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calmane eaynnee rock dove

calmane pl. calmaneyn dove, pigeon: hug eh reesht yn calmane magh veih yn arg Bible

Inexact matches:

calmane cleaynee stool pigeon

calmane coe turtle dove

calmane coillaragh collared dove

calmane creggey rock dove, rock pigeon

calmane glass stock dove

calmane gorrym stock dove

calmane keylley ring dove, wood pigeon

calmane marrey black guillemot

calmane mooar-chleeauagh pouter

calmane mooarscrobbagh cropper

Calmane sniaghtee Snow Pigeon

calmane thie homer pigeon

close calmane pigeon run

Keyll Calmane Dove Dale

kiark calmane (f.) hen pigeon

lout calmane pigeon-house

ratch calmane pigeon race

thie calmane columbarium, pigeon house

calmane yn niar rufous turtle dove

rock dove (n.) calmane creggey, calmane eaynnee

stock dove (n.) calmane glass, calmane gorrym

collared dove (n.) calmane coillaragh

columbarium (n.) thie calmane

cropper (n.) calmane mooarscrobbagh

dove (n.) calmane, colmane; collum

Dove Dale (n.) Keyll Calmane

hen pigeon (n.) kiark calmane

homer pigeon (n.) calmane thie

pigeon (n.) calmane; colmane

pigeon house thie calmane

pigeon-house (n.) lout calmane

pigeon race (n.) ratch calmane

pigeon run (n.) close calmane

pouter (n.) calmane mooar-chleeauagh, pootchagh

ring dove (n.) calmane keylley

rock pigeon (n.) calmane creggey

Snow Pigeon (n.) Calmane sniaghtee

wood pigeon (n.) calmane keylley

goayr bwoirryn pl. goair woirryn she goat: As dooyrt eh rish, Gow hood colbagh jeh three bleeaney dy eash, as goayr bwoirryn three bleeaney dy eash, as rea three bleeaney dy eash, as calmane turtle, as eean calmane. Bible

pigeon post (n.) calmane-phost

turtledove calmane-turtle

turtle dove (n.) calmane coe, turtur

calmane-phost pigeon post

calmane-turtle turtledove: As er y hoghtoo laa nee ee goaill daa chalmane-turtle Bible

black guillemot (n.) caillagh ghoo, calmane marrey

rufous turtle dove (n.) calmane yn niar

stool pigeon (n.) calmane cleaynee, maidjey breagagh

cooagey mourn: ren mee cooagey myr calmane Bible

gyn cree heartless: Ta Ephraim myrgeddin myr calmane oney gyn cree Bible

skianyn (f.) 1 floats; 2 wings a: O dy beagh aym skianyn myr t'ec calmane Bible; 3 side-wings

homer (n.) unit of capacity equal to 10 baths or 10 ephahs homer; calmane thie

akin (dy); (to) see: Myrgeddin hug eh magh calmane, dy akin row ny ushtaghyn er sloateil jeh eaghtyr y thallooin Bible

Assyria (f.) (Yn) Assyria: Nee ad clussaghey myr ushag veih Egypt, as myr calmane ass cheer Assyria: as soie-ym ad ayns nyn dhieyn hene, ta'n Chiarn dy ghra. Bible

dooghyssagh (=Ir. dúchasach) ancestral, congenital, heritable, idiomatic, inborn, inherent, instinctive, natural, unforced, unspiritual, untaught, untutored, vernacular: haink y Spyrryd Noo neose er, myr ayns cummey dooghyssagh calmane Bible; (adj., n.) pl. dooghyssee native; innate; indigenous; homebred

etlin I would fly: As dooyrt mee, O dy beagh aym skianyn myr t'ec calmane: son eisht etlin ersooyl, as veïgn ec fea. Bible

jeh (=Ir. de) 1 of, of him, whereof a: yn chied-vess jeh dty laboraght Bible; 2 off a: As ren ny ushtaghyn traie jehn thalloo dy kinjagh Bible; 3 from a: Myrgeddin hug eh magh calmane, dy akin row ny ushtaghyn er sloateil jeh eaghtyr y thallooin Bible

veïgn I would be: O dy beagh aym skianyn myr tec calmane: son eisht etlin ersooyl, as veïgn ec fea. Bible


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