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cabbyl maidjey hobbyhorse, wooden horse

cabbyl (=Ir. cappul) pl. cabbil horse, mount: livrey-yms dhyt's daa housane cabbyl Bible [L. caballus]

Inexact matches:

billey cro-cabbyl horse chestnut

cabbyl Arabagh (horse) Arab

cabbyl assylagh hinny; mule

cabbyl awin hippopotamus

cabbyl bane comber

cabbyl beayn stayer

cabbyl beg hobby

cabbyl breck dapple grey, piebald horse

cabbyl buigh dun horse

cabbyl caggee charger, war horse: Cha row eh goaill tayrn dy mennick agh heill mee dy beagh "Cabbyl Caggee" tombaghey cooie er e hon. MB

cabbyl cairt carthorse

cabbyl carriads cab horse

cabbyl cleaney packhorse

cabbyl dhone bay horse

cabbyl drid trotting horse

cabbyl drug dray horse

cabbyl faillee hackney

cabbyl feieys (horse) hunter

cabbyl glass grey horse

cabbyl gorrym dapple grey horse

cabbyl griagh stud horse

cabbyl jeeltit palfrey

cabbyl keimyragh pacer

cabbyl keylley capercailie

cabbyl laadee packhorse

cabbyl leaystagh rocking horse

cabbyl lhiurey thill horse

cabbyl lhuir shaft horse

cabbyl litçheragh jade

cabbyl markee hack

Cabbyl Mooar Big Horse

cabbyl obbyr work horse

cabbyl oie kelpie

cabbyl paggey pack horse, packhorse

cabbyl roie race horse

cabbyl ruy bay horse: Honnick mee 'syn oie, as cur-my-ner, va dooinney markiaght er cabbyl ruy Bible as hass eh mastey ny biljyn-myrtle va heese 'sy choan, as cheu chooylloo va cabbil ray, brack as bane. Bible

cabbyl shee fairy horse

cabbyl shesheree plough horse, work horse

cabbyl Spaainagh jennet

cabbyl spaainagh jennet

cabbyl tappee courser, spanker

cabbyl tayrnee draught horse

cabbyl toshee trace horse

cabbyl ushtey kelpie, water horse

Cabbyl Vane White Horse

cabbyl yiarn motor cycle

cro cabbyl horse chestnut

guilley cabbyl stableman

kip cabbyl horsewhip

mooin cabbyl leapfrog: Dy chloie mooin cabbyl. DF

ratch cabbyl horse race

shellan cabbyl wasp

cabbyl gyn brishey bronco

cabbyl gyn caa outsider

Cabbyl y Chione Doo Horse of the Black Head

Cabbyl yn Lhieggey Horse of the Waterfall

Close y Cabbyl Horse Enclosure

cur kip cabbyl da horsewhip

er mooin cabbyl on horseback: Jeirkee er mooin cabbyl. DF

Giat y Cabbyl Clagh Stone Horse Field

goll er cabbyl faillit hack

guilley cabbyl Injinagh syce

jeirkee er mooin cabbyl newly rich

lhieggey jeh cabbyl unhorse

packhorse (n.) cabbyl cleaney, cabbyl laadee, cabbyl paggey

bay horse (n.) cabbyl dhone, cabbyl ruy

horsewhip (v.) cur kip cabbyl da; (n.) kip cabbyl

jennet (n.) cabbyl Spaainagh, cabbyl spaainagh

kelpie (n.) cabbyl oie, cabbyl ushtey

work horse (n.) cabbyl obbyr, cabbyl shesheree

hack breb 'sy lurgey, broillaghey; broilley; cabbyl markee, garran; giarrey, speiy; goll er cabbyl faillit

Arab2 (n.) (horse) cabbyl Arabagh

Big Horse (n.) Cabbyl Mooar

bronco (n.) cabbyl gyn brishey

cab horse (n.) cabbyl carriads

capercailie (n.) cabbyl keylley

carthorse (n.) cabbyl cairt

courser (n.) cabbyl tappee

dapple grey cabbyl breck

draught horse (n.) cabbyl tayrnee

dray horse (n.) cabbyl drug

dun horse (n.) cabbyl buigh

fairy horse (n.) cabbyl shee

grey horse (n.) cabbyl glass

hinny (n.) cabbyl assylagh

hippopotamus (n.) cabbyl awin

hunter2 (n.) (horse) cabbyl feieys

pacer (n.) cabbyl keimyragh

pack horse (n.) cabbyl paggey

palfrey (n.) cabbyl jeeltit

piebald horse (n.) cabbyl breck

plough horse (n.) cabbyl shesheree

race horse (n.) cabbyl roie

shaft horse (n.) cabbyl lhuir

stableman (n.) guilley cabbyl

stud horse (n.) cabbyl griagh

thill horse (n.) cabbyl lhiurey

trace horse (n.) cabbyl toshee

trotting horse (n.) cabbyl drid

war horse (n.) cabbyl caggee

White Horse (n.) Cabbyl Vane

wooden horse (n.) cabbyl maidjey

bareback rider (n.) skibbyltagh-cabbyl

dapple grey horse (n.) cabbyl gorrym

horse (n.) cabbyl: I wish you had a better horse - Saillym dy beagh cabbyl ny share eu. JJK idiom; eagh; marksleih; mark; niagh: The horse is prepared against the day of battle - Tan niagh greihit cour laa yn chaggey Bible

Horse Enclosure (n.) Close y Cabbyl

leapfrog (n.) lheimyraght ghrommey, mooin cabbyl

mount (n.) cabbyl, slieau; crongan, cronk; shasstan; slieau: The Sermon on the Mount - Yn Sharmane er y Clieau. DF idiom; (v.) drappal; festal; goll er mooin: To mount a horse - Dy gholl er mooin cabbyl. DF idiom; goll seose, cur seose; lheim er mooin; lheimyragh er mooin; mooadaghey; soie

mule (n.) cabbyl assylagh, lieh-assyl, mule

outsider (n.) cabbyl gyn caa, joarree

show jumping (n.) lheimyraght-cabbyl; lheimmeraght-cabbyl

syce (n.) aghlagh, guilley cabbyl Injinagh

wasp (n.) connspeagh, poogh, shellan cabbyl

cabbyl-leaystee rocking horse

lheimmeraght-cabbyl show jumping

lheimyraght-cabbyl show jumping

skibbyltagh-cabbyl bareback rider

comber (n.) caarteyder, cabbyl bane, kereyder, tonn vooar

hobbyhorse (n.) cabbyl maidjey; eagh-veg; sheltee ellanagh

Horse of the Waterfall (n.) Cabbyl yn Lhieggey

horse race (n.) ratch cabbil; ratch cabbyl

motor cycle (n.) cabbyl yiarn; gleash-wheeyl; roar-bree

newly rich jeirkee er mooin cabbyl

rocking horse (n.) cabbyl leaystagh, laair vrebbagh; cabbyl-leaystee

spanker (n.) cabbyl tappee, greddeyder, shiaull arbyl

stayer (n.) cabbyl beayn, dooinney beayn, fuirreyder

Stone Horse Field (n.) Giat y Cabbyl Clagh

unhorse (v.) cur ass y jeelt, lhieggey jeh cabbyl

water horse (n.) cabbyl ushtey, eagh ushtey

hackney (n.) cabbyl faillee, eagh faillee; gleashtan faillee; (v.) jannoo cadjincliaghtit

horse chestnut (n.) billey cro-cabbyl, castan, castan ny gabbil, cro cabbyl, cro souney

Horse of the Black Head (n.) Cabbyl y Chione Doo

jade (n.) beeataig, stridlag; clagh ghlass, jaid; cabbyl litçheragh; trussyl; buddee

neighing (v.) shuternee: The horse is neighing - Ta'n cabbyl shutternee. JJK idiom

banee (persons) albino; pale, white: As yeeagh mee, cur-my-ner, cabbyl banee Bible

doolaney challenge, challenging, dare, dicing: Ta'n cabbyl mooar dhone doolaney. DF

mule (pl -yn) mule: Ny bee-jee shiuish goll-rish cabbyl ny mule Bible

charger (n.) cabbyl caggee; lughteyder lectragh; claare: Give me here John Baptist's head in a charger - Cur dou ayns shoh kione Ean Bashtey er claare Bible

cheated mollit; molley: The man of whom I bought the horse has cheated me - Yn dooinney voishyn chionnee mee y cabbyl shoh t'eh er volley mee. JJK idiom

dun (v.) clowaney, croaganaghey, dorraghey; doon; ouar, ouyr; buigh: Dun horse - Cabbyl buigh. DF idiom

gallop garrey; lhigey; ratchal: The horse burst into a gallop - Ren y cabbyl ratchal roish. DF idiom

hitch (v.) castey, tayrn; kiangley da: Hitch the horse to the tree - Kiangle y cabbyl da'n villey. DF idiom; (n.) lhiettalys: Without a hitch - Gyn lhiettalys. DF idiom

hobby (n.) cabbyl beg, cabbyleen, shirragh corranagh; ceau traa: It was his hobby - V'eh yn ceau traa echey. DF idiom

on horseback er mooin cabbyl: and brought him on horseback through the street of the city - as hug eh lesh eh er mooin chabbyl trooid straidyn yn ard-valley Bible

racing (v.) ratchal; roie: Don't be racing the horse - Ny bee roie y cabbyl. DF idiom

rein (n.) cass-streeaney, raigh, yeeal streeaney; streean: To rein up a horse - Dy chur er cabbyl dy hassoo liorish yn streean. DF idiom; (v.) streeaney

riding markiaghey; markiaght: He has a horse for riding - Ta cabbyl chum markiaght echey. DF idiom; markiagh: I was out riding - Va mee mooie markiagh. DF idiom

saddle dreeym; jeelt: Come and see the horse, for the saddle of which I paid two guineas - Trooid as jeeagh y cabbyl son y jeelt echeysyn d'eeck mee daa phunt. JJK idiom; jeeltagh; jeeltal; jeeltey

Balley Chashtal Castletown: Ec y Chingeesh 'sy vlein 1930 ren mee markiaght er "cabbyl yiarn" dys Balley Chashtal as ayns shen veeit mee rish my charrey Bob Harrison. MB

bane (=Ir. bán) COMPARE fynn blank, blond, blonde, fair, pallid, white: yeeagh mee, as cur-my-ner, cabbyl bane Bible; (as ground) fallow, unbroken, untilled; desolate [O.Ir. bán]

caart (pl -yn) card, playing card; quart: Caart dy lhune vie. DF; cart: cha row saase erbee dy chur ersooyl cement agh er y raad yiarn ayns kishtey vooar queeylagh, as er ny choyrt lesh cabbyl as caart gys y stashoon. JG

doo (=Ir. dubh) black, dark, dirty, ink, inky, negroid, sable: As yeeagh mee, as honnick mee cabbyl doo Bible; black-haired, black headed; bold [O.Ir. dub]

fer mooinjerey manservant, young male servant: Dooyrt fer mooinjerey aym, dy dod eh goll dys y chey, tra v'eh ny ghuilley, lesh cabbyl as caart as kionnaghey tunney dy gheayll son jeih skillin! JG

glish (f.) stream; (npl.) locks: Haink paart jeu er mooin cabbyl gymmyrkey nyn shenn gunnyn glish aileagh. Carn

greit stocked: As va cummey ny locustyn goll-rish cabbyl greit son y chaggey; as er nyn ging va attaghyn goll-rish airh Bible

piyr (f.) pl. piyryn brace, couple, pair: honnick mee cabbyl doo; as v'echeysyn va markiagh er piyr dy veihaghyn ayns e laue Bible

red (=Ir. rud) pl. reddyn article, item, matter, object, thing: Cha vel cabbyl coontit agh red fardalagh dy hauail dooinney Bible

ruy (=O.Ir. rúad) copper-complexioned, foxy, ginger, red, red-haired, sandy, tan: va dooinney markiaght er cabbyl ruy Bible [L. rufus]

Skyll Maayl Kirk Michael: Haink y chooish shoh rish lurg drogh-haghyrt ayns Skyll Maayl y çhiaghtin shoh chaie, tra begin cabbyl y chur gy baase . BS

sprettal kick, jerk, shove: as tra loayr eh rhyms, hug mee freggyr da, sprettal gollrish cabbyl gortit Coraa; kicking; stretch of dying animal

chum for: Ta cabbyl chum markiagh echey DF; See chumm towards me; abode, dwelt: chum ad 'syn ynnyd oc Bible; continued: As shoh chum eh jannoo choud as daa vleïn Bible; held: chum e vhow lesh niart Bible; formed, shaped: Chum eh dooinney beg jeh'n chray. DF; kept

markiagh (=Ir. marcach) (v.) ride: As hug eh er markiagh ayns y nah ainagh echey as deïe ad roish Bible; riding; (n.) pl. markee cavalier, equestrian, horseman, horse rider, jockey, rider: neems kiaulleeaght gys y Chiarn: son teh dy gloyroil er gheddyn barriaght, yn cabbyl as e varkiagh teh er cheausyn aarkey Bible

seose yn ughtagh uphill: ta'n raad yiarn roie ayns lhag lesh broogh ard er dagh cheu, myr shoh b'egin da'n cabbyl as y caart goll sheese y lhergagh er y derrey heu, as seose yn ughtagh er y cheu, elley. JG


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