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cassid accuse, impeach, reprimand, revile; (with crime) charge: ny jean-jee cassid vreagagh er dooinney erbee Bible; crookedness

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jannoo cassid denunciation: T'eh jannoo cassid noi son dunverys. DF

jannoo cassid er accuse, arraign, charge with crime, denounce, impeach, impeachment, recriminate: V'eh jannoo cassid er y sleih cheddin, v'eh garraghey syn aght cheddin, va'n jeeanid cheddin ayn. GB; (with crime) charge

charge8 (with crime) cassid, jannoo cassid er

impeach (v.) cassid, ceau ourys er, jannoo cassid er

accuse (v.) cassid; jannoo cassid er: Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely - Ny jean-jee tranlaase er dooinney erbee, ny jean-jee cassid vreagagh er dooinney erbee Bible; cur ny lieh: touching those things whereof ye accuse him - mychione ny reddyn ta shiuish cur ny lieh Bible; cur stiagh plaiynt: go down with me, and accuse this man - goll sheese mâryms, as plaiynt y chur stiagh noi yn dooinney shoh Bible

impeachment (n.) jannoo cassid er

revile (v.) eylaghey, oltooaney; cassid

charge with crime (v.) jannoo cassid er

crookedness (n.) camlaagid, camlaagys, cammid, neuyeerid; dronnid, cassid

denounce (v.) ginsh er, jannoo cassid er, obbal

denunciation (n.) insh er, jannoo cassid, obbal

recriminate (v.) aachassid, jannoo cassid er; aacherraghey; (impv) jean aachassid

reprimand cassid; cur oghsan da; oghsan

farscreeu forge: T'ad cassid noi son farscreeu. DF

arraign (v.) cur lesh gys briwnys, jannoo cassid er, jannoo cooish-leigh noi, loghtaghey

feddynit acquired, gotten: Agh cha jagh agh 32 jeusyn er cassid, as cha row agh nane jeusyn feddynit y ve kyndagh! Carn; found

maor factor: Va leighder scheioil ec ny croiteyryn as haink eh lesh dellal magh yn cassid son deforcement as cheau eh drogh-ennym er maor y Çhiarn MacDonald. NNS

reajid decidedness, discretion, order, settledness: t'eh dy heet rish ayns quaiyl ayns Lerpoyll y chied laa Mee Vayrnt, as cassid jeant er dy ren eh loght noi reajid theayagh. BS

are t': They are living a cat and dog life - T'ad beaghey bwoalley er kayt as bwoalley er moddey. JJK idiom; ta: These boys are accusing one another - Ta ny guillyn shoh cassid er e cheilley. JJK idiom; (interrog.) vel: Are there any coals in the scuttle? - Vel geayll erbee ayns y chruick? JJK idiom


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