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cairagh fair, impartial, just, proper: va Noah ny ghooinney cairagh as ynrick ayns e heelogheyn Bible; justifiable, justly

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dy cairagh properly, rightly: t'ou uss er n'yannoo dy cairagh, agh shinyn dy neuchairagh. Bible

Oik Dellal Cairagh Office of Fair Trading

justly (adv.) cairagh: We should be justly blamed for that - Veagh foill cairagh currit orrin son shen. DF idiom; dy jeeragh

impartial (adj.) cairagh, corrym, neuchleaynit, neuvaiagh

justifiable (adj.) cairagh, lowallagh, lowaltagh, seyragh

Office of Fair Trading (n.) Oik Dellal Cairagh

rightly (adv.) dy cairagh, dy kiart, dy ynrick

hee'm I will see: Hee'm dy vel dty chooish mie as cairagh Bible

dispute argane; pleadeil: he disputed about the body of Moses - veh pleadeil mychione corp Voses Bible; resooney: There the righteous might dispute with him - Ayns shen oddagh yn dooinney cairagh resooney rish Bible

dispute with (v.) resooney rish: There the righteous might dispute with him - Ayns shen oddagh yn dooinney cairagh resooney rish Bible

fair1 (adj.) aalin: Fair is that woman! - S'aalin y ven shen! JJK idiom; stoamey; bane, glen, mie; cairagh, cossyllagh, dy corrym, jonnick; (n.) margey: Our annual fair will be to-morrow fortnight - Bee nyn margey bleeanagh kegeesh mairagh. JJK idiom; preaban

garnish (v.) jesheenaghey; soiaghey magh: and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous - as soiaghey magh lhiaghtyn ny deiney cairagh Bible

proper (adj.) cairagh; er lheh; jeshey; kiart: The proper sense of the word - Keeayll kiart yn ockle. DF idiom; jeih-, jeih: The proper thing to do - Yn jeih red dy yannoo. DF idiom

properly (adv.) dy cairagh, dy cooie; dy kiart: I can't word the letter properly - Cha noddym fockley y screeuyn dy kiart. DF idiom

billey pl. billaghyn bank bill: Billey y 'aagail gyn eeck DF; (proposed law) bill: Hug eh lesh stiagh billey ayns Y Chiare as Feed DF; pl. biljyn :1 big bush, tree: Ta mess y dooinney cairagh billey dy vea Bible [O.Ir. bile]

chaglym cooidjagh agglomerate, aggregate, assemble, convoke, gather together: T'ad chaglym cooidjagh noi annym y dooinney cairagh: as deyrey gys baase yn uill neu-chyndagh. Bible

cheu heose jeh above: t'er y laue yesh jeh'n Ard-valley shen ta dy cairagh enmysit Nephthali ayns Galilee cheu heose jeh Aser. Apoc

dwoaiyssee shall abhor: Eshyn jirrys rish y vee-chrauee, T'ou uss cairagh ; ersyn hig mollaght y theay, dwoaiyssee ashoonyn eh. Bible

gass (f.) 1 bunch, sprig, stalk, stem a pl. gish :1; 2 (canine) bitch; 3 gas: Ta'n colught goll er baggyrt lesh immeeaghtyn-leigh liorish Oik Dellal Cairagh, kyndagh rish ymmodee plaiyntyn veih ymmydeyryn-gass ta er ve fegooish gass rish tammylt liauyr. BS

harrish deiney over men: Shegin dasyn ta reill harrish deiney ve cairagh, reill ayns aggle Yee Bible

against: Liorish smooinaght, raa, as jannoo, noi dty Ard-ooashley's flaunyssagh, Brasnaghey dy feer cairagh dty chorree as dty yymmoose nyn . PB1765

oney artless, harmless, honest, innocent, innocuous, morally uncorrupted, simple, well-meant: as ny bee laue ayd ayns baase y dooinney oney as cairagh Bible

peeikearyn spies: hug ad magh peeikearyn va dy lhiggey orroo dy ve deiney cairagh Bible

stoyrit hoarded, stored: ta cooid y drogh-yantagh stoyrit cour yn er-cairagh Bible

surransagh forbearing, passive, patient, sufferable, supportable, tolerable, tolerant: Ta Jee briw cairagh, niartal as surransagh Bible; pl. surransee in-patient, sufferer

ymmydeyryn users: Ta'n colught goll er baggyrt lesh immeeaghtyn-leigh liorish Oik Dellal Cairagh, kyndagh rish ymmodee plaiyntyn veih ymmydeyryn-gass ta er ve fegooish gass rish tammylt liauyr. BS

just cair: Let us be just - Lhig dooin ve cair. JJK idiom; cairagh; cairal; corrym-chiart; dy kiart; jeeragh; kiart: Oh, I will take just what is on the table at present, thank you - Oh, go'ym chiart ny t'er y voayrd ec y traa t'ayn, gura mie eu. JJK idiom; ynrick

wickedly (adv.) dy drogh; dy holk; dy aggairagh: Will ye speak wickedly for God? - Jean shiuish loayrt dy aggairagh ayns lieh Yee? Bible; dy mee-chrauee: I have kept the ways of the Lord, and have not wickedly departed from my God - ta mee er vreayll raaidyn y Chiarn, as cha vel mee dy mee-chrauee er hreigeil my Yee. Bible; mee-chairys: God will not do wickedly - cha jean Jee meechairys Bible; dy neuchairagh: thou hast done right, but we have done wickedly - tou uss er nyannoo dy cairagh, agh shinyn dy neuchairagh Bible; dy olk: for his mother was his counsellor to do wickedly - son er drogh choyrle e voir ren eh dy olk Bible; dy olkyssagh: thou thoughtest wickedly - heill oo dy olkyssagh Bible; dy peccoil: and have done wickedly - as er nyannoo dy peccoil Bible

cassey change, curl, distort, flick, flounce, involvement, meander, meandering, screw, spin, squirm, swing, swirl, tangle, turn, twist, warp, whip-round, wind, wrench; whirl: tee kinjagh cassey mygeayrt as chyndaa reesht rere e combaaseyn Bible; wring: ver y saggyrt lesh eh gys yn altar, as nee eh cassey yn kione jeh Bible; pervert: gioot dolley sooillyn y vooinjer creeney, as cassey cooishyn y sleih cairagh Bible; twisting


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