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cap (n.) baare, cap, capeen, farkyl; edd: Take off thy cap - Gow jeed dty edd. JJK idiom; bayrn: He won his cap - Hooar eh e vayrn. DF idiom; (v.) crooiney, cur bayrn er, keim er stowal er

cap cap

Inexact matches:

axle cap (n.) cappan essyl

bathing cap (n.) bayrn faarkee

brimless cap (n.) bonnad

cap stone (n.) clagh vullee

cloud cap (n.) bayrn

dust cap (n.) bayrn joan, clabbeen joan

fatigue cap (n.) bayrn obbree

folding cap (n.) bayrn bussallagh

fool's cap (n.) bayrn ommidan

forage cap (n.) bayrn foddyragh

grease cap (n.) cappan smarrey

percussion cap (n.) capeen bwoallee

radiator cap (n.) farkyl feayreyder

Scottish cap (n.) bonnad Albinagh

screw cap (n.) farkyl cassee

storm cap (n.) bayrn willey

valve cap (n.) bayrn cooylley

woman's cap (n.) quoif

cap with peak (n.) bayrn

bayrn (of men) cap, cap with peak; bonnet: Ren ee cloagey jiarg da'n neen as myrgeddin bayrn jiarg feer aalin. Dhoor; cloud cap

bayrn cooylley valve cap

bayrn faarkee bathing cap

bayrn foddyragh forage cap

bayrn joan dust cap

bayrn obbree fatigue cap

bayrn ommidan fool's cap

capeen cap

capeen bwoallee percussion cap

cappan essyl axle cap

cappan smarrey grease cap

clabbeen joan dust cap

crooiney cap

cur bayrn er cap

farkyl cassee screw cap

farkyl feayreyder radiator cap

cap-a-pie (adv.) voish king gys coshey

cap-screen (n.) scrod capeen

knee-cap (n.) rollian ny gliooney

bayrn willey hood, storm cap

bonnad Albinagh glengarry, Scottish cap

keim er stowal er cap

scrod capeen cap-screen

bayrn bussallagh folding cap, hood, kerchief

clagh vullee (f.) cap stone, cope stone

rollian ny gliooney knee-cap, kneecap

bonnad pl. bonnadyn bonnet, brimless cap, woman's bonnet: Ribbanyn bonnad. DF

farkyl cap, cover, lid: Bwoaill yn farkyl neose er! DF

voish king gys coshey cap-a-pie, from head to foot

take1 (v.) goaill: I would not like to trouble you - Cha b'laik lhiam boirey shiu JJK idiom; troggal; gow: Take off thy cap - Gow jeed dty edd. JJK idiom; trog-jee

take off3 (v.) (clothes) gow eaddagh jeh: Take off thy cap - Gow jeed dty edd. JJK idiom

baare1 (=Ir. baar.) (f.) pl. bir apex, cap, climax, end, point, summit, tip, top: baare e vair y hummey ayns ushtey Bible; toe; (of wave) crest, curl; interval; ruin; bare; film on milk, surface

edd (m., f.) pl. idd hat; cap; nest: myr y chalmane ta jannoo yn edd eck ayns tuill ny guaggyn. Bible [L. nidus]

quoif (f.) (pl -yn) 1 coif a: nyn goifyn obbrit, as ny breidyn runt oc goll-rish yn eayst Bible; 2 woman's cap; 3 caul


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