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caillt (=Ir. caillte) See caillit damned, defunct, lost, perished, shipwrecked: Ta'n Reiltys caillt ayns y phoggad dowin jeh'n cherroo argid Carn

Inexact matches:

caillt dy slane irrecoverable

defunct (adj.) anvio, caillt, marroo

Cha nel fys aym I know not: Va lurgey caillt ec y chiaullteyr shoh; cha nel fys aym row eh caillt sy chaggey ny kyndagh rish drogh-haghyrt ennagh, agh aghterbee va lurgey fuygh echey. CJ

perished fiojit; frogh; shymlit; caillt

shipwrecked brisht; caillt; lhongvrisht; mooirchoorit

irrecoverable (adj.) ass roshtyn, caillt dy slane, do-gheddyn

damned deyrit: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth - Dy voddagh adsyn ooilley ve deyrit nagh ren credjal yn irriney Bible; caillt; imshee; mollaghtagh

cagh elley everyone else, rest: Shoh yn bardoon myr hooar mee eh bleeantyn er dy henney, agh va'n pabyr raipit ec yn jeihoo raane, as cagh elley caillt. Coraa

cultoor culture: ta'n ashoon as cultoor ain bunnys caillt fo'n cherroo argid as ny mwannalyn liauyr veih Sostyn. Carn

eiraghtys hereditament, inherited property: Myr shen s'baghtal dy daink ad dy ghleck reesht yn thalloo as yn eiraghtys va caillt oc ayns Nerin ayns 902 as dy chur er bun reesht reill sluight Ivar. GB

fadanagh desolate; lonely: t'ad caillt dooin nish as cha nel veg faagit dooin er lhimmey jeh'n un arrane fadanagh "Finn as Oshin." Coraa

feiy pl. feiyn fathom: dennee ad dy row feed feiy oc Bible; during: Feiy'n laa hooyll shin mygeayrt yn clane ellan as hug shen er-ash dooin ooilley ny t'er ve caillt ayns Mannin hene. Carn

greienys equipment, harness: Ta coontey coyrt ayn jeh stoo-thie as yn greienys caillt ec Finn 'sy thie losht as ec jerrey yn skeeal ta inshit dooin yn erree dy daink er Garraidh son yn olkys ren eh. Coraa

mynchreck retail: Ec y traa t'ayn, ta'n chapp-taishbynys ayns Straid Varriaght as va'n ving-phlannal er ghra dy beagh tooilley assee jeant da jeadys-mynchreck y valley dy beagh y chapp-taishbynys caillt. BS

lost cailjey; cailt, caillit, caillt: There is much lost between the hand and the mouth - Ta lane cailt eddyr y laue as y beeal. JJK idiom; chaill: You lost your temper - Chaill shiu nyn dappey. JJK idiom; chailjey; er shaghryn

lum-lane brim-full, full to overflowing, glutted: Ta ooilley ny Manninee dooie ersooyl, nish dy vel y fer s'jerree jeu, Ned Maddrell voish Glion Chass, dooinney coar as gennal as lum-lane dy Ghaelg, caillt dooin; hooar eshyn baase 'sy gheurey shoh chaie (1974). LC; brimfull; overflowing


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