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carthan bug, tick: Va ny caraigyn as ny carthanyn blaakey er ayns yindys. Dhoor

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carthan folley bloodsucker

carthan keyrragh (sheep tick) ked; sheep louse

carthan lhiabbagh bed tick

carthan ollee cattle bot

bed tick (n.) carthan lhiabbagh

cattle bot (n.) carthan ollee

tick1 (n.) carthan, tick

bloodsucker1 (n.) carthan folley, sooder folley

entomological (adj.) carthan-oayleeagh

entomologist (n.) carthan-oaylee

entomology (n.) carthan-oayleeaght

carthan-oaylee entomologist

carthan-oayleeagh entomological

carthan-oayleeaght (f.) entomology

bug1 (n.) carthan; doghan; freetch; (v.) buggal, cur eaishteyder ayn

ked (n.) (sheep tick) carthan keyrragh, crouan keyrragh, meeyl cheyrragh

sheep louse (n.) carthan keyrragh, crouan, meeyl cheyrragh


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