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caillagh vane (f.) smew

caillagh (=Ir. cailleach) (f.) pl. cailleeyn crone, old woman, single woman, witch; glaucous gull; old wife

Inexact matches:

caillagh eeast (f.) fishwife

caillagh foawragh (f.) giantess

caillagh ghoo (f.) black guillemot; nun, Benedictine

caillagh oie (f.) barn owl, white owl; death-watch

caillagh phishagagh (f.) beldam, beldame

caillagh ruy (f.) loach, stone loach

caillagh varrey (f.) guillemot, hagfish

caillagh vreck (f.) dogfish

cooish caillagh hen party

caillagh ny gueshag (f.) hag

caillagh veg yn arbyl (f.) long-tailed titmouse

beldame (n.) caillagh phishagagh

crone (n.) caillagh; shenn ven

death-watch (n.) caillagh oie; farrar

fishwife (n.) caillagh eeast

giantess (n.) caillagh foawragh

hagfish (n.) caillagh varrey

hen party (n.) cooish caillagh

stone loach (n.) caillagh ruy

glaucous gull (n.) caillagh; foillan glass

hag1 (n.) caillagh ny gueshag; lhagg

loach (n.) caillagh ruy, carroo ruy

old wife (n.) carroo doo; caillagh

single woman (n.) ben neuphoost, caillagh

smew (n.) caillagh vane; sheeltey vreck

caillagh-foawragh (f.) amazon

amazon (n.) (Myth.) cahner bwoirrin; caillagh-foawragh; far-ven

barn owl (n.) caillagh oie, hullad soailt, hullad vane

beldam (n.) caillagh phishagagh; shenn-chaillagh ghraaney; joushag; postyr

Benedictine (n., adj.) Benedictagh; caillagh ghoo; (n.) jough Venedictagh

black guillemot (n.) caillagh ghoo, calmane marrey

guillemot (n.) caillagh varrey, chennel, stronnag, stronnag ghoo

white owl (n.) caillagh oie, hullad vane

long-tailed titmouse (n.) caillagh veg yn arbyl, eean beg yn amman

nun (n.) ben austeyr; ben reillt; caillagh ghoo; cailliagh ghoo

dogfish (n.) caillagh vreck; gobbag: Our netting is eaten by the dogfish - Ta'n snaie ain eeit ec y ghobbag. DF idiom

old woman (n.) caillagh; shenn ven: They were waking the old woman - V'ad farrarey yn chenn ven. DF idiom

witch (n.) ben obbee, caillagh; buitch: Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live - Cha nuillee oo buitch dy ve bio Bible


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