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cart cairt: The cart was caught in the bog - Va'n cairt fest 'sy voglagh. DF idiom; cart: To put the cart before the horse - Cur yn cart roish y chabbyl. JJK idiom; caart; (v.) cartey, cairtey, tayrn

cart 1 cart a: chur ad lhieu arg Yee ayns cart noa Bible; 2 tanner's bark

Inexact matches:

box cart (n.) coop

bullock cart (n.) cairt stitt

cart grease (n.) smarrey cairt

cart house (n.) thie cairt

cart shed (n.) bwaane cairt, thie cairt

cart track (n.) bayr cairt

dog cart (n.) cairt voddee

donkey cart (n.) cairt assyl

dung cart (n.) cairt eoylley

mail cart (n.) cairt phost

ox cart (n.) caayrt dew

push cart (n.) cairt laue

rubbish cart (n.) cairt hrustyr

sling cart (n.) cairt ghunn-vooar

timber cart (n.) cairt aamaid

tip cart (n.) cairt chroghit

water cart (n.) cairt ushtey

watering cart (n.) cairt ushtey

cart darree tan bark; (leather) tan

shaft of cart (n.) lhuir

cairt ushtey (f.) water cart, watering cart

thie cairt cart house, cart shed

let (n.) lhiettalys; (v.) (da) lhig, lhiggal: Let him load the cart - Lhig da laadey yn cart. JJK idiom; lhiggey: You've let the fire go out - Ta shiu er lhiggey da'n aile goll magh. JJK idiom; soiaghey; cur ergooyl

load (n.) bart, errey, laad, lught; (v.) cur orraghey ayn, lhieeney, lughtey; laadey: Let him load the cart - Lhig da laadey yn cart. JJK idiom; (to); (dy) lughtaghey

sheaves (npl.) bunneeyn: I am pressed under you, as a cart is pressed that is full of sheaves - lhie-yms trome erriu myr cart laadit lesh bunneeyn Bible

tan3 (leather) cart darree; cartaghey

tan bark cart darree

tanner's bark (n.) cart

bayr cairt cart track

bwaane cairt cart shed

caayrt dew ox cart

cairt aamaid (f.) timber cart

cairt assyl (f.) donkey cart

cairt chroghit (f.) tip cart

cairtey cart, cartage; carting

cairt ghunn-vooar (f.) sling cart

cairt phost (f.) mail cart

cairt stitt (f.) bullock cart

cairt voddee (f.) dog cart

coop box cart

smarrey cairt cart grease

cairt eoylley (f.) dung cart, tumbrel

cairt laue (f.) handcart, push cart

lhuir thill, shaft of cart

cairt hrustyr (f.) bin wagon, rubbish cart

cairt (=Ir. cairt) (f.) pl. cairtyn cart: Va'n cairt fest 'sy voglagh. DF

cartey 1 cart, take away a: myr ta dooinney cartey eoylley Bible; 2 tanning

caart (pl -yn) card, playing card; quart: Caart dy lhune vie. DF; cart: cha row saase erbee dy chur ersooyl cement agh er y raad yiarn ayns kishtey vooar queeylagh, as er ny choyrt lesh cabbyl as caart gys y stashoon. JG

tedd pl. teddyn rope: Smerg dauesyn ta tayrn mee-chraueeaght lesh coyrdyn dy ardalys, as peccah myr dy beagh eh lesh tedd cart! Bible [O.Ir. tét]

tayrn (=Ir. tarraing) 1 carry, carrying, cart, describe, designing, draft, drag, draw along, drawing, get out, haul, haulage, heave, hitch, pluck, pull, pulling, quartering, suction, tow, towing, trace, tracing, trawl, tugging, yank; 2 draw a: Cre'n-fa t'ou tayrn back dty laue Bible; 3 attract: t'eh tayrn trimshey er hene Bible; 4 induce, lure: dy chooilley nhee ta tayrn sleih gys peccah Bible; 5 traction; 6 (of tea) brew; 7 (as barrel) tap; 8 pl. tayrnyn tug; 9 catching


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