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caslys (=Ir. cosúil) (pl -syn) appearance, chart, design, drawing, elevation, illustration, imitation, painting, picture, shape: Ayns caslys Yee chroo eh eh Bible; likeness

Inexact matches:

caslys bayrey road map

caslys boalley mural

caslys bollee route map

caslys cheerey map: ren ad jeeaghyn caslys-cheerey dooin ren soilshaghey magh raad ta ny Celtiee ec y traa t'ayn Carn

caslys-cheerey boalley wall map

caslys geaylagh charcoal

caslys kerey wax seal

caslys marrey sea chart, seascape

caslys ooill oil painting

caslys rollagh roller map

caslys skeddan sign of herrings

caslys soyllee virtual image

caslys speyragh aerial photograph

caslys toshee frontispiece

caslys ym-linnaghyn contour map

clowan caslys picture frame

caslys ronsagh kirpey anatomical atlas

goaill caslys jeh film: Ta ny meoiryn shee goaill caslys jeh dy chooilley pheiagh t'ad greimm - ny bunnys dy chooilley pheiagh. Carn

jannoo caslys cheerey map, mapping

jannoo caslys jeh pictures: Va dooinney aynshoh oie dy row bleeantyn er dy henney as va shamraig echey as hass eh faggys da Keeill Pherick, as v'eh son jannoo caslys jeh'n cheeill vooar as hrog eh seose yn chamraig. LC

oayllee caslys cheerey plotter

tayrn caslys jeh design

aerial photograph (n.) caslys speyragh

contour map (n.) caslys ym-linnaghyn

design caslys; cummey; grease; kiaddey; kiarail; shalee: That's my design anyway - Ta shen yn shalee aym ansherbee. DF idiom; tayrn caslys jeh

frontispiece (n.) caslys toshee

map (n.) caslys cheerey: Have you finished your map? - Vel oo er chur jerrey er dty chaslys-cheerey? JJK idiom; kaart cheerey: Have you finished your map? - Vel oo er chur jerrey er dty chaart-cheerey? JJK idiom; (v.) jannoo caslys cheerey

mapping (v.) jannoo caslys cheerey

mural (n.) caslys boalley

oil painting (n.) caslys ooill

picture (n.) caslys: A picture rises in my mind - Ta caslys cheet gys my chione. DF idiom; cochaslys, jalloo, scannane, tuarystal; picture

picture frame (n.) clowan caslys

road map (n.) caslys bayrey

roller map (n.) caslys rollagh

route map (n.) caslys bollee

anatomical atlas (n.) caslys ronsagh kirpey

image (n.) caslys: for in the image of God made he man - son ayns caslys Yee hie dooinney er croo. Bible; cochaslys; jalloo: He is the image of you - T'eh dty yalloo hene. DF idiom; soyley; co-yalloo; scaan: an image was before mine eyes - va scaan roish my hooillyn Bible

likeness (n.) cummey: Enemy in the likeness of a friend - Noid ayns cummey carrey. DF idiom; ayns cummey; caslys: In the day that God created man -Sy laa ren Jee dooinney y chroo, ayns caslys Yee Bible; cochaslys: Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or likeness - Cha jean oo dhyt hene jalloo granit erbee, ny cho-chaslys; tuarystal

sea chart (n.) caslys marrey, mooir-chaslys

sign of herrings (n.) caslys skeddan

caslys-soilshey photograph

charcoal (n.) caslys geaylagh, geayl foiee, geaylagh craue

imitation (n.) arrish, caslys, maclioar; (adj.) arrishagh, breagagh

painting (n.) caslys, jalloo; (v.) daahghey, jesheenaghey, slaa

pictures (npl.) caslyssyn, jallooyn, pictureyn, scannaneyn; (v.) jannoo caslys jeh

plotter (n.) co-chialgeyr, kialgeyr; oayllee caslys cheerey; cooyl-chleader

seascape (n.) caslys marrey; mooir-chaslys; reayrt marrey

virtual image (n.) caslys soyllee, jalloo soylagh

wall map (n.) caslys-cheerey boalley, map boalley

wax seal (n.) caslys kerey, seal kerey

film1 (n.) brat, fillym; (v.) goaill caslys jeh, jannoo fillym jeh

illustration (n.) caslys, sollyssid; tayrneyraght: Pencil illustration - Tayrneyraght phenn-leoie. DF idiom

voish shen 1 consequently; 2 whence a: voish shen myrgeddin hooar eh eh ayns caslys. Bible

chart (n.) caslys, graaf, kaart marrey, taabyl graafagh; (v.) jannoo graaf jeh, tayrn er kaart, tayrn kaart jeh

drawing (n.) caslys; jalloo; jallooaght; linneeaght; (v.) tayrn: Winter is drawing near - Ta'n geurey tayrn er-gerrey. JJK idiom; caslyssagh: Don't shake the table while she's drawing - Ny crie yn boayrd choud's t'ee caslyssagh. JJK idiom

elevation (n.) ard-cheim; caslys; ooaslid; yrjaghey; yrjey: Angle of elevation - Uillin yrjey. DF idiom; yrjid: Elevation above sea level - Yrjid erskyn y cheayn. DF idiom

photograph (n.) co-chaslys, caslys-soilshey, cochaslys sollys, foto, fotograf, jalloo-shamraig; cochaslys-soilshey; (v.) jannoo fotograf jeh

shape caslys; craishtey; croo; crooaghey; cummey: Lick him into shape - Cur cummey as kiartaghey da. DF idiom; kiaddey; tuarystal

ard-ennym eminence, fame, renown, title: As va'n caslys shoh troggit rish bleeantyn er y woalley syn Ollay lesh yn ard-ennym, "The Eskdale Pay-counting Machine. GB

cohirrey compete; competition: Caslys-soilshey yindyssagh jeh Cashtal Phurt ny h-Inshey as lhie- greiney ardghooagh y valley cooyl echey, shen y caslys hooar y varriaght ayns Cohirrey Caslyssyn-soilshey Turrysid Vannin y vlein shoh. BS

dreain wren: caslys erbee jeeaghit da'n theay myr y dreain er laa'll Steaoin JK

er lhiam (=Ir. dàr liom) in my opinion, I presume, it seems to me, I suppose, I think, methinks: Er-lhiam dy vel caslys y doghan dy louraanys ayns y thie

feill peccoil sinful flesh: ren Jee liorish coyrt e Vac hene, ayns caslys feill peccoil, as son peccah, peccah y gheyrey ayns yn eill Bible

goon frock: as v'eh caslys jeh maynagh as v'eh  ceau goon doo gys ny boynyn echey as bayrn-bussallagh er y chione. LC

jeeaghit shown: caslys erbee jeeaghit da'n theay myr y dreain er laa'll Steaoin JK

reihagh choosey, elective, optative; would choose: Reihagh my huyr y caslys shen, nagh reihagh ee? JJK

'sy laa by day, in the daytime:Sy laa ren Jee dooinney y chroo, ayns caslys Yee ren eh eshyn y chroo: Bible

appearance (n.) caslys, cheet magh, cheet rish, croo, shassoo stiagh, ymmyrkey; cummey: His appearance belies him - Ta'n cummey echey ginsh breag er. DF idiom; reayrtys: At first appearance - Er yn chied reayrtys. DF idiom; tuarystal: He has a hungry appearance - Ta tuarystal yn accrys er. DF idiom

er croo alive with vermin; crawling, swarming: Va'n boayl er croo lesh meoiryn shee. DF; full: Ta'n balley er croo lesh sleih. DF; made, created: Quoi erbee ta deayrtey fuill dooinney liorish dooinney bee yn uill echeysyn er ny gheayrtey; son ayns caslys Yee hie dooinney er croo. Bible

maynagh (=Ir. manach) monk: honnick eh dy row peiagh elley er y negative nagh row eh er vakin ec y traa, as v'eh caslys jeh maynagh as v'eh ceau goon doo gys ny boynyn echey as bayrn-bussallagh er y chione. LC [L. monachus]


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