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carr cleeahnagh jaunting car

carr pl. carryn lilt, melody, strain, tune: Rish y vlein shoh va dy kinjagh carr ny jees goit stiagh voish Nerin as eer Sostyn Carn; (of voice) cadence; cab, car, van: Bwooise da Jee nagh vod oo goll noon as noal harrish y cheayn cho aashagh as oddys oo gimman carr eddyr Bretin as Sostyn. Carn; kink, vicissitude

Inexact matches:

carr beg baby car

carr caggee march, military air

carr cowree signature tune

carr daunse dance tune

carr faillee hire car

carr geayil tender

carr kishtey-spaag paddle-box car

carr laadee caisson, lorry, wagon: Myr sampleyr, y pheesh veg ren taishbyney sidooryn Goaldagh ceau corp Sheain Threasaigh stiagh ayns carr-laadee ayns Divlyn. Carn

carr oanluckee hearse

carr postys mail van

carr pryssoon police van

carr pryssoonagh prison van

carr railley rail car

carr scudlagh luggage van

carr surranse ambulance

carr tessenvinkagh crossbench car, toastrack car

jannoo carr lilting

carr laadee beg wagonette

carr ny merriu funeral tune

carr yn phrysoon Black Maria

carr y phoosee wedding tune: Ta ymmodee car ayns carr y phoosee. DF

ceau carr ass grind

cur ayns carr mie key

fer carr lheihys ambulance man

immanagh carr laadee wagoner

jannoo carr er lilt

laad carr laadee wagonload

lilt (n.) carr; irree; (v.) jannoo carr er

cadence2 (n.) (of voice) builley, carr, tuittym

caisson (n.) carr laadee, heedraghys

crossbench car (n.) carr tessenvinkagh

dance tune (n.) carr daunse

hearse (n.) carbyd; carr oanluckee

hire car (n.) carr faillee

jaunting car (n.) carr cleeahnagh

luggage van (n.) carr scudlagh

mail van (n.) carr postys

military air (n.) carr caggee

paddle-box car (n.) carr kishtey-spaag

police van (n.) carr pryssoon

prison van (n.) carr pryssoonagh

rail car (n.) carr railley

signature tune (n.) carr cowree

toastrack car (n.) carr tessenvinkagh

van (n.) carr, van; vondeish

vicissitude (n.) car; carr; corraghid

wagonette (n.) carr laadee beg

wagonload (n.) laad carr laadee

bumper car (n.) carr-donkal

cab (n.) cab; cabbane; carr; carriads

car racing (n.) ratchal-carr

carwash (n.) naighyn-carr; niaghyn-carr

funeral tune (n.) carr ny merriu

hitchhiker (n.) carr-hroagyrey

kink (n.) carr; (v.) cur cassey ayn

lorry (n.) carr laadee; carr-ladee; lorree

racing car (n.) carr-ratch

ratchet car (n.) carr-rackeen

tunnel car (n.) carr-thiollane

wagoner (n.) faineyder, immanagh carr laadee

wedding tune (n.) carr y phoosee

carr-donkal bumper car

carr-hroagyraght (f.) hitchhike

carr-hroagyrey hitchhiker

carr-ladee lorry

carr-lheihys ambulance

carr-pollys police car

carr-rackeen ratchet car

carr-ratch racing car

carr-thiollane tunnel car

naighyn-carr carwash

niaghyn-carr carwash

ratchal-carr car racing

ambulance1 (n.) carr surranse, carr-lheihys, gleashtan lheihys; carbyd-lheeys, carbyd-lheihys

ambulance man (n.) fer carr lheihys, fer kied chouyr

baby car (n.) carr beg, gleashtan beg

hitchhike (v.) carr-hroagyraght, goll er yn ordaag

police car (n.) gleashtan poleen; carr-pollys

wagon (n.) carr laadee; wagon, waggan, waggon

bieauidyn speeds: Carr tree bieauidyn. DF

Black Maria (n.) carr yn phrysoon, van ny meoiryn shee, van y phrysoon

jazz (n.) snagchiaull; (v.) snaggey: Jazz a tune - Carr y snaggey. DF idiom

lilting (v.) jannoo carr; (adj.) kiaullee: Lilting voice - Coraa kiaullee. DF idiom

strain1 (n.) carr, chionnid; chennid: Heart strain - Chennid chree. DF idiom; (v.) chionney, sheeyney

car (n.) carr, cayr; sleod; gleashtan: Left-hand drive car - Gleashtan as yn wheeyl er y cheu hoshtal. DF idiom [Ir. gluaisteán]

grind beihll, bleih, broo; cur foyr er, blieh, ceau carr ass; jeesternee; scranshal; shleeu; jibbag; (to); (dy) vlieh

key1 boltal; chiooney; ellan injil, sker; gleaysh: The key of C - Gleaysh C. DF idiom; mess skianagh; ogher: Don't lose your key - Ny caill nyn ogher. JJK idiom; (v.) cur ayns carr mie

march carr caggee; cosheeaght: To march along - Dy chosheeaght er oaie. DF idiom; troagyraght; march; (v.) co-hooyl; marchal: the Egyptians marched after them - va ny Egyptianee marchal er nyn eiyrts Bible

melody (n.) carr; bingys: for I will not hear the melody of thy viols. - son cha neaisht-ym rish bingys dty violyn Bible

tender1 (n.) carr geayil, baatey frastyl, tarrish; (n.) cheb; (adj.) bog, fiosagh, meigh, mettey, meiyghagh; meiygh; meddey

tune1 (n.) car: There are many notes in the wedding tune - Ta lane clinkyn ayns car y phoosee. JJK idiom; carr

car pl. kyr See carr :1 1 knot, twirl, twist, vicissitude; 2 (prep.) during a: nee ny eeanlee tannaghtyn orroo car y touree Bible

nice (adj.) braew: The tea was nice and sweet - Va'n tey braew millish. DF idiom; taitnyssagh: Nice tune - Carr taitnyssagh. DF idiom; mie: That is a nice situation - Ta shen boayl mie. DF idiom; jesh: Nice car - Gleashtan jesh. DF idiom; coar: Nice man - Dooinney coar. DF idiom


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