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cake1 berreen: You'll buy a cake - Kionnee shiu berreen. JJK idiom; (n.) cabbaag; (v.) glooghey, jannoo keeak, scroigey

cake2 (n.) (of soap) block, caabaig

Inexact matches:

birthday cake (n.) berreen ruggyree

bride's cake (n.) berreen vanshey

cheese cake (n.) soddag chaashey

christening cake (n.) berreen vashtee

cotton cake (n.) keeak sheel-chadee

currant cake (n.) berreen vreck

dumb cake (n.) soddag valloo

Eccles cake (n.) soddag churran

fish cake (n.) soddag eeast

fruit cake (n.) soddag vess

girdle cake (n.) berreen ghryle

honey cake (n.) berreen volley

Madeira cake (n.) berreen Vadeiragh

Manx cake (n.) bonnag

oil cake (n.) keeak ooill

oil-linseed cake (n.) keeak ooill; keeak rass-lhieen

plum cake (n.) soddag risheen

slim cake (n.) keeak thanney

spice cake (n.) berreen spiosit

sponge cake (n.) berreen spunje

strawberry cake (n.) berreen soo thallooin

tea cake (n.) keeak tey

thick cake (n.) soddag

thin cake (n.) keeak

triangular cake (n.) strauan

wedding cake (n.) soddag vanshey

meal put on a cake (n.) follick, follyd

keeak ooill oil cake, oil-linseed cake

berreen ruggyree (f.) birthday cake

berreen spiosit (f.) spice cake

berreen spunje (f.) sponge cake

berreen Vadeiragh (f.) Madeira cake

berreen vanshey (f.) bride's cake

berreen vashtee (f.) christening cake

berreen volley (f.) honey cake

berreen vreck (f.) currant cake

glooghey cake, congest; (as ranks) close

jannoo keeak cake

keeak rass-lhieen oil-linseed cake

keeak sheel-chadee cotton cake

keeak tey tea cake

keeak thanney slim cake

scroigey cake, encrust

soddag chaashey (f.) cheese cake

soddag churran (f.) Eccles cake

soddag eeast (f.) fish cake

soddag risheen (f.) plum cake

soddag valloo (f.) dumb cake

soddag vanshey (f.) wedding cake

soddag vess (f.) fruit cake

strauan triangular cake

pat-a-cake bassag er vassag

berreen ghryle (f.) girdle cake, slapjack

berreen soo thallooin (f.) strawberry cake

bassag er vassag (f.) handy-dandy, pat-a-cake

caabaig (f.) (of soap) cake; cheese, loaf of cheese

follick meal put on a cake; shake

follyd meal put on a cake, shake

block pl. blick block, log, paving set; (of soap) cake; (of paper) pad

bonnag (f.) bannock, bonnag, bun, Manx cake: Ta bonnag cham jeeraghey y corp. DF

buy1 (v.) chionnys; kionnaghey; kionnee: You'll buy a cake - Kionnee shiu berreen. JJK idiom; (n.) kionneeaght; kionnagh: To buy a pig in a poke - Kionnagh muc ayns poagey. JJK idiom

cherry (n.) shillish: Make a strawberry cake and a cherry tart - Jean berreen soo-thallooin as pye shillish. JJK idiom

fetch (v.) cur lesh: Go and fetch the cake - Immee as cur lesh y verreen. JJK idiom

oiled ooillit: And one loaf of bread, and one cake of oiled bread - As un willeen arran, as un verreen dy arran ooilit Bible; (drunk) scooyrit

strawberry (n.) soo thallooin: Make a strawberry cake and a cherry tart - Jean berreen soo-thallooin as pye shillish. JJK idiom

berreen (f.) pl. berreenyn cake: Myr tan Chiarn dty Yee bio, cha vel wheesh berreen aym, agh lane-doarn dy veinn ayns barrel Bible; wafer

cabbaag See caabaig cake, cheese: cur lhiat ny jeih cabbaagyn shoh gys captan y thousane oc Bible

keeak pl. keeakyn thin cake, wafer: un cheeak gyn soorit, as keeak dy arran ooilit Bible

soddag (f.) bannock, thick cake: jean dooys hoshiaght soddag berreen, as cur lhiat hym eh Bible


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