callenig' - ooyl ny oranje, ny hassoo er tree cassyn, as croin, corkey ny arroo, as foddee luss y teim mygeayrt-y-mysh as kibbin beg ayn. Dhoor

lesh y ghrian clockwise; with the sun: va yindys mooar er ny akin ayns niau, ben coamrit lesh y ghrian, as yn eayst fo e cassyn Bible

mynnagh pl. mynneeyn bowel, innards: ren eh niee yn mynnagh as ny cassyn Bible

ooridagh refreshment: Va ooridagh as caa dy hoie sheese as cur fea da cassyn skee ny gerjagh yindyssagh ! Coraa

rouail mygeayrt (dy); (to) moon about, wander: Shoh myr bynney lhieu dy rouail mygeayrt, cha gow ny cassyn oc fea Bible

rubbey 1 rub, wipe a: ren eh toshiaght dy niee cassyn e ostyllyn, as dy rubbey ad lesh yn aanrit Bible; 2 chafe

shassoo er 1 insist, require a: agh un red ta mee shassoo er, ta shen, Nagh jean oo meddin y akin Bible; 2 step on a: ayns yn eer ynnyd ren cassyn ny saggyrtyn dymmyrk arg y chonaant shassoo er Bible

skiootal (of liquid) burst forth; cascade, gush, jet, rush, spout, spurt; cascading, spouting, squirting: Va'n ushtey skiootal harrish ny cassyn eck, choud's v'ee ny soie geaishtagh rish y trooan va roie harrish ny claghyn. Dhoor

snapperal 1 pull, stumble, stumbling, trip a: roish my nee ny cassyn eu snapperal er ny sleityn dorraghey Bible; 2 (stumbling) tripping

tappee (=Ir. tapa) allegro, express, fast, hasty, perfunctory, quick, quick-acting, rapid, speedy, swift: ta ny cassyn oc tappee dy gheayrtey fuill Bible

palms (npl.) bassyn: but they found no more of her than the skull, and the feet, and the palms of her hands - agh cha dooar ad ny smoo jee nan chlaigin, as ny cassyn, as bassyn ny laueyn eck Bible; palmyn

shed (n.) bwaag; bwaane: Lean-to shed - Bwaane rish boalley. DF idiom; dreeym; (v.) shilley; shill, shillit; skah; skahit, skaht, tilgit; deayrt; gheayrt: And shed innocent blood - As gheayrt ad yn uill gyn loght; deayrtey: For their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood - Son ta ny cassyn oc roie gys olk, as jannoo siyr gys deayrtey folley Bible

were v': So after he had washed their feet - Myr shen erreish da v' er niee ny cassyn oc Bible; va: Thus the heavens and the earth were finished - Myr shoh va ny niaughyn as y thalloo er nyn groo Bible; (interrog.) row: Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? - Row nearey orroo tra vad er nyannoo yn peccah dwoaiagh? Bible

cass (=Ir. cos, Sc.G. cas) (f.) pl. cassyn See kass bottom, foot, leg, peg: As woaill eh ad rass as cass Bible; (of feather) barrel; (of river) meander, mouth, outlet: Cass ny hawin. DF; (of pipe) stem; (of whip) crop; handle, hilt, shaft, stalk: shegin da ve êillit lesh yiarn, as cass shleiy Bible [O.Ir. cos]


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