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caillin lhionney barmaid

caillin (=Ir. cailin) (f., m.) colleen, damsel, girl, lass, maid, young woman: Ta mee shooyl magh marish caillin. DF; waitress

Inexact matches:

caillin aarlee kitchen maid

caillin aeg damsel: She caillin aeg bwoyagh ee, aalin erskyn insh! JC

caillin bainney dairy maid

caillin ballay ballerina

caillin blaa flower girl

caillin boalley pin-up

caillin buird parlour maid

caillin chellvane operator, telephone girl

caillin creck salesgirl

caillin dhoan brunette

caillin dree blue-stocking

caillin eddrym coquette

caillin eilkin errand girl

caillin eirinagh land girl

caillin etlan air-hostess

caillin fynn blonde

caillin fynn-vane (f.) ash-blonde, platinum blonde

caillin guoiee goose girl

caillin s'aaley belle

caillin scoill schoolgirl

caillin shapp shop assistant, shopgirl

caillin slieau (f.) oread

caillin thallooin land girl

caillin thie domestic female, housemaid

caillin ushtey naiad

caillin whaaley sewing maid

caillin ayns breetchyn tomboy

caillin gyn poosey spinster

Caillin ny Leoh Cinderella

Caillin ny Leoie Cinderella: Ta sym mooar ec scoillaryn neesht - cha nel y Ghaelg ain Caillin ny Leoie ny sodjey. Dhoor

Caillin y Saveen Liauyr Sleeping Beauty

caillin y vainney milkmaid

eddrym myr caillin coquettish

Cinderella (n.) Caillin ny Leoh; Caillin ny Leoie

land girl (n.) caillin eirinagh, caillin thallooin

air-hostess (n.) caillin etlan

ash-blonde (n.) caillin fynn-vane

ballerina (n.) caillin ballay

belle (n.) caillin s'aaley

blue-stocking (n.) caillin dree

colleen (n.) caillin

coquette (n.) caillin eddrym

coquettish (adj.) eddrym myr caillin

domestic female (n.) caillin thie

errand girl (n.) caillin eilkin

flower girl (n.) caillin blaa

goose girl (n.) caillin guoiee

naiad (n.) caillin ushtey

oread (n.) caillin slieau

parlour maid (n.) caillin buird

pin-up (n.) caillin boalley

platinum blonde (n.) caillin fynn-vane

salesgirl (n.) caillin creck

sewing maid (n.) caillin whaaley

shopgirl (n.) caillin shapp

telephone girl (n.) caillin chellvane

waitress (n.) caillin

damsel (n.) ben aeg: And the damsel was very fair to look upon - As van ven aeg feer aalin dy yeeaghyn urree Bible; caillin; caillin aeg; doodee; inneen; inney-veyl; moidyn: If a damsel that is a virgin be betrothed unto an husband - My vees ben aeg ta ny moidyn nasht rish sheshey bible

housemaid (n.) ben harvaant, caillin thie

schoolgirl (n.) caillag scoill, caillin scoill

young woman (n.) ben aeg, caillin

chenn-caillin (yn) duchess

barmaid (n.) ben lhionney, caillin lhionney, inney vaayl

blonde (adj.) bane, fynn; (n.) ben vane, caillin fynn

brunette (n.) ben ghoan, caillin dhoan; (adj.) dhoan

dairy maid (n.) caillin bainney, inneen vlieaun

duchess (n.) ben ooasle, bendiuic; (yn) chenn-caillin

kitchen maid (n.) caillin aarlee, 'neen ny juistyn

operator (n.) caillin chellvane, guilley chellvane, obbraidee, obbreyder

shop assistant (n.) caillin shapp; cooneyder shapp; guilley shapp

Sleeping Beauty (n.) Caillin y Saveen Liauyr

spinster (n.) ben neuphoost, ben sneeuee, caillin gyn poosey

tomboy (n.) caillin ayns breetchyn, inneen firryn

maid (n.) ben aeg, ben haarvant, caillag, caillin, inneen veyl, inney vaayl, moidjyn

milkmaid (n.) ben ny baa, ben vlieauney, caillin y vainney, inneen vlieaun

saveen (=Ir. samhán) (f.) doze, nap, slumber: Caillin y Saveen Liauyr. DF

shooyl magh marish take about: Ta mee shooyl magh marish caillin. DF

constitution1 (n.) callin: He has a wonderful constitution - Ta caillin yindyssagh echey. DF idiom; slaynt: He has a wonderful constitution - Ta slaynt yindyssagh echey. DF idiom; reill cheerey; jannoo co-yantys

girl (n.) ben aeg, bwoirrinagh, caillag, caillin, doodee, inneen, yah; 'neen: Was not the little girl very ill? - Nagh row yn neen veg feer ching? JJK idiom

lass (n.) bwoirrinagh; ben aeg; caillag, caillin; doodee: Big lump of a lass - Stuggey dy ghoodee. DF idiom; buddee; inneen, 'neen; yah: Where are you going lass? - C'raad t'ou goll yah? DF idiom

fynn (=Ir. fionn) blond, blonde, pure white: Caillin fynn-vane. DF; (of hair) fair; (skin) fair; cataract: T'eh fynn-hooillagh. DF; sprite [O.Ir. finn]


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