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cam (n.) cam

Cam Crooked

cam bent, cam, crooked, deceitful, deformed, intricate, knotty, perverse, rakish, rakish angle, wry: teh er nyannoo ny chassanyn cam Bible; wrong

Inexact matches:

Bayr Cam (n.) Bayr Cam

Bayr Cam Bayr Cam

Cam Ard High Curve

Cam Lurgey Camlork

Cam Woaillee Crooked Fold

cliwe cam scimitar

cloie cam unfair play

combaaseyn cam calliper compasses

Cooil Cam Crooked Nook

dy cam underhand

Faaie Cam Crooked Flat

fer cam-hooillagh squinter

Glion Cam Crooked Glen, Devil's Elbow

gob cam crossbill, wrybill

gorley cam (yn); (the) staggers

jannoo cam-arrish travesty

mwannal cam stiff neck, torticollis, wryneck

obbree cam racketeer

gob cam Albinagh Scottish crossbill

gob cam mooar parrot crossbill

gob cam skian-vane two-barred crossbill

lus ny cam-ching (f.) daffodil

ushag y wannal cam (f.) wryneck

wryneck (n.) mwannal cam, ushag y wannal cam

travesty (n.) cam-arrish; (v.) jannoo cam-arrish

calliper compasses (n.) combaaseyn cam

Camlork (n.) Cam Lurgey

Crooked (n.) Cam

Crooked Flat (n.) Faaie Cam

Crooked Fold (n.) Cam Woaillee

Crooked Glen (n.) Glion Cam

Crooked Ridge (n.) Cam Lurgey

Devil's Elbow (n.) Glion Cam

High Curve (n.) Cam Ard

racketeer (n.) obbree cam; raggyrnoilee

rakish angle (n.) cam, cleaynt

scimitar (n.) cliwe cam

torticollis (n.) mwannal cam

unfair play cloie cam

Winding Glen (n.) Glion Cam

wry (adj.) cam, cast, gammagh

wrybill (n.) gob cam

brokenfooted cam-chassagh

clubfooted (adj.) cam-chassagh, spaaghagh

crooked-necked cam-wannalagh

crooked-nosed (adj.) cam-stronnagh

crossbill (n.) gob cam, gob tessen

cross-eyed (adj.) cam-hooillagh

intricate (adj.) cam; camlaaghagh; cast; cramp

parrot crossbill (n.) gob cam mooar

Scottish crossbill (n.) gob cam Albinagh

splay-footed1 (adj.) cam-chassagh; liebeigagh; spaagagh

squinter (n.) fer cam-hooillagh

squinting cam-hooillagh; slydagh

staggers branleycan; gorley cam; tollan

stiff-necked (adj.) cam-wannalagh, creoi-wannalagh, rag-wannalagh

tortuous (adj.) cam-jeeragh; camlaagagh

two-barred crossbill (n.) gob cam skian-vane

underhand (adj., adv.) dy cam, fo laue

weary willie (n.) cam-chiollee

wrong1 (adj.) aggairagh: It is very wrong of you to go there - T'ou g'aghtey feer aggairagh goll dys shen. JJK idiom; dy meechiart, meechiart, aggair; (v.) jannoo aggair da; cam: Whether you're right or wrong, you might be more modest - Vel oo kiart ny cam, oddagh oo ve ny s'fastee. JJK idiom

cam-arrish (f.) travesty

cam-chassagh brokenfooted, splay-footed, clubfooted: dooinney doal, ny croobagh, ny eshyn ta'n stroin echey ass cummey, ny t'echey olt erbee neu-ghooghyssagh, Ny dooinney cam-chassagh, ny khyrloghe Bible

cam-chiollee weary willie

cam-hooillagh cross-eyed, squinting

cam-jeeragh meandering, tortuous

cam-stronnagh crooked-nosed

cam-wannalagh crooked-necked, stiff-necked

Crooked Nook (n.) Cooil Cham, Cooil Cam

deceitful (adj.) cam, cluigagh, kialgagh, sleetchagh, molteyragh, moltoil, kialgoil

deformed (adj.) aachummit, cam, croobagh, lheaymyssit, mee-chummit

knotty (adj.) cam, cayragh, crontagh, scarragh, uddanagh

meandering (adj.) cam-jeeragh, camjeeragh shliawinagh; (v.) cassey, lhoobey

rakish (adj.) cleaynt, raistylagh, sheeynt, cam, cleaynt sheear

stiff neck (n.) cleayn eiyrt, mwannal cam

camm See cam crooked: bee ny raaidyn camm er ny yannoo jeeragh Bible

khyrloghe brokenhanded: Ny dooinney cam-chassagh, ny khyrloghe Bible

bent aigney; cam; cleayn, cleoyn; croym: He is bent double - T'eh feer chroymm. DF idiom; lhoobit; (n.) keep, shaslagh

commit (v.) cur fo currym, kyndaghey; chymney; jannoo: Commit irregularities - Dellal cam y yannoo. DF idiom; cur rish: Commit no sin - Ny cur rish peccah. DF idiom

crooked1 (adj.) cam, camm: A crooked bonnag straightens the body - Ta bonnag cham jeeraghey y corp. DF idiom; camlaagagh; camstram; neuyeeragh

daffodil (n.) lus ny cam-ching, lus ny n'guiy, lus-ny-guiy, lus y ghuiy, lus yn arree

perverse (adj.) cam, camlaagagh, camlâgagh, frourtagh, frowartagh, noi-freihagh, roonagh, foalsey; noi'n troa: He is always perverse - T'eh goll dy kinjagh noi'n troa. DF idiom

prove (v.) fiddraghtyn, fondaghey, fidraghtyn; jeru; (impv) ronsee; prowal: Whatever you may say, I'll prove to you that you're wrong - Cre erbee foddee oo gra, n'eem prowal dhyt dy vel oo cam. JJK idiom; (to); (dy) phrowal

banc (=Ir. banc) bank: Ayns Lunnin, ta theay Hostyn fakin y kialgeyrys as dellal cam ta goll er sy reiltys as ayns sheshaghtyn "ooasle" goll rish Banc Hostyn. Carn

cruittagh bowed, humpbacked: Ny fer cruittagh, ny fer faase, ny fer cam-hooillagh Bible

screbbagh mangy, rascally, scabbed, scabby, scoundrelly: ny fer cam-hooillagh, ny ta fo taghys-chirrym ny screbbagh Bible

scurvy (n.) brooan, brooan marrey, carragh, gorley carragh; taghys-chirrym: Or crookbackt, or a dwarf, or that hath a blemish in his eye, or be scurvy, or scabbed - Ny fer cruittagh, ny fer faase, ny fer cam-hooillagh, ny ta fo taghys-chirrym ny screbbagh Bible; brogan: Blind, or broken, or maimed, or having a wen, or scurvy, or scabbed - Doal, ny brisht, ny baccagh, ny lesh sheane, ny brogan, ny screb Bible

grenns loin; testicle; stones: Ny dooinney cam-chassagh, ny khyrloghe, Ny fer cruittagh, ny fer faase, ny fer cam-hooillagh, ny ta fo taghys-chirrym ny screbbagh, ny ta'n grenns echey brisht Bible

taghys-chirrym scurvy: Ny fer cruittagh, ny fer faase, ny fer cam-hooillagh, ny ta fo taghys-chirrym ny screbbagh, ny ta'n grenns echey brisht Bible


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