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cair (=Ir. coir) (f.) 1 privilege, property, rights, duty, righteousness a: As shoh vees cair y taggyrt veih'n pobble Bible; 2 due: Cur-jee da'n Chiarn yn onnor cair da'n Ennym echey Bible; 3 right, just: cha jean eh ny smoo ny ta cair y chur er dooinney Bible; 4 good: lhig dooin toiggal rooin hene cre ta cair Bible [O.Ir. cóir]

Inexact matches:

cair aascreeuee copyright

cair entreil access

cair-freayll paitçhyn child custody

cair neuchaghlaaee inalienable right

cair vie (f.) bon voyage, favourable wind; God speed, Pleasant journey

cair voaney (f.) turbary

ennym cair proper noun

cair y chrooin (f.) crown rights, treasure trove

cur ass cair alienate, alienation

cur cair da confer on, enable, establish a right, privilege

dagh cair coadit all rights reserved

goaill cair teihys jeh disfranchise

privilege (n.) ard-chied, cair, ard-chied ec; (v.) cur ard chied da, cur cair da

bon voyage (n.) cair vie

due appee; cair: Obedience is due to the law - Ta biallys cair da'n leigh. JJK idiom; jeeragh; kiart; kyndagh rish; ry-heet; yn-eeck; cooie

favourable wind cair vie

God speed (intj) cair vie

inalienable right (n.) cair neuchaghlaaee

Pleasant journey cair vie

righteousness (n.) cair; ynrickys

child custody (n.) cair-freayll paitçhyn

crown rights (n.) cair y chrooin

design right (n.) cair-caslyssyn

disfranchise (v.) goaill cair teihys jeh

just cair: Let us be just - Lhig dooin ve cair. JJK idiom; cairagh; cairal; corrym-chiart; dy kiart; jeeragh; kiart: Oh, I will take just what is on the table at present, thank you - Oh, go'ym chiart ny t'er y voayrd ec y traa t'ayn, gura mie eu. JJK idiom; ynrick

ortho- (pref.) cair-

orthochromatic (adj.) cair-chroamagh

orthocousins (n.) cair-vooinjer

orthodox (adj.) cair-chredjuagh; follan; kiart

orthodoxy (n.) cair-chredjue; follanid

orthogonal (n.) cair-uillinagh

treasure trove (n.) cair y chrooin

cair- (pref.) ortho-

cair-caslyssyn design right

cair-choip copyright

cair-chredjuagh orthodox

cair-chredjue orthodoxy

cair-chroamagh orthochromatic

cair-freayll custody

cair-hoilshee copyright

cair-uillinagh orthogonal

cair-vooinjer (f.) orthocousins

access (n.) cair entreil; entreilys; raad stiagh; (v.) fosley raad

alienation (n.) cur ass cair, feayraghey, scarrey

all rights reserved dagh cair coadit

confer on (v.) cur cair da, stowal er

copyright (n.) cair aascreeuee, cair-choip, cair-hoilshee, coip-chiart

establish a right (v.) cur cair da

proper noun (n.) ennym cair, ennym persoonagh

turbary (n.) cair voaney, kiart moaney, moanee

alienate (v.) cur ass cair, charbaa; cur noi; scarrey veih

enable (v.) cur cair da, cur ablid da, gaashaghey, cur pooar da

age (n.) amm, earish, lhing, seihll; eash: Respect is due to old age - Ta arrym cair da shenn-eash. JJK idiom

claim1 aggyrt: Bad claim - Aggyrt gyn bun. DF idiom; gaggyrt; aggyrtys: I have a just claim to that - Ta aggyrts cair aym da shen. DF idiom

middling castreycair: She is only middling - Cha nel eh agh castrey-cair. JJK idiom; cossyllagh; lane vie

old age1 (n.) eash, sheeloghe, shenndiaght, shenneraght; shenn eash: Respect is due to old age - Ta arrym cair da shenn-eash. JJK idiom

property (n.) cooid-seihllt, mayn, nhee thie cloie, shellooghys, tro; cair: I came in to the property - Haink mee ayns eiraght jeh'n chair. DF idiom; thie as thalloo: Property sale - Creck thieyn as thalloo. DF idiom

respect arrym: Respect is due to old age - Ta arrym cair da shenn-eash. JJK idiom; (n.) ammys, leigh, scansh; (v.) jannoo soiagh jeh; ennaghtyn

rights (npl.) cair: His rights were alienated - V'eh currit ass e chair. DF idiom; cairyn; kiartyn: My rights as against the government - My chiartyn erskyn y reiltys. DF idiom

agh ny veggan but a little: 2 Cur-jee ooashley da'n Mac, nagh bee eh jymmoosagh, as myr shen shiu dy herraghtyn veih'n raad cair: my vees e chorree er ny vrasnaghey, (agh ny veggan ;) Bible

bare bynney lesh beloved: cha jean eh eirey jeh mac y ven bare bynney lesh, roish mac y ven elley, tan eirey cair. Bible

castreycair middling, passable, tolerably well: Ny share ta red castrey cair lesh aggle y Chiarn

doill desire: Shoh m'aggle jeed's, dy vod foall y volteyr dty resoon 'chassey veih e hushtey cair; ayns ynnyd mie dy jean oo olk y reih, lurg dty veerioose dy doill oo pian y leigh. PC

foall deceit, felony, murder, slyness: Shoh m'aggle jeed's, dy vod foall y volteyr dty resoon 'chassey veih e hushtey cair PC

geiyrt da walk after, go after, follow, seek after, pursue, obey, mind: Teh er dreigeil yn raad cair, as er ngholl er-shaghryn, geiyrt da raad Balaam mac Bosor Bible

goaill yn aigney preoccupy: Cre'n aght t'ad goaill shin jeh; T'ad goaill yn aigney harrish cair, Dy s'coan yiow Jee agh lieh. LH

neuvaghtal abstruse, imperceptible, inconspicuous, indistinct, unobvious, vague: T'eh credjal dy vel dooghys yn eddyr-voggyl jannoo neuvaghtal y linney eddyr lhiettal fysseree as y cairys ec sleih dy gheddyn briwnys cair ayns cooish-leigh. BS

custody (n.) cair-freayll; freayll fo ghlass; pryssooney; coadey: In safe custody - Fo coadey sauchey. DF idiom; currym: In my custody - Fo my churrym. DF idiom; jingyr

duty1 (n.) cair, curmal, jiootee, keesh, obbyr, tailley, feeaghyn; currym: She'll be happy, as long as she does her duty - Bee ee maynrey, choud's t'ee jannoo e currym. JJK idiom; curryms: It's my duty to show that to your father - She my churryms eh jeeaghyn shen da dt'ayr. JJK idiom

good mie: I want to go home in good time - Shegin dou goll thie ayns traa mie. JJK idiom; cair, foayroil; mieys; mienys; vie: I hope you are in good health - Ta mee treishteil dy vel shiu ayns slaynt vie. JJK idiom; foays

right cair; cairys; cairysagh; jeerys; kiart: All is right except this sentence - Ta ooilley kiart er-lhimmey jeh'n raa shoh. JJK idiom; my yesh; jeeragh; jesh: We turned to the right, as you told us - Hyndaa shin dys y cheu jesh, myr dooyrt oo rooin. JJK idiom; jeshey


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