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Cassey Causeway, Twisting Road

cassey change, curl, distort, flick, flounce, involvement, meander, meandering, screw, spin, squirm, swing, swirl, tangle, turn, twist, warp, whip-round, wind, wrench; whirl: tee kinjagh cassey mygeayrt as chyndaa reesht rere e combaaseyn Bible; wring: ver y saggyrt lesh eh gys yn altar, as nee eh cassey yn kione jeh Bible; pervert: gioot dolley sooillyn y vooinjer creeney, as cassey cooishyn y sleih cairagh Bible; twisting

Inexact matches:

cassey ayn involve

cassey briwnys perversion of justice

cassey harrish turn over

cassey kirkey double cablestitch

Cassey Moore Moore's Causeway

cassey mwaanalagh crick

cassey mygeayrt turn round; whirl about: tee kinjagh cassey mygeayrt, as chyndaa reesht rere e combaaseyn Bible

cassey rink pirouette

cassey ry-lhiattee caracole

cassey sheese delve

cassey toshtal left-hand turn

Garee Cassey Causeway Shrubbery

scroagh cassey bulbous-rooted tangle

cassey er ash double back, double over; (as persons) turn back

cassey er clee (as road) turn off

cassey er jesh (as road) turn off

cassey er pinney pivot

cassey kiangley er whip

cassey veih'n raad (as road) turn off

cassey yn irriney prevaricate, prevarication

cassey yn thombaacey cable stitch

cur cassey ayn kink

cur cassey ayns folt wave as hair

Glion y Cassey Causeway Glen

rish cassey yn phost by return of post

turn off2 (v.) (as road) cassey er clee, cassey er jesh, cassey veih'n raad

twisting cassee; jannoo lhoobagh; kessey; kestal; lhoobagh; cassey: Turning and twisting - Cassey as lhoobey. DF idiom

bulbous-rooted tangle (n.) scroagh cassey

Causeway Shrubbery (n.) Garee Cassey

involve (v.) cassey ayn

involvement (n.) kiangley, cassey

left-hand turn (n.) cassey toshtal

Moore's Causeway (n.) Cassey Moore

pirouette cass-rinkey; cassey rink

squirm cassey; lhoobey

swirl cassey; eerey

twist1 baic; cammaghey; car; carral; cassey: Let us twist the rope - Lhig dooin cassey yn teidd. JJK idiom; clinkal; clinkey; faast; faastey; kessey; slew

Twisting Road (n.) Cassey

whip-round (n.) cassey

whirl feogh; queeyllaghey; cassey

wrench (v.) cassey; (n.) rinse

wring cassey; faast; faastey

cable stitch (n.) cassey yn thombaacey

Causeway Cassey; Kessa, Kessah; Thaggyr

crick cassey mwaanalagh; feh-chrappey; sthangey

delve (v.) cassey sheese; cleiy; reuyrey

flounce cassey; snug; snuggal; trippyl

kink (n.) carr; (v.) cur cassey ayn

perversion of justice (n.) cassey briwnys

prevarication (n.) cassey yn irriney, breag

screw (v.) cassey, scroddey; (n.) scrod; glasseyder

by return of post rish cassey yn phost

Causeway Glen (n.) Glion y Cassey, Glion Gaish

distort (v.) cammaghey, cammey, cassey, cleayney, cur ass cummey

double back (v.) cassey er ash, filley er ash

double cablestitch (n.) cassey kirkey; lapp ny kirkey

flick cassey; cur scuitch beg da; snig; sniggal

meander (n.) cass, lhoob; ammyr-chassee, strooan-chassee; (v.) lhoobey, cassey

meandering (adj.) cam-jeeragh, camjeeragh shliawinagh; (v.) cassey, lhoobey

pivot (v.) cassey er pinney, cur er pinney; (n.) pinney

prevaricate (v.) cassey yn irriney, loayrt dy shaghrynagh

turn back2 (v.) (as persons) cassey er ash; chyndaa er ash

caracole (v.) cassey ry-lhiattee, goaill lieh-chassey ass, greeish chassee, greeish vishagh, lieh-chassey

double over (v.) cassey er ash, croymmey, filley er ash, lhoobey

righthand (n.) jesh: Righthand turn - Cassey jesh. DF idiom

tangle (v.) cassey, cur fud y cheilley, goaill; (n.) fam; cront

turn over1 broillaghey; broilley; cassey harrish; chyndaa harrish; lauejaghys argid

wave as hair (v.) cur cassey ayns folt, cur tonney ayns folt

whip1 (v.) cassey kiangley er, kippey, slashal, yeealley, blinkey; (n.) kip

abane (f.) ankle: Hug eh cassey da'n abane echey. DF

combaaseyn circuits: tee kinjagh cassey mygeayrt, as chyndaa reesht rere e combaaseyn Bible

change1 arraghey, coonrey; caghlaa: Change of work is rest - Caghlaa obbyr aash. JJK idiom; cassey; ceaghley; neealeraght

curl baare: On the curl of the wave - Er baare y tonn. DF idiom; cassag; cassey; curlal; feogh; keshag; kessey

pervert (v.) cammaghey, cassey, chyndaa er shaghryn, cur gyn vree, cur shaghryn er, cur shaghrynys er; (n.) cleaynagh

rope1 (n.) coyrd; tead, tedd; teidd: Let us twist the rope - Lhig dooin cassey yn teidd. JJK idiom; thow; (v.) kiangley lesh teaddyn, teaddey

spin cassey; kestal; queeyllaraght; sneeu: they toil not, they spin not - cha vel ad tooilleil, chamoo tad sneeu Bible

swing (v.) cassey, croghey, dooney, lunjeaney; leaystey: To swing to and fro - Dy leaystey noon as noal. DF idiom; (n.) leayst-chiaull; leaystane, lunjean, builley geaylin

turn round1 cassey mygeayrt: To turn round and round - Dy chassey mygeayrt reesht as reesht. DF idiom; chyndaa mygeayrt

warp1 carral; cassey; gloo: either in the warp, or in the woof - edyr ayns y ghloo, ny ayns yn innagh Bible; tead tayrnee; warp

wind1 (n.) ennal; geay: I fear we shall have a north wind, south wind, east wind, west wind - Ta aggle orrym dy bee ain geay twoaie, geay jiass, geay niar, geay neear. JJK idiom; (v.) cassey, togher, troggal

chyndaa mygeayrt turn about, turn round: Ta'n gheay goll lesh y jiass, as chyndaa mygeayrt gys y twoaie, t'ee kinjagh cassey mygeayrt, as chyndaa reesht rere e combaaseyn. Bible

daunseyn dancing: Tra v'ad daunseyn va'n sleih cassey mygeayrt y laare myr mwyljyn geayee as mish bunnys tuittytm harrish. GK; frisk

dy chooilley chairys all equity: princeyn thie Israel, ta dwoaiagh er briwnys, as cassey dy chooilley chairys. Bible

goll lesh bound, go with, make for: Ta'n gheay goll lesh y jiass, as chyndaa mygeayrt gys y twoaie, t'ee kinjagh cassey mygeayrt, as chyndaa reesht rere e combaaseyn. Bible

soiagh jeh approbation; acknowledge: Cha ren my hooill cassey ayns briwnys, chamoo ren eh soiagh jeh e vraaraghyn, ny geill y choyrt da e chloan hene Bible

tayrn fuill bleeding: S'feer eh, dy vel eeym cheet lesh churnal bainney, as ta cassey yn stroin tayrn fuill Bible

subvert (v.) cleiy fo, cur fud y cheilley; cur shaghrynys er; cur trooid y cheilley: Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses - Ny beeill oc sheign y yeigh, ta cur slane lughtyn-thie fo-my-cheilley Bible; cassey: To subvert a man in his cause, the Lord approveth not - Dy chassey dooinney ayns e chooish cha vel y Chiarn lowal jeh Bible

turn1 cassey; chyndaa; coorse; garrey; reir garraghyn; shayll: The servants go to church in turn - Ta ny sharvaantyn goll dys y cheeill ayns shayll. JJK idiom; hyndaa; turn: One good turn deserves another - Ta derrey turn mie toilchin turn elley. JJK idiom


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